Own Your Unique Voice

Own Your Unique Voice

This week’s radio show is about finding and owning your unique voice. You can listen to it HERE.

During this radio show we discussed:

  • How I’m sick of seeing women diminish themselves for others – seeing them think that they have to prioritize other people first, that they shouldn’t be too loud, too outspoken, too awesome. TOO FUCKING BAD. Because, YOU are marvelous.
  • How if you’re not owning that, it’s time to ask yourself why. If you’re feeling stymied by fear, it’s time to explore deeper.
  • How I grew up in a narcissistic and alcoholic home. I’ve been there in the shit of trying to make other people happy by diminishing my light.
  • How I got my PhD in psychology and was a practicing psychologist. And I left that shit behind to go after my dreams.
  • How I know what the fuck I’m talking about because I’ve BEEN there and I’ve gotten through to the other side.
  • How it’s time to stop sitting and thinking you can figure it all out yourself. Everybody needs someone to support them in achieving their dreams.

Your time is now. You’re ready. Can you feel it?

If you’re ready to chat about how my coaching can help you own your unique voice then schedule a free insight session with me!

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