This Is Not The End…Not Even Close

Not even in our darkest hour is it the end….Not even close. Not by a long shot. Last night I watched The Darkest Hour. About Winston Churchill in WWII. And what struck me more than anything was his deep and profound doubt he felt in himself at one point… The man was brave. He looked […read more]

How To Turn Chaos Into Courage For Entrepreneurs

Courageous Entrepreneur

With everything going on right now you’ve got to step it up and take a stand in your business. Here are some tips on how to make that happen. 1. Get comfortable with uncertainty Entrepreneurship isn’t built on certainty. So you might as well use this as practice in letting go of your need for […read more]

Healing The Mother Wound – Understand Why It’s Important

Healing The Mother Wound

Having a Mother Wound is a dark secret that many of us carry. When your mother is absent, hyper-critical, judgmental, emotionally, verbally, or physically abusive, seems to hurt your feelings for a living, or makes you feel less than. When this is the case, anything that reminds you of your mother can feel like walking […read more]

The Dark Side of Being A Highly-Sensitive Empath

For a long time I’ve been talking about cultivating a high-vibration and being aligned with your highest good. What I haven’t talked a lot about is that this can be a whole different experience for someone who is a highly sensitive empath. That it can feel like an uphill battle to stay aligned and “in […read more]

What I Learned From Leaving Everything Behind

What I Learned From Leaving Everything Behind

So I just did something many people would think is crazy. I just packed up all of my belongings and moved across country with nothing more than what I could fit in my car. And let me tell you, it was terrifying! But it also set me free like no other move I’ve ever made […read more]