Hi. I’m Dr. Ash!

I’m an author and no-BS, fierce loving business strategist specializing in the effect of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) on leadership, creativity, success, and happiness.

I write business and life advice that’s non-fluffy, science-based, hits you in the gut, and is shockingly fun.

My work is the antidote to the “self-development” bs that says you’re not enough. It’s not about becoming more. It’s just about freeing yourself to be spectacularly you. Authentic. Real. To create success on your own terms without all the stress and drama. 

It’s never been about fixing yourself. It’s never been about being more. It’s only ever been about removing everything that’s not you and letting the real you shine through. 

I have a Ph.D. in psychology and 20 years of experience helping thousands of people be themselves. 

I can help you stop

    • Making excuses
    • Hiding behind the “what ifs”
    • Fearing other people’s opinions and walking on eggshells
    • Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious

Adverse Childhood Experiences

You see, most people have adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in their backgrounds. Most of the time, we refer to these as “traumas”. Maybe they had a parent who was narcissistic, had a mental illness or an addiction issue, or maybe was just a bit of an asshole. Or perhaps they’ve had a toxic relationship with relatives, a former partner, a boss, or a friend.

When you have a situation like this it impacts the foundations of everything else in your life. 

Unfortunately, most people don’t realize this, and instead, they convince themselves that they’re not good enough, they need to be more focused, more disciplined, or more responsible. That if they can just “fix” or “heal” whatever’s wrong with them that everything will turn around. 

So they try to “fake it till they make it”. Trying to be a more perfect version of themselves. Subscribing to “lifestyle porn” that’s carefully curated, and gives them a totally unrealistic picture of what their life should be like. Reinforcing a feeling of inadequacy, shame, and self-doubt. 

The irony is that all of this busyness is driving you further and further away from the truth of who you really are. From the courage to truly be yourself. 

When you ignite the courage to drop the layers of what’s not you, you’re able to authentically connect with the world around you. 

    • Connect with your work, your writing,  your art, and your leadership to create a meaningful impact on the world. 
    • To authentically connect with your partner, with your tribe, and with your families and create more loving relationships. 
    • To connect more authentically to yourself, what makes you happy, what you deeply desire, and how to effortlessly be yourself. 

All of this brings more pleasure, fun, and happiness to their life than they could have imagined. 

Bringing Fun, Authenticity, and Sass

Above all, I bring an honest approach to everything I do. My philosophy is “no bullshit” through and through. I encourage you to be true to yourself and to remove everything that isn’t you. That means that my writing, my courses, and my coaching have a shitload of sass. I curse. I make fart jokes. And I create unusual analogies and metaphors that might make you spit out your tea laughing. My work is not for the faint of heart or those who don’t have a sense of humor. I believe being ourselves should feel fun, not like hard work. 

Ongoing Education

I’m passionate about providing ongoing education that isn’t boring and isn’t fluffy. This is non-fluffy core transform your life stuff. Whether it’s about beginning your business, learning marketing, overcoming anxiety, or becoming self-expressed my courses will help you overcome the stories from the past that tell you that worthiness is earned. 

You have something important to offer. The world needs you to show up as all of you. 

Private Coaching

My private coaching is focused on working with high-performing individuals and couples who wish to take their business and life to the next level. I work with entrepreneurs, business leaders, and high-level creatives to help them bring forth the genius inside of them. To minimize stress and feel like their business supports the life they truly desire to live (and enjoy!). 

I Help My Client’s Achieve

    • Create a business that allows them the space and time to absolutely fall in love with their life.
    • To be fully present in their relationships
    • To stop being self-conscious and bogged down by fear
    • To make money doing what they love, and doing it without the overwhelm
    • To become so confident and authentic that there is no fear of being seen (and no more desire to hide!)

Spiritual Orientation

Although raised Christian I identify as spiritual but not religious. I support all religious and spiritual identifications in my work. I believe what’s most important is your authentic connection with your spiritual beliefs, whatever that means to you. 

Clinical Experience

As a former psychologist, I have clinical expertise and specialized training in sexual and emotional trauma, narcissism, codependency, mindfulness, LGBTQ issues, and intimate relationships.

I’ve helped thousands of people live a life truer to themselves both as a former psychologist and a coach.

I have extensive training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Humanistic Therapy, Existential Therapy, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Buddhism.

My approach is to help you be fully self-expressed in your business and your life.

To stop trying so hard to make it work and instead to realize that success doesn’t have to entail suffering and sacrifice.

It can be fun and feel natural. 

Personal Story

I’ve been in your shoes. I came from a background with trauma and toxicity. 

For many years I tried to earn worthiness through achievement. I received my Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from a Big 12 Research institution. I published peer-reviewed academic research. I was the head of trauma and mindfulness for a 40,000 student university.  I even worked as a forensic psychologist in one of 2 psychiatric prisons in all of Texas. 

I decided to leave behind my role as a psychologist and stepped into vastly different roles as the head of two multi-million dollar coach training companies. 

I had it all, yet still wasn’t fulfilled. 

I found that what I really yearned for was to impact people in a more authentic way. 

Each and every role I played became a “mask” that I had to wear.  A role I had to play. A set of expectations I had to live up to. 

So I chucked it all and decided to do things my own way. 

So I started AshleeGreer.com and began to shed the layers of “not me” to become who I am today. 

    • I left behind the label of “psychologist”. 
    • I quit the high powered jobs. 
    • I broke up with my ex-fiance and moved out of the house we owned and the town we lived in. 
    • I left behind almost all of my possessions and became a minimalist. 
    • I began to travel the world. 
    • I lived off-grid on an organic farm in Hawaii. 
    • I moved to Bali for more than 2 years. 
    • I spent an extended time in Thailand. 
    • And am now in Australia with my partner and soul mate. 

Along the way, I’ve found that the only place happiness can ever be found is within. 

When we shed all of the layers of what we try to be and finally have the courage to be ourselves. 

That’s when our lives and our businesses really soar. 

This is my goal for you. To find happiness, success, freedom, and worthiness from the only real source. Yourself. 

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