About me

Hi. I’m Dr. Ash!

I’m an author and no-BS, fierce loving business strategist specializing in helping therapists and psychologists build, grow, and scale their online businesses.  

I have a Ph.D. in psychology and 20 years of experience helping thousands of people. 

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Where business and psychology meet

I can help you

We get clear on your goals

I’m a business mentor for therapists and psychologists to help them leverage their expertise to reach more people and change more lives. I’ve been in marketing and business development for 6 years and can help guide you to create a successful online business without overwhelm.

I help you unlid your potential and embrace the leadership that will help you succeed online.
Taking your business online can seem overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be.
I can help you simplify and streamline the process so that you can impact more people and change more lives.
I have my Ph.D. in counseling psychology, more than a decade of experience helping clients, clinical expertise in working with trauma, mindfulness, and identity, and experience training hundreds of people to be successful psychologists and coaches.
I left behind my role as a psychologist and became a coach and business consultant helping therapists and psychologists to embrace their leadership, overcome the barriers holding them back, and make online success simpler 🔥⭐️😍

I Help My Client’s Achieve

  • Create a business that allows them the space and time to absolutely fall in love with their life.
  • To be fully present in their relationships
  • To stop being self-conscious and bogged down by fear
  • To make money doing what they love, and doing it without the overwhelm
  • To become so confident and authentic that there is no fear of being seen (and no more desire to hide!)
  • To impact more people and leverage their time to create more freedom

Learn online business skills

You may feel that “if you build it, they will come”. But that’s just not how it works. You can’t just slap up a website and people come pounding down your door. You need to be strategic in how you’re providing your services and how you’re getting eyeballs on your content. 

An essential piece of this is learning the basics of how all of the pieces of an online business fit together in a strategic streamlined fashion.

This includes understanding basic foundations in your business such as your unique selling proposition, your ideal client avatar, what your client thinks he needs (rather than what you think they need), and how to provide products and services that fulfill those needs. 

Furthermore you’ll need to understand the structures that move your clients through the journey from not knowing you to wanting to purchase your offers. This includes understanding and implementing a product ladder, sales funnels, freebies, marketing strategy, sales copywriting, sales pages, landing pages, SEO, social media and email marketing. 

Finally, you need to have a handle on understanding what’s working so that you can make tweaks rather than continuously starting over. This includes understanding your metrics, conversion rates, open and click through rates, and understanding the ROI for your investments in your business. 

Make Online Business Less Overwhelming

The key to successfully transitioning your business online is to be intentional.

You need to have a clear and organized plan to build your business. There’s so much information online it can be completely overwhelming. What most people do is start creating things willy nilly and hope something will stick. Trust me, I’ve been there! Unfortunately this just doesn’t work. You’ve got to understand exactly who you serve, what they need, and how to move your potential clients through the customer journey so that you can increase your impact and reach more people in a strategic and streamlined way. 


Questions about working together?

Embrace your leadership

Being a CEO requires way different skills than being a therapist. Yet most therapists believe they can just utilize the same skills in building a business that they used to get through graduate school and build their in person practice. 

Through years of on-the ground experience with multimillion dollar companies, large multi-provider practices, and solo-entrepreneurs build their businesses I’ve learned that skills and abilities that make a business successful (and those that guarantee it will flop). 


Expand your impact and change more lives

The problem with therapy is that you can only reach so many people because you only have so many hours in a week. And frankly, working with 30-35 clients per week can be absolutely exhausting. In order to make a bigger impact you need to know how to reach way more people. You need to learn how to leverage your time so that you’re working smarter, not harder. When online businesses are build correctly you end up working fewer hours for more money than you did when your business was entirely offline. 


Create more freedom

Being tied to your office is a drag. When you have an online business you have the freedom to build your schedule exactly how you’d like it. Hate mornings? You can sleep in if you choose. Hate wearing business clothes? You can dress however you’d like and work from home if that’s what you desire. The biggest bonus is that you can make more money because you’re leveraging your time more. More money = more freedom to choose the life you want all while making a bigger difference in the world. 



The online world can feel really icky. There are a lot of people who are making boatloads of money but aren’t very good at what they do. This is why I’m dedicated to helping therapists and psychologists make a bigger impact online. Becuase I KNOW you rock. I know you have integrity. I know you know your stuff. I know you’re an expert.

It’s time to let the rest of the world know too.

I teach you how to navigate the online world to create more success without sacrificing your integrity. No icky high-pressured “sales”. It’s all about offering quality and care and understanding the psychology of your customer. You can do that easily! 



You got into the mental health field because you’re a helper. You’re probably highly empathic as well. But the problem comes when you end up saying “yes” to everything. You end up feeling burned out and overextended. When you cultivate expert boundaries as a leader you set yourself up for success. This can look like knowing what opportunities to say yes and no to. It also includes being able to fire employees when they’re not up to snuff. As I like to say “be kind, but take no shit”. 



They don’t teach self-expression in graduate school. In fact, graduate school tends to indoctrinate therapists and psychologists into an overly formal way of communicating. This formality may look not knowing how to speak like a normal person in your writing (thanks to all those years of academic writing). Unfortunately it ends up strangling your business. Expressing yourself in the online world take connecting with people’s emotions. It also takes authenticity and the courage to be seen. And translating psychological phenomenon to the common person in ways they can hear.

Learn to get comfortable with a new more authentic self-expression. There’s no need for the conservatism of the field in the online world.


Mental Health

Being a therapist can be emotionally burdensome. Being an entrepreneur therapist can be doubly so. I like to say that entrepreneurship is one of the biggest growth labs there are. You’ll come face to face with every inner demon you’ve got. All that self-doubt will arise. And you’ll confront imposter syndrome and fear like never before (and I thought my dissertation defense was nerve wracking!).

It’s important to get support to feel on top of your game.