Personal Evolution 1:1 Mentorship

Revolutionary Results

For Deep Soul Seekers of a Hell Yes life and business

When you are ready to make an revolutionary leap and create radical transformative shifts in every area of your life with lightning speed.

Leave Behind feeling stuck, settling for less, fearing what others think of you, focusing on pleasing others, and playing small.

Radically shift to an overflowing sense of self-love, self-expression, self-confidence, self-acceptance, and self-worth from my revolutionary “self-first” process.

Learn how putting your self first is not selfish. And that your challenging background and past experiences are what have taught you that it is.

Learn the secrets of how radical self-love will actually allow you to love with more passion, enjoy your life more fully, and learn to inspire and transform with your presence (whether in your business or your personal life). And feel it down to your bones. In every cell of your body. In ways that are like a lighthouse to everything you ever desired.

When you’re finally ready to put yourself first and stop focusing on living your life just so that other people are happy. Live and breathe the deepest self-love, a love that you never thought possible. And profoundly transform everything in your life – your relationships, your business, your family, your confidence – every single area of your life – forever.


You never knew life could be this GOOD!

The next step in your evolution of epic and unshakeable self-love.

This monthly membership program helps you move through the fear and doubt that have been keeping you stuck, spinning in resistance, and hiding in self-protection. Be all of you and begin to shift every area of your life.

3x’s monthly training on topics to take you through everything I know about cultivating the epic self-first attitude that allows you finally to love yourself enough to love others fully, and be fully expressed and confident in every area of your life. Plus a monthly group coaching call. Psychic insights. And a library of my best content. All for the price of a cup of coffee each day.

Because not everyone is able to afford a 1:1 mentorship personal evolution mentorship or is ready for the speed and radical shifts that 1:1 mentorship brings with it.


Making Epic Self-Love Accessible to Everyone

Email Only Support

For Back Pocket Support

So You Never Have to Go It Alone

Have a cheerleader, a motivator, and a kick in the butt in your back pocket at all times.

Someone who holds you in the highest light of what you’re capable of. I’m just an email away to support you in whatever you’re going through. Always have support right when you need it. And know that someone who sees you in your highest and best always has your back.

* Normally reserved as aftercare for my 1:1 clients. I’m opening up just a few spots in the next month!

** This is a monthly subscription for email coaching that you can cancel anytime.


The Support You Need, When You Need It