This week’s radio show is about what might be holding your back from your soul’s purpose.  Is it fear? Making excuses? Perfectionism? Fear of what other people will think?

During this radio show we discussed:

  • There are so many reasons we get stuck in the mud when we’re trying to find our passionate purpose in life!
  • I hear these all the time from the women I speak to! I hear a lot of “yes, but’s” out there. Is this you? (example) Are you making excuses? Telling yourself you’ll do it when all your ducks are in a row? (example)
  • Are you being struck down by the fear of judgement? Fear what your friends and family will say if you depart from the usual path that everyone else takes through life (what people remember on their death beds)
  • Unsure about how to let go of the status quo and the “shoulds” in life? (there is no one right path through life. We’ve all been taught arbitrary rules that we’re living our life by. It’s time to throw out the rule book and start living your life engaged to it’s maximum passion and potential!!)
  • Are you getting stuck in fear? All of these things that hold you back from finally pursuing your soul’s purpose are steeped in fear. It’s fear that keeps you small. It’s fear that keeps you stuck. And your thinking is the motor behind fear.
  • People let fear get in the way of pursuing their dreams all the time. These fears keep them stuck. They keep them small. They keep them in a box made up of flawed thinking. The ONLY thing that’s getting in the way of you living your own passionate purpose is yourself. You need to unleash the potential inside of you and explore what you’re really made out of. Find the deepest song of your soul and SING IT sister!!
  • So how do you do that? How do you move through the fear?
  • First, you have to learn to change your thinking. You have to let go of the thoughts that keep you small. You’ll find that you have a lot of thoughts that create a motor behind your fears. They ask you “what if, what if, what if?” Well what is all that “what if’ing” getting you? Um, NOTHING! It’s only driving your fears and keeping you small.
  • The other thinking pattern you have to release is your self-judgement! When we fear what others think it’s really because we ASSUME we know what they’ll think. You don’t. I’m sorry, but you can’t read minds. You only know what other people think if you ask. Assuming that they’re thinking negatively about you only serves to keep you small and in your little box of passionlessness. Stop it! Stop assuming. Stop judging. And start living your life boldly.
  • Thinking that things have to be a certain way. This is perfectionism. This is the belief that there’s only one right path in life. This is the thinking that keeps you doing what you’re doing even though you’re miserable. STOP IT. Stop that thinking in it’s tracks.
  • Next time you “what if” yourself, judge yourself, assume, or think things need to be a certain way just stop yourself in your tracks and let it go. It will take practice but you’ll get there! The first step is becoming aware!

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