• Stop feeling like it’s “hard to make money online”
  • Create Offers and Value that have clients lining up to hire you!
  • Crystalize your message and make strategic marketing fun and a breeze
  • Get off the merry-go-round of constant client acquisition and put it on autopilot
  • Create Epic Online Success without all the stress and worry
  • Overcome procrastination and hiding
  • Release the limiting beliefs that keep you questioning yourself
  • Use passion and momentum to achieve (instead of ‘willpower’)
  • Learn that Success doesn’t mean overwhelm
  • Drop the “I have to work harder” grind
  • Streamline your business to make success easy
  • Life = Joy. Create a business that supports this!
  • Make more money
  • Find your niche
  • Create your packages
  • Understand what your clients need most
  • Own what makes you unique
  • Stop hiding
  • Quit censoring yourself out of fear
  • Let go of fear about what other people think
  • Fill your clients with KNOWing that YOU hold the solution to their problems
  • Get comfortable With Sales
  • You shut down when you feel discouraged or experience setbacks
  • You’re intuitive but have a hard time trusting yourself
  • You fear what other people think
  • You KNOW you can make a huge difference in the world, but don’t quite believe it on some levels
  • You get overwhelmed with to-do’s, wondering what to do first
  • You don’t have structures in place that put your business on automatic.
  • You’re ready to make a massive impact as THE expert in what you do, but part of you feels like an imposter
  • You’re lacking confidence in your business
  • You’ve been undercharging or burning the candle at both ends
  • You don’t have clear marketing that makes YOU the no brainer choice for your clients
  • You don’t know what problems your service solves or why your clients would drop everything to hire you

What I enjoyed most and learned from Flow Business Mastermind by Dr Ashlee Greer is to trust what feels right for me and not try to be someone else.

Instead of ‘hustle’, ‘do it this way’ or ‘do it that way’ etc I was able to adjust my mindset, developed my self belief of what I can do and offer to clients and how to connect with them.”

Julye-Amber Rzoska

Intuitive Guide and Coach, Brisbane, Australia

This program has given me so much more clarity, so much more ease to approach the business model that works for me. Sometimes I try to do all the things, and give so much, and then we end up burning out! But that’s not why we went into business!

This program will help you streamline how you want to do business and how your future clients will get in touch with you because of the clarity you’ll achieve.

Working with Dr. Ash has been an incredible experience. She’s really talented at what she does. She’s helped me see my blind spots. I’ve had numerous breakthroughs .. particularly in the blocks because of my inability to see something. She can spot it and help you see it. That’s invaluable!

She’s also been able to hold space for me to make my own decisions and do things on our own time. She’s there supporting you all the way. She’s my beloved coach! I can only say good things about her! So I hope you take the opportunity to be mentored and transformed by Ash! “

Blanca P

Financial Coach for Creative Entrepeneurs, Spain

Dr. Ash stated “You need the mindset, the self-trust, and the belief that you can do anything you set your heart and mind to ️”.  ❤️️  Since I have begun working with her, my mindset has significantly evolved. 

I was in a corporate job which I despised, desperately wanting to follow my passion. 

I have since left that soul sucking environment, trusted myself and gone out on my own.  I am working with people that inspire me and I laugh almost every day. 

She expertly challenges you by asking questions to help you peel the onion layers back to the answers you are looking to address and identify concerns which you did not even know where there.  I do not know if I would have taken the leap of faith yet without the support of Dr. Ash and FLOW.”

Janel Mulligan

Communication Coach and Attorney, Pennsylvania

Course Outline

What You Get:

Week 1: Who You Are

Most people tend to start their business looking outward at what other people want them to do. We start by looking inward so you anchor deeply into who you truly are. We’ll look at what makes you unique, what you have to offer, what you excel at, and how you can best serve. Most people don’t have any idea what they’re good at or what the universe is calling them to do. They throw spaghetti at the wall instead of focusing on truly being themselves.

Week 2: The Problem & Solution

Your clients have a problem. And you provide a clear and concise solution to that problem. But if your business isn’t succeeding it’s because you don’t know what these are. Understand deeply who you serve, what they need, and the precise language to describe it. Then you’ll understand how you provide a complete solution to their problems which will have your clients lining up to pay you.

Week 3: Designing Your Business To Support Your Life

If you don’t understand what you want your life to look like, you’re going to design a business that leaves you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and stressed out. Learn to design your business to support the LIFE you want (i.e. no more burnout, overwhelm, and confusion). Stop grinding, hustling, and feeling you’re constantly pushing up against needing to do “more” so you can have true life/work balance.

Week 4: Your Transformational Offer

This week you’ll craft an amazing irresistible offer that your clients will snatch up. When they see it they’ll know that they need your expertise and want YOU to provide it. You’ll understand how to create a program that creates massive transformation for your clients while supporting a life you love. We’ll position you as the expert and help people see you as the one they need to go to to solve their problem.

Week 5: Owning Your Value

This includes understanding your income goals, how to price your program, how to hold that value (and not succumb to imposter syndrome) and set yourself up for unlimited expansion in your business (so that you don’t become the bottleneck that stops you from leveraging yourself to higher and higher income levels).

Week 6: Basic Marketing: Get Your Stuff Seen

In this module, we’ll talk all about how to be everywhere and be seen as the ultimate expert to your audience.

Facebook, Instagram, Blogging, Podcasts – it can all be a bit overwhelming and you can get lost in the feeling of “I need to do it all”.

If Facebook exploded tomorrow, what would you do? If you’d be totally screwed, then you need to learn how to do marketing right!

  • Introduction to marketing and how to walk your client from not knowing they have a problem to buying your services
  • Discover all the social media platforms so you can decide what’s right for you
  • Diversify your platforms and reach so that you’re never shut out of access to your audience
  • Understand how marketing works, what it’s purpose is, and what you must know to make more money 
Week 7: Copywriting & Owning Your Unique Voice

Being exactly who you are is what sells.

  • Unleash your authentic self in your business.
  • Stand up and stand OUT as YOU to solidify your role as the expert.
  • Express yourself boldly without apology or fear.

Powerful Copywriting so that your clients stand up and say “yes!”

  • Learn the basic principles of powerful copywriting
  • Learn to write persuasive copy so that your clients feel motivated to purchase
  • Plug into your customers emotional deep needs and use these to help them want to keep reading (or watching)
  • Learn the basics of effective video
  • Receive a “Sales Page Template” to make sales page writing a snap!
Week 8: Nailing Your Sales

We’ll talk about sales with integrity. Drop that icky feeling about selling yourself and your offers for good. Nail your sales with the “Organic Sales Formula” that naturally walks your clients through the sales process and provides value. And create an effortless Sales Call Script that you can fall back on when you’re not sure what to do. This includes how to overcome objections and coach your clients through doubt and fear.Stop cheating people by not providing them an opportunity to work with you. Get comfortable with sales and have an awesome rate of turning those who are “interested” into paying customers!

Week 9: Advanced Marketing: Find Clients Automatically!

In this module, we simplify and streamline your client acquisition strategy and put it on automatic.

You’ll create a freebie that will attract in new clients, plus a simple funnel to help move them toward your transformational offer.

We’ll begin to implement more advanced marketing strategies including:

  • Email marketing
  • List building
  • Create an irresistible freebie and sales funnel
  • Basic data analysis (i.e. is my marketing working?)
  • Positioning yourself so that people can find you through searching for questions that are important to them
  • Video and Livestreaming
  • Podcasting and blogging strategies
  • We’ll also be talking about unconventional marketing strategies that no one else is using and that will put you head and shoulders above the rest
  • And set up a unique personalized marketing strategy that you can manage and feel joyful about!
Week 10: Business Mindset

We’ll blast through any mindset issues that have held you back from implementing everything above. *these topics will also be talked about throughout the whole process

  • Fear of being seen.
  • Limiting beliefs. 
  • Confidence. 
  • Believing in yourself. 
  • Certainty. 
  • Owning your power. 
  • Boldness. 
  • Being convinced of your value. 
  • Owning who you are. 
  • Listening to intuition. 
  • Motivation. 
  • Overcoming procrastination, perfectionism, worry, fear, and anxiety.

And we’ll discuss skills you need to take your business to the next level like decision making, team building, and leadership).


All plans include

Templates and Scripts

Use our templates to get started. Receive done for you scripts and examples to build your emails, freebies, and sales processes.

Kickstart Success
or 3 monthly payments of $188

Regularly $999

Create epic clarity and strategy with the full 10-week course with video lessons and interactive workbooks

10 In-Depth Weekly Modules (as above)
Weekly In-depth Mindset and Success Training
Adaptable And Unique Templates & Scripts
30-minute one-on-one coaching sessions
Messenger access to me for the full 10-week course

(value of over $3000)


Infinite Success
or 3 monthly payments of $733

Regularly $2399

Get hands-on help every step of the way to clarify your business, scale your income and impact, and demolish mindset barriers!

10 In-Depth Weekly Modules (as above)
Weekly In-depth Mindset and Success Training
Adaptable And Unique Templates & Scripts
10 x 30-minute one-on-one coaching sessions
Messenger access to me for the full 10-week course

(value of over $4500)


Frequently Asked questions

Is This For Me If I don't Have A Business?

The FLOW Business Mentorship program is for people who are service based entrepreneurs who are looking for more clarity in who they serve, how to create a program that their clients will love, and how to market that program with ease.

If you don’t yet have a business idea, this course will be a bit advanced for you.

Am I A Service-Based Entrepreneur?

A service-based business owner is a coach, consultant, therapist, healer, trainer, or speaker. Anyone who wishes to make more money by providing services. If that’s you, this program is ideal!

However, all of the information that you may learn in this course is applicable and adaptable to product based businesses as well.

I Don't Think I Can Afford It

How much is it worth to you to get your business to work?

How much money are you leaving on the table each and every day because your clients don’t know about you?

They don’t know who you are, what you do, and how you can help them.

How much time are you wasting because you don’t have a streamlined system to bring in clients?

Most of the time, saying “I don’t think I can afford it” is an excuse we use to keep ourselves stuck. To keep hiding. To sabotage ourselves when we fear success.

Because the truth is, if you knew what to do – you’d be doing it already and you’d be making the money you want to make.

But you’re not.

So you have 2 options.

  1. Keep consuming free content. Piecing together a strategy that will hopefully work for you. Trying to figure it out on your own. Making many of the same mistakes you’ve been making.
  2. Or shortcut your way to success by getting expert guidance on how to make your business work for you. How to be successful without the overwhelm and stress that’s made you fear being successful.
I Don't Know Much About Marketing - Is This For Me?

I specialize in helping service based entrepeneurs with marketing that works.

To stop fearing marketing. To stop feeling confused by all the options.

To get crystal clarity.

Whether you’re new to marketing or have done a lot of reading and research on how to market your business we can help.

In this program you’ll learn the basics of marketing. But you’ll also learn more advanced little discussed marketing techniques. PLUS, you’ll create a funnel and detailed product ladder to promote your business with ease.

No more scrambling for the next client.

It’s time to get clear.

How Much Time Will This Take?

It depends on how much time you’re willing to dedicate to the program each week and what level of membership you’ve chosen.

With weekly one-on-one sessions and completing everything each module requires you’ll likely be spending 3-4 hours on average per week on the program.

That might seem like a lot. But this program is meant to give you results in record time.

  • Taking you from not making enough money, to clients on autopilot.
  • From not having a marketing system, to having one set up.
  • From not having a the clarity you need to succeed to owning your expertise.

You can do anything for 10 weeks. Isn’t it worth the time investment to get everything set up and on point from the get go?

I'm Afraid, What If I Can't Do It?

Fear is one of the most common saboteurs of success.

And I’m here to help you overcome it and take action whether or not you feel fear.

It’s no longer a question of “if” you can make it work.

It’s a question of “I’m ready to make it work” – or not.

If you’re ready – then through this program you will find a way. You will find the clarity you need. You will create the system that will create your success.

But it’s up to you.

Are you ready for success?

More questions?

Want to talk about if FLOW is for you?

I’m here to help! Grab a spot on my schedule for a breakthrough session and we’ll chat!