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  1. What a story. I don’t think you will know what impact your words create. It’s just straight from your deepest core. Keep writing keep inspiring

  2. Thank you. I have been feeling trapped and understand my priorities have changed. What I need and want from life is not the same as before. Also, what my son and partner want is very different then myself and I need to be free. Your writing has articulated what I know I feel and need to do for myself. I have to let go of the guilt that I feel this way and be open to letting go to move forward.

  3. I searched the internet for a clue, I found this story not knowing as I read it, it would change my life. I am leaving everything, and taking only what fits in my vehicle. The urge is undeniable, unknowing until I read this, I have needed to purge for years. I live in Southern California with extreme depression, I have no soul or self worth anymore. (Looking in at me you would never know) I am moving to Northern Idaho in 2 weeks. I have a job offer and basically, thats it…Fear has bound me, and I have to break free. Thank you!!

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