In this 6-week program, you’ll build your Online Business from the ground up.

You’ll discover:

  • How to connect with and sign-up your clients.
  • How to drop the overwhelm and stress and “let it be easy”!
  • How to get comfortable with sales, marketing, and being seen online.
  • How you help your clients, and what they need at the deepest levels.
  • How to create packages that your clients LOVE !

Create a business that supports your life.

The Stress and Overwhelm stop NOW.

Your clients need you. The world needs you.

What are you waiting for?

What We Cover In The Course:

WEEK 1: The Basics of Online Business

Learn how to run an online business and how it differs from running an offline business. Learn what differentiates successful online businesses from unsuccessful ones.

WEEK 2: Who Are Your Customers & What Problem Do You Solve

Discover your niche and what makes you different. Research your perfect customer. Discover who your customers are and their deepest needs. Create the solutions that your customers are searching for. 

WEEK 3: Understand Your Product & Services
  • Understand your product and services, what problems they solve. Understand the market, supply and demand, and what the customers in your niche desire most. Learn how to create products & services that will help you balance your ideal lifestyle and income goals. This module will provide answers for both service industries and product-based industries. 
WEEK 4: Communicate Effectively

Understand how to communicate what your business does. Learn your market’s language and how to get them to pay attention. Get comfortable showing up online. Use your unique voice and exactly who you are to attract your customers and build the business of your dreams.

WEEK 5: Marketing Your Expertise

Learn the essential pieces of marketing your business online. Discover how to use social media to spread the word. Drop the overwhelm about “marketing” and learn how to make it easy!

WEEK 6: Sales

How sales work online. Get comfortable with sales whether you’re selling products or services. Learn the sales process and how to move people from discovery through purchasing. Learn the client sales journey that starts with your website and online presence and journeys to your client’s satisfaction with your product or service.


FREE BONUS - Week 7: Developing a Successful Business Mindset
  • 90% of your success comes down to your mindset. If you don’t feel confident or believe in yourself, your customers won’t either. Feel motivated, inspired, energetic, and passionate about your business each and every day.
FREE BONUS - Week 8: Setting Up Your Business Start-Up Fundamentals

Learn how to set up the basic foundations of your business from the beginning. Make running your business streamlined and simple from the start by setting up the right foundations.

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