Start Right Where You Are

01 - Start Right Where You Are

Today we’re going to talk about starting exactly where you are. You see most people want to start something new in their life. Maybe it’s starting a new business or a new fitness routine. Maybe it’s taking voice lessons. But people tend to hold themselves back and stop themselves from going after the things they […more]

The Dark Side of Being A Highly-Sensitive Empath

For a long time I’ve been talking about cultivating a high-vibration and being aligned with your highest good. What I haven’t talked a lot about is that this can be a whole different experience for someone who is a highly sensitive empath. That it can feel like an uphill battle to stay aligned and “in […more]

Perfectionism Will Leave you Depressed, Broke, & Miserable

Work Harder ! Do More ! Hustle your ass off ! We live in a culture that has glorified busy and put a halo around the idea that if we all just work harder, we’ll reach this longed for titled called “Perfection“. Personal Growth is riddled with perfection seekers. Urging you to do more in […more]