The No Bullsh!t Guide To Life

Emerging from Toxicity & Trauma to Embodied Sensual Awareness

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Toxicity & Trauma from the past may have made you believe you had to be someone else to have what you want in life.

But Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth

Don’t wait another moment to shift from feeling confused and stuck to feeling empowered and like your truest self!

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What People Are Saying:

I cannot rave enough about the amazing Dr. Ashlee Greer! Her work is so special and impactful! I’ve seen and felt such a shift in my relationships, business and overall well being after DECADES of co-dependency.

And now? Her new eBook? Fantastic! It’s packed with real, solid insight that perfectly shares her brilliance and her approach to living a “Hell Yes” life. No hard sell—just real, positive info I could easily absorb and put to use right away.

“The No Bullsh!t Guide to Life” is PACKED with profound and effective insight into what is like to come from a Toxic and Traumatic upbringing to liberating our souls to fully embody our brilliance, our uniqueness and powerful self.

Her amazing work, her authentic Non-BS style has been key for me to develop the courage to dig deep enough to find my purpose and transform my life into a passionate, empowered, joyful and richly self-expressed existence! I can’t recommend it highly enough!!

I have decided it will become my personal “bible” meaning I will read and re read it many times until it is automatized in my head!

It is amazing all the richness this book has.

Absolutely perfect.

Thank you, Ashlee Greer.

I realize now in reading the ebook, that its only believing that there’s limits and restraints that were taught to us by others that we are selling ourselves short and that I was trying to control the chaos in whatever means necessary just to be safe.

But now I feel empowered with new perspectives, new tools, and new permission to be radically self-expressed and to realize that I do deserve something else and that I can give loving thoughts and care and attention to that and really step into it because the only way to really truly be free is to be me.

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