I help high-achieving entrepreneurs, like you, to
level up your business and grow your income by overcoming procrastination, perfectionism, and self-sabotage without working harder, hustling, or more discipline.

Do You Find Yourself:

Hi, I’m Dr. Ash!

I help you break through resistance to achieving more in your business by overcoming fear, anxiety, and stress.

My philosophy is f*ck stress. I’m not here for that. I’m all about helping you build the internal foundation to create a business from relaxation, pleasure, and joy.

As an ex-psychologist with 20 years of experience and expertise in trauma, mindfulness, and anxiety, I’m now a Zero Bullshit Zen Scientist who helps people take their businesses to the next level.

More About Ashlee
Ashlee Greer - Who Is Ashlee

This Is So Much More Than Just Mindset

Next Level Success Requires Shifts On Every Level

My 4-Step Proven Method



On a Physical and nervous system level through real-world research-based neuro-shifting processes to unlock old traumas and behavioral patterns.


On an emotional level so that you’re no longer knocked off balance by disappointment and sh!t hitting the fan.


On a mental level to shed limiting beliefs and blocks.


On a deep subconscious level of who you truly are in the world so that you ARE relaxed, successful, and most importantly, AUTHENTIC (no fake it till you make it bullsh!t here).

What My Clients Have To Say

“If you’ve done all the mindset work but you’re still not seeing results, Ashlee knows how to spot the blockages that are keeping you stuck.”

“Ashlee gave me the tools to dig deep into myself, my psyche, and my soul, so that I could look at my past behaviors and identify why I was constantly self-sabotaged and what was holding me back. The stuff Ash teaches WORKS”

“When I first got on the phone with Ashlee my immediate thought was, “uh oh, what have I just gotten myself into?!

Ashlee immediately learned what my fear blocks were and started helping me knock them down.”

“My work with Ashlee gave me permission to want money, success, and my business. My relationship with all three is now about fun and allowing.

You will be pulling from your time with Ashlee years into the future.”

“Do it. It will be the best investment you have ever made. You can’t fathom the person you will grow into being, and when you get there you will hardly recognize the person you were. It’s a magnificent metamorphosis. Get ready to dream big and start living a magical life.”

“I adore her practical approach, kick arse attitude and vulnerability. No bull, just real life problems and practical solutions without the hard sell (like so many others), or telling you what you want to hear (also like many others).”

“The biggest transformation was the one within myself. It led to me gaining a new perspective and being more successful and happier with my life.

These shifts allowed me to be a better version of myself, more confident, and knowing my worth.”

“Ashlee has taught me how to hold boundaries, honor myself, and generally how to be a more emotionally resilient human being.

It just feels really good to stand in your power and not take anyone’s shit. “

What would change for your business if you stopped waiting to get it right, stopped procrastinating, and stopped holding yourself back?

Let's Find Out

Taking Your Business to the Next Level Requires a Next Level YOU !

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