Perfectionism Will Leave you Depressed, Broke, & Miserable

Work Harder ! Do More ! Hustle your ass off ! We live in a culture that has glorified busy and put a halo around the idea that if we all just work harder, we’ll reach this longed for titled called “Perfection“. Personal Growth is riddled with perfection seekers. Urging you to do more in […more]

Let Go of Others' Opinions

This week’s radio show is about how to let go of others’ opinions. You can listen to it HERE. During this radio show we discussed: my own experience with living a life not authentic to me the problem with giving too much importance of other people’s opinions how you should be the one who has control […more]

What I Learned From Leaving Everything Behind

What I Learned From Leaving Everything Behind

So I just did something many people would think is crazy. I just packed up all of my belongings and moved across country with nothing more than what I could fit in my car. And let me tell you, it was terrifying! But it also set me free like no other move I’ve ever made […more]