Own Your Unique Voice

Own Your Unique Voice

It can be difficult to own your unique voice. Self-expression is no easy task. When you’re not authentically connected with your unique voice you can feel suppressed, irritable and boxed in. Trauma can make people submerge their unique voice. It can cause people to feel the need to make others happy rather than feel comfortable […read more]

Discover Your Soul’s Purpose – 5 Questions To Ask Yourself

Questions To Discover Your Soul's Purpose

Your soul’s purpose is the reason you’re here on this planet. It’s a reason for being that your soul yearns to express. We’re all born with a divine purpose. Use these 5 simple questions to discover your soul’s purpose! We all have a divine purpose in life. It’s time you started living yours!!   Your […read more]

Why It’s So Hard To Discover Your Soul’s Purpose

Why is it so hard to discover your soul’s purpose? If you’ve had trouble living your soul’s purpose, you’re not alone. The biggest reason is that you succumb to the fear of judgment by other people and the “shoulds” that you should live your life a certain way. I’ve worked with hundreds of people to […read more]