We’ve been conditioned in life to settle for less than we’re capable of. To diminish ourselves to make other people comfortable. But you have far more potential than you’re even aware of. In fact, I can guarantee that you’ve barely even scratched the surface of what you’re capable of. Here are 3 clues that YOU have untapped potential that you’re not taking advantage of!!


I’m a really optimistic person. In fact, each day I wake up to myself a little more. My soul awakens more each day to it’s potential. My life becomes brighter, more meaningful, more substantial, and bursting with awesomeness.


When I tell people that I have the philosophy that each day is the best day of my life, many people look at me and laugh. They say “but what about when you’re sick with the flu? Or when you go through a break-up?”. And I smile, knowingly, and respond “it’s still the best day of my life”.


How can that be? How can a horrible day still be the best day of my life? Because each day I wake up more and more to my potential in life. Each day I see that I’ve grown. Each day I gain wisdom and perspective. Each day I gain the ability to harness my happiness and joy to serve my soul’s purpose. And I sink deeper into the knowledge that I’m living my life with meaning.


The number one question I get from coaching clients is “what’s my purpose in life”. But I recently realized that what they’re really asking is “do I have more potential?”. And the thing is – if you’re asking the question – the answer is always a resounding YES!! You absolutely have more potential!!


We’ve been conditioned in life to settle for less, to say “this is good enough” when we’ve reached some degree of stability. I remember several years ago feeling like I should have been happy with my life. I had an awesome job as a psychologist. I was engaged and we owned a home together. But I just woke up each morning dreading the day. I woke up each morning feeling like I was a caged tiger.


Subconsciously, I knew I had more potential than I was using and owning. I knew that I was capable of more. And I knew that if I settled into the life I had that I would die inside more and more with each passing day and each passing year.


So I took a different path. I decided that I was worth more, that my life was going to be extraordinary, and that I was going to stop settling for less than my potential.


And let me tell you – it was scary as hell.


It’s hard to own the idea that we can do more and we need to do more with our lives. It feels like owning every single character flaw simultaneously. And yet, once I did own up to it – I suddenly felt a sense of freedom that I had NEVER experienced before in my life. I began to see the sun each morning and feel as though it was warming my heart and soul and not just getting in my eyes and making me hot. I was grateful for each breath and each moment because it brought me closer to the woman that I KNEW I was meant to be.


I guarantee that you have more potential than you’re aware of. And this is the beauty of each day being the best day of your life. You’re always capable of waking up to more potential inside of you. You’re always capable of tapping into that vast energy that’s simmering under the surface. You’re always capable of doing more. There is ALWAYS more out there for you if you’re ready to reach for it!!



Because I love your face I want to share with you 3 clues that you’re ready to tap into YOUR true potential.


1. You’re feeling bitchy and crabby most of the time.

When you feel this way it’s your mind, body, and soul trying to signal you into the fact that you’re not living up to your potential. That you’ve got SO much more that you can do with your life. This is often the first signal that something is off inside of you. And often, if we’re bitchy and crabby it means that we’re living in denial of some important truth. That we have a yearning inside that’s dying to get out but that we’re not giving voice to. Chances are that you’ve gotten really good at shutting your true desires up and quieting your dissatisfaction with life. But unfortunately, that energy has to go somewhere. So it comes out as anger, as a bitchy attitude, at feeling like everyone is in the way all the time. Emotions don’t just go away when we push them down and ignore them. They come out in different ways to try to get us to stand up and pay attention. So if you’re just not feeling yourself then you’ve probably got untapped potential that you’ve been pushing down and ignoring for too long!


2. Life feels like drudgery and you ask “is this all there is?”

When life feels hard every single day it’s usually because we’re meant for more. Because the honest to goodness truth of the matter is that life IS hard for all of us. BUT – that doesn’t mean it FEELS hard. Because when you’re walking in your purpose, when you wake up every day knowing that you’re fulfilling your potential, and when you can stand up proudly and say “this is who I am and what I’m capable of” – even the hard stuff starts to feel easy. You start to see all the difficulties as challenges to be overcome rather than huge clusterfucks that are meant to ruin your life. When you’re walking through life wearing your potential like a cape you are the superhero of your life. You see a catastrophe in your life as an opportunity to be brave, not as something that will destroy you.


3. You feel like a caged animal

I think this one is pretty clear. When you feel yourself pacing the floors of your life – you’ve got something inside of you that’s waiting to break open and break free. When you feel pent up and like you have all this energy and nowhere to go with it – you’re not utilizing your potential in life. When you feel like you have a monkey on your back who won’t let go it’s your soul trying to say “wake the hell up!! It’s time to DO something!!!”.



So what do you do now that you KNOW that you have untapped potential that you’re not taking advantage of?? Dive deeper into YOUR true potential with my Pure Potential program!!