The Fear of Success – Toxicity & Trauma Connection

Hiding From Success because of Toxicity & Trauma

A feeling of loss and abandonment from the past can cause you to fear success NOW.

She Wouldn’t Let Herself Feel It

I recently had an amazing session with a client who just finally fully felt and began to move through a foundational loss from 40 years ago and sees how it has made her feel that it’s not safe to desire beautiful things because “they could get taken away from me”.

She had been telling herself for years that it’s “stupid” and “silly” to still be impacted by this old wound.

So she wouldn’t let herself feel it. She wouldn’t let herself recognize how it was impacting her today.

She was judging herself for not just “getting over it already”

So she shut herself off emotionally to what happened years ago, to protect herself from it. And to cope and “get over it”.

Which caused her to shut herself off emotionally across the board.

Ultimately, she felt shut down from feeling fully on fire and alight with passion for her life. She didn’t even know how to connect with the deepest feelings of what she really wanted in life.

Imprisoned by a Fear of Success

Because when you shut down one type of emotion, you shut down your access to all of them.

She had been constantly holding back. For fear that she would lose what she wanted. Afraid that she would feel more loss, abandonment, and disappointment if she reached for the gold standard.

She had convinced herself that she couldn’t handle those feelings.

So she ran from success.

She became imprisoned by a fear of success because she had convinced herself that it was safer not to feel. And therefore safer not to desire. Not to achieve.

You must look at the past, at the wounds of your childhood, at the uncomfortable emotions, in order to move through your fear of success.

Allow Your Emotions to Pass Through You

Today we started releasing all of that fear of loss so that she could open the way for her to have what it is she truly wanted.

To do this she is finally feeling her feelings.

Without shame.

  • Allowing them to pass through her without judging them as “stupid”.
  • Releasing the shroud of “I should be over this by now”.
  • Letting go of the shame for feeling the loss and abandonment.
  • Saying to herself “it’s okay to feel”.

Because only by feeling it can she finally let it pass through her.

And only by feeling it can YOU finally let it move through you so that you can break through the fears of success and achieve what you’ve always wanted.

Once you realize that these emotions can pass through you (and that you won’t get stuck there), you can stop avoiding anything that might trigger your fears. Anything that might stimulate in you the fear that you could lose it (like success and more money).

Move Through Fear to Success

And this is why you must look at the past, at the wounds of your childhood, at the uncomfortable emotions, in order to move through your fear of success.

This is what I do with my one-on-one clients. As per this writing I have just two more spots to work with me on-on-one before my rates increase.

If you know that you’re ready to break through the success ceiling and make way for a whole new bright future then sign up for an insight session here and let’s chat about revolutionizing your life forever.