Questions To Discover Your Soul's Purpose

Your soul’s purpose is the reason you’re here on this planet. It’s a reason for being that your soul yearns to express. We’re all born with a divine purpose. Use these 5 simple questions to discover your soul’s purpose!

We all have a divine purpose in life. It’s time you started living yours!!

Your Soul’s Purpose

We’re each born with a divine purpose. We each have a reason for being that our soul yearns to express. However, there is something that you’re meant to do that will make you leap out of bed in the morning and say “hell yes!!” to life.

But so many of us stop ourselves from pursuing this purpose. We think that we have to be special to do something that speaks to our soul. In fact, many people feel that you have to be a certain type of person to get to do such things.

Fear Can Stop You From Your Soul’s Purpose

You may have felt afraid of what pursuing your purpose might mean

The biggest reason people hold themselves back from living their soul’s purpose is that they’re afraid.

Afraid of:

  • What might happen next
  • Not having other’s approval
  • Outshining other people
  • Making them uncomfortable
  • Not living up to other people’s expectations.

You may have learned when you were a child that you can only motivate yourself through self-criticism. Perhaps you’ve been self-critical because you think that’s the only way to grow. Or you attacked yourself because you bought into the idea that there was only one “appropriate” path from birth to death. Well, those assumptions are keeping you stuck!

How To Tell It’s Time To Find Your Purpose

How can you tell that it’s time to look for your passionate purpose?

You can tell it’s time to pursue your soul’s purpose when you start to feel an intense feeling of dissatisfaction in your life. 

For example, maybe you feel like you’re on permanent bitch mode. Or perhaps you’ve been feeling stuck, like a caged animal, and like your life is just far too small for you.

These are basically physical signs that teach us that we’ve lived far too small for too long. And that it’s time to be quiet and tune in!

How To Find Your Soul’s Purpose

You don’t find your purpose by perusing catalogs of college majors or looking through career websites.

I did this when I was in college. Felt overwhelmed by all of the information. I asked myself “how am I supposed to make heads or tails of all of this!”. It was just too much information for me to be able to see things clearly! And ultimately, it was all just information. It didn’t feed into my spirit and my soul. It didn’t connect with what really inspired you.

Instead, ask yourself key questions to discover your soul’s purpose.

5 Questions To Discover Your Soul’s Purpose

  1. What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?
  2. How would you spend your time every day if money were no object?
  3. What activities make you lose time and cause you to forget to eat and hours to go by on the clock without you even realizing it?
  4. Above all else, what makes you happy and joyful? What do you find yourself smiling about?
  5. What do you value the most in life? How can you create more of that? That’s your purpose.

And in the podcast above I also talk about:

  • A few secrets that can help you find what your true passionate purpose is. These secrets aren’t what you’ve been told they are.
  • How you can start to connect with what you truly desire in life and what your biggest boldest dreams are.

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