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The Myth of Fearlessness

It’s a major petpeeve of mine that so many people seem to scream from the rooftops “be fearless!!!”

Like that’s the badge of “making it” in the world.


Um, Bueller? Hello? Fear is adaptive. Fear is something that evolved through millenia for reasons

To say “be fearless” is the equivalent of saying “don’t be sad”.

And that’s major bullshit.

(Sadness also serves a distinct purpose).

So here’s the truth.

If you’re waiting till you don’t have any fear – you’re always going to be waiting.

The point isn’t to proceed only when you’re fearless.

Because fearlessness doesn’t really exist.

Fearlessness Is A Prison

The point is to hone your instincts so well that you’re able to discern when fear is indicating a true threat or a nudge from the divine that something is out of order.

Or when fear is just a natural reaction to pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone.

Because fear is NATURAL and comes up every time you step outside the norm.

Every time you step outside the comfort of what you know, you’re going to encounter fear.

So saying “I must be fearless” locks you in a prison.

Because you’ll never be fearless stepping into the unknown.

So if you expect yourself to be fearless, you’ll never step out and be brave.

Go Beyond Your Inner Resistance

Growth is uncomfortable. And fear is a normal part of growth (usually fear mixed with excitement).

The trick is getting beyond your inner resistance that tells you to back down just because you’re afraid.

Persist beyond your resistance.

Because staying paralyzed by fear can be one of the biggest types of self-sabotage there is.

And when you stop all the self-sabotage, just watch all you’ve wanted become your reality.

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Hi! I’m Dr. Ash

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