Do You Use Productive Procrastination To Avoid Things?

Do You Use Productive Procrastination To Avoid Things?

If you’re a business owner who is trying to grow your business and create more customers you may be stuck in the Productive Procrastination Trap. If you’re stuck here you’re probably: Trying to expand your business for at least 3 months Find that you “never have the time” to move things forward like you want […read more]

Why “Just Suck It Up and Push Through It” Is The Worst Advice

Emotional Anxiety Stress

I hear it all the time from fellow entrepreneurs. To just push through and ignore uncomfortable emotions (like anxiety or fear) to get things done. Push the emotions aside, ignore them, push them down, and everything will be fine. Ignoring emotions isn’t the best way to go about things and could cause you to stay […read more]

What Is High-Functioning Anxiety and Can It Be A Good Thing?

What Is High Functioning Anxiety

High-functioning anxiety is when someone may look well put together on the outside, may be high-achieving and accomplished, but has symptoms of anxiety like intense worry, intrusive thoughts, and a harsh inner critic inside. They may also experience physical symptoms of anxiety but are able to mask their symptoms so others don’t know that they’re […read more]

How to Tell the Difference Between Fear and Intuition

Is It Intuition Or Fear?

There is a fine line between intuition and fear, and many people confuse the two. The key to tell the difference is to examine the feelings underneath what you’re experiencing. If you feel anxiety and overwhelm it’s very likely fear. If you feel certainty and calm then it’s very likely intuition. 

This Is Not The End…Not Even Close

This is not the end, not even close. Every hero comes to the point when they feel like they’re about to give up. The moment when things feel overwhelming. But this is not the end, it’s just the beginning! Last night I watched The Darkest Hour. About Winston Churchill in WWII. And what struck me […read more]