This week’s radio show is all about how living your life purpose improves your life across the board (from your relationships, your confidence, to your willingness to put up with drama).

Your life will improve if you begin to walk your soul’s purpose!.

During this radio show we discussed:

Your soul’s purpose is the leading charge in your life. It’s what makes you feel alive. It’s what makes you feel worthwhile. It’s what makes you feel like you MATTER.
Because here’s the truth – you do matter. YOU DO. Your life has meaning. Your life has a deep divine meaning to it that you can embrace or you can ignore. It’s up to you!
You are a miracle. Your life is a miracle. A single sperm and a single egg combined to create you. There is only ONE of you on this planet. There is only ONE of you that will EVER exist. You are THAT special.
So stop denying that your life has meaning and purpose! Stop ignoring the fact that your life is a deep wellspring of hope and inspiration for others! Just by you showing up every single day you inspire other people! Your being you inspires other people! But above all, you living your purpose inspires other people!
So here are the things that can and WILL improve once you both discover and begin to LIVE your soul’s purpose:

  • You will live your life more authentically. Your purpose will allow you to walk through your life with a more authentic sense of self. It did for me!
  • You will feel more confident. When you’re living your soul’s purpose you walk with your head held high, shoulders back.
  • You’ll know and own your value. You’ll recognize that you have a special message to share with the world.
  • You’ll see that you have something important to say
  • You’ll stop comparing yourself to others – there’s no need for comparisons when you KNOW why you’re here. There is no need for comparisons when you KNOW your value.
  • You’ll begin to speak up more in your personal and professional relationships. You’ll stand up for yourself and your desires because you’ll know that they have meaning and that you’re not just meandering through life or that you or your goals don’t really matter. You’ll KNOW that they matter.
  • Your self-esteem will improve
  • Confidence improves when we see that our lives have meaning and that there is a reason for our existence.
  • You’ll begin to stand up for yourself in your relationships because you have more self-worth.
  • You’ll stop caring about or buying into the drama.
  • You’ll stop taking crap from people because you won’t have time to deal with drama and the ebb and flow of people’s moodiness because YOU HAVE SHIT TO DO TO LIVE YOUR PURPOSE!
  • You’ll stop caring about the nonsense drama on television and in the news. When you walk in your purpose your life becomes full. You are busy because you are passionate about what you’re doing and your life. So you stop needing things to numb you out and make you ignore your life like television and media drama.  You’ll stop numbing yourself, or greatly reduce these behaviors.
  • This may result in drinking less, eating less, treating your body with more reverence since it is the TOOL through which you live your passion.
  • You’ll attract more people.  People love a passionate person. People are drawn to people who are passionately living their purpose. It’s magnetic. It’s vibrant. And so are YOU when you’re walking in your life’s purpose.
  • Your relationships will improve.  People respect those who walk in their purpose.  With increased self-esteem comes increased respect and better treatment from others. People treat us how we expect to be treated! You’ll ask for what you want in your relationships because you know your value. But also because you know what things feel like when they feel RIGHT and you’ll begin to INSIST upon it!
  • Your worries will reduce. You’ll begin to trust in yourself and the universe more because you’ll SEE that you have a path set before you that you’re meant to walk and that is just for you.
  • You may reconnect to the divine because you are plugged into the most vibrant and passionate pieces of yourself WHICH ARE DIVINE in and of themselves!
  • Your mood will improve
  • You’ll stop walking through life on permanent bitch mode. Instead you’ll feel infused with passion and joy.
  • You’ll see the bright silver lining to every difficulty you encounter on the path and you’ll double down your effort. You’ll increase your determination and effort too!
  • Across the board things improve in your life when you walk in your purpose!

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