Own Your Unique Voice

It can be difficult to own your unique voice. Self-expression is no easy task. When you’re not authentically connected with your unique voice you can feel suppressed, irritable and boxed in. Trauma can make people submerge their unique voice. It can cause people to feel the need to make others happy rather than feel comfortable expressing themselves. 

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Silencing Yourself To Make Others More Comfortable

I’m sick of seeing women diminish themselves for others. So many women feel that they have to prioritize other people first.

A lot of times, this boils down to trauma in their background.

They feel that they shouldn’t be too loud, too outspoken, too awesome. TOO BAD. Because YOU are marvelous, just as you are.

Silencing Your Uniqueness Has Deep Roots

If you’re not owning your unique voice, ask yourself why not.

Perhaps fear has kept you stuck. If that’s the case, then it’s time to dig deeper into what you’re really afraid of.

If you grow up in a toxic home or experienced adverse childhood experiences, you may have learned to silence your uniqueness as a way to survive. You may have done everything you could to keep other people happy by trying to behave.

So you:

  • Trying to act perfect
  • Did what you were told
  • Silenced your uniqueness
  • Felt it wasn’t safe to be self-expressed
  • Fear of what other people think
  • Diminished yourself

I’ve been there. I grew up in a narcissistic and alcoholic home. I know how this can deeply impact you.

In this podcast, I talk all about how to leave this behind.

We all need support to figure these things out. Someone to give us permission to bring everything that we are to the table.

A coach or therapist can help you work through past traumas and toxicity that has made you feel that it’s unsafe to be yourself. That has made you feel like you have to hide who you really are in order to feel safe in the world. Because once you receive support, you’ll often feel more secure in expressing all of yourself, just as you are.

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