It’s journaling. Journaling every day.

It’s way easier than you think.

Journaling will help increase:


*    Creative thinking

*    Ability to problem solve

*    Emotional stability

*    Increase Goal Focused Behavior

*    Accountability and Inner integrity

*    Understanding of your patterns

*    Confidence in your OWN wisdom

*    Your Gratitude

*    Daily Presence (fewer days slipping away from you)

*    Writing Abilities

*    Generation of New Ideas

*    Accountability

*    Resiliency

*    Connection

*    Clarity

*    Detachment

*    Forgiveness

*    Letting go

*    Manifestations

*    Surrender

*    Confidence

*    Empowerment


How can something as simple as putting your pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard in the case of many of us) create such epic change? Because you’re getting all of that noise out of your head that’s been spinning around in there for far too long. It purges out the old and makes way for the new.

It creates a blank canvas that stimulates ideas.

It allows for mistakes, experimentation, and play in ways you wouldn’t normally do in public or working with others. 

It allows you a place to bounce all your ideas around, to process all of your emotions, to capture your highest highs and embrace your lowest lows.

A journal is like a really amazing girlfriend who listens to you without judgment.


Don’t know where to start or have found journaling to be a pain in the rumpkus in the past?


Start by just writing down what happens each day. Like you would catch up a girlfriend on what’s going on in your life when you first see each other. Eventually, if you carve out even 5 minutes per day to journal, you’ll begin to delve into essential emotional depths that will help you work through long lost blockages and emotional difficulties. You’ll explore new ideas and new horizons. And you’ll be brainstorming up a storm.


5 months ago I made a commitment to write every single day. I still miss a day here and there. But generally I write copious amounts every day and it’s made my creativity pour from me like it never has before. I’m never at a loss for what to think about, what idea to develop, or how I may be lacking clarity. I’m always deeply in touch with my emotional reality so that it’s not sitting like a sneaky sabateur in my subconscious. I receive divine guidance. I catch myself when I’m falling into old outdated thinking patterns like self-blame or complaining. I see how through time my ideas change.


Every day I start a new document on my computer with “Daily Writing” plus the date. I will add a notation in the saved name on my computer if something significant came up that day that I need to refer to later like “Daily Writing: 10/27/2017: Marketing Plan”. Research does show that typing activates different parts of the brain that does hand writing. However, I would never be as prodigious in my writing if I hand write. 


I’ve broken my arms 6 different times (long story short, I was a clutsy tomboy growing up). But the side effect of that is that hand-writing hurts my hand and my wrist after a while. Plus, it’s slow as molassas. I’m a very quick thinker and when I can’t write down my ideas as fast as they’re coming to me it gets frustrating.


That’s how I felt when I was attempting to force myself to hand write in order to journal. Now that I type I do all sorts of stuff in that document each day. I brainstorm, make lists, channel the divine, work through emotional stuff, report on what happened that day, celebrate, set intentions… all kinds of stuff.


I’ll often write 15 + single spaced pages per day using this technique and by NOT differentating what I’m writing into different documents. I even write blog posts in my journal about half the time. Then it’s quick and easy to copy and paste my ideas into a blog post, a Facebook post, a document related to a project, or to my master to-do list.

It’s made my life so much easier.  It’s been the most important thing I’ve done in a long time. Just sitting down and letting it all pour out of me onto the page.

If there’s one thing I can recommend you do, it’s this. Journal every single day and get to know the inner guru inside of you that has the answers you’ve been seeking.




It’s time to finally tune in and listen to that inner guru inside of you. The one that knows the quickest and easiest path o your highest self. No more looking to others for the answers. But knowing that they’re all inside of you. My 1:1 coaching will help you listen to your inner knowing, embrace your untamed and freest self, and acknowledge your greateness.