Are you feeling like fear blocks you from pursuing your biggest dreams?

 Do You…

  • Wonder what you should do with your life.

  • Know you were meant for more.

  • Feel like you don’t know how to find the right fit for your next career step.

  • Get stuck by insecurity and self-judgments that aren’t letting you move forward.

  • Feel paralyzed by fear and stop yourself from moving forward into new opportunities.

  • Experience uncertainty about how all of the various pieces of your past point to the truth about what path to pursue.

  • Get overwhelmed by the the number of choices and the enormity of making a decision.

  • Feel like you “should” know what you want to do with your life by now.

  • Feel afraid to really own your biggest boldest dreams.

  • Worry that you’re unworthy of pursuing your passions or that you’re not “expert” enough.


What if you could move forward with courageous bodacious boldness into your future and feel confident in your career and life choices? 


You can….

  • Feel passionate about your business.

  • Feel like your work is FUN.

  • Feel in a flowing graceful energy around your work.

  • Know that what you’re doing is benefiting others and changing lives.

  • Understand how your past will TEACH you how to figure out your next step.

  • Demolish all of the fears that stands in your way.

  • Unleash your biggest boldest dreams.

  • Feel confident and worthy enough to pursue your goals.

  • Lean into feeling like an expert in your field.


“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Have you figured it out yet?

We’ve all been asked this when we were young. And perhaps you even had an answer as a 4 year old. When I was a kid, my answer was that I wanted to be a pediatrician doctor. I wanted to work with little kids to make them well. What kid doesn’t want to make other kids well, right?  Well, not so much. I never actually wanted to be a physician. I suspect that that answer was actually a reaction to the expectations of the adults around me. Being a “doctor” was seen as a highly valued career choice. It was received with responses like “oh my!”, “what a bright little girl!”, “how precocious!”. And that the idea was implanted in me from such a young age that I thought that it was my desire.   But it wasn’t.

Too many women are focused on trying to please others with their choices. Trying to make other people happy. Trying to take care of everyone else’s needs first. 

Luckily, the idea of being a pediatrician doctor didn’t stick. It’s a very admirable career. But it’s just not me.   It took years before I finally settled down enough to listen to the call of the song of my soul. It took a real stillness inside to get quiet enough to hear my own desires and my own dreams calling out to me through the muddy bogs of other people’s desires that had clouded my mind for so long. But we get interrupted in the seeking. We get told that we’re silly. Or that we’re a dreamer. Or that we’re being selfish by having big outlandish desires.

Unleash your desire to live a life that’s true to yourself. To find a career and life path that feels right and perfectly you ALL the way down to your toes. Now is YOUR time.


This is why I’ve created the Passionate Purpose Program. A method of delving into YOU to pull out your passionate purpose, demolish fear, and embrace the deepest desires in your heart and soul! 


Passionate Purpose Program


  • Unleash your own desires and get to the core of what makes you tick.

  • Pull back the layers that have hidden your passions for years.

  • Confront your fears in becoming the woman you are meant to be.

  • Become more confident to implement your soul’s purpose.

  • Reveal the true strength of the woman you are by understanding yourself more deeply and understanding what it is you want out of life.

  • Identify your dreams and desires.

  • Set you free from the programing of your past.


Let go of EVERYTHING that’s held you back from living your biggest boldest dreams! 

Program Modules Include:

Module 1

What Is Passion And How To Connect With It

  • What is passion and how do you know when you’re connecting with it?
  • What the process of discovering your passions is like, what it feels like, and what it looks like in your life.
  • What is your subconscious telling you? What clues can you pick up from your subconscious habits? You’re given many specific examples to work through to identify what your underlying passions are!


Module 2

Pull Back The Layers

  • Discover how your potential has been diminished your whole life!
  • Learn how to peel back the layers of what you’ve been taught you can have and who you’ve been taught you have to be.
  • Find your authentic self beneath the layers of “shoulds” that society has created around how you’re allowed to live your life!
  • Give yourself permission to follow your passionate purpose!
  • Recognize that you don’t have to follow the straight path that everyone around you thinks you have to follow to be successful!


Module 3

Big Bold Bodacious Dreams

  • Learn how to give yourself permission to dream big
  • Explore how to unleash your ability to engage with your true desires
  • Work through meditations, visualizations, and exercises meant to expand your horizons of what YOU thought was possible in your life!!


Module 4

What You Thought You Wanted

  • Delve into what it is that you thought you’ve wanted.
  • Learn from the past
  • Get to the root of why you pursued each of those dreams rather than others to understand yourself on a deeper level!
  • Discover why you may have made yourself and your dreams smaller to make others more comfortable.
  • Get to the heart of why we all adopt a “less is more” approach when deciding on what we want in life (it has to do with fear!)


Module 5

Discover and Identify Your Dreams And Desires

  • Discover what your true dreams and desires are!
  • Explore what makes you so excited you want to dance around your kitchen!
  • Figure our the song of your soul!
  • Unleash your mind to let yourself connect with your deepest aspirations in life!


Module 6

Learning From The Failures

  • Explore all of the things that you’ve tried on throughout your life and failed at and discover what was valuable about each of these experiences.
  • Discover what made each of these experiences an important part of your journey.
  • Find out how there is no such thing as failure. Failure is just learning.
  • Learn about yourself from your past experiences with failure and know how to move forward!
  • Help explore why you may have failed in the past to understand how to catapult you to pursuing your passionate purpose today!


Module 7

Discovering and Letting Go Of Your Fears

  • Learn what’s holding you back from pursuing your passions
  • Discover what fears you tend to fall prey to
  • Uncover where your fears come from
  • Discover what keeps you stuck in a place of fear!
  • Discover the insight that your fears are trying to share with you!
  • Move through your fears in a way that’s not overwhelming
  • Let go of the fear of failure and the fear of success!!
  • Learn how to master your mind so that your fears no longer control you
  • Let go of the fear that’s keeping you from living the life of your dreams!!
  • Learn to make friends with fear, embrace it, and use it to your advantage!


Module 8

Scrap the Crappy Thoughts And Behaviors

  • Stop getting in the way of living your passionate purpose!
  • Find ways to combat all of the negative thinking that’s stopping you from implementing your dreams!
  • Learn to recognize and let go of self-judgement and combat self-criticism
  • Recognize and move through procrastination, shame, guilt, and avoidance
  • Learn to identify and dismiss the voices from the past that tried to control who you should be!


Module 9

Using Your Values and Feelings

  • Work through a series of high level proven exercises to help you get in touch with your most valued feelings
  • Learn what values motivate you and why
  • Discover why feelings are motivating and how you can use this to your advantage in pursuing your own passionate purpose!
  • Figure out what the values are that drive your life
  • Explore how you can use your feelings to help you LIVE your passionate purpose!


Module 10

Hone Your Intuition

  • Open up to Divine Inspiration and connect with God and Source!!
  • Connect to your Intuition and Instincts that will help you on your unique path!
  • Learn skills to tune into your intuition and distinguish it from fear!
  • Explore how intuition can help guide you each step of the way in living the life of your dreams!


Module 11

Increase Your Confidence And Battle Imposter Syndrome

  • Explore your own issues with confidence
  • Learn to control your own confidence
  • Discover how to overcome Imposter Syndrome
  • Find out how you can feel good about pursuing your passionate purpose, even if you’re just starting out!


Module 12

Live Authentically

  • Uncovering how your desires, dreams, values, feelings, and motivations are all linked into who you are at your core
  • Rewrite your personal story to take you from being the victim to the hero of your own life!!
  • Explore what makes you tick, what makes you special, and what brings our the glorious light in your eyes.
  • Learn how living authentically can help you make your passionate purpose a success!!
  • This module will bring all the information from the other modules together to live your passionate purpose every day!



  • 12 2-hour Group Meetings over 6 months and recordings of all group meetings in case you can’t make them live ($900 value)
  • Each module contains in depth workbooks, exercises, and questions to help you delve into your passionate purpose!! ($600 value!), informational Videos of how you can apply what you’re learning to your life! ($500 value!), and audio meditations and visualizations! ($200 value!)
  • Lifetime Access to A Private Facebook Community for those who are discovering their passionate purpose! I’ll be in this group regularly interacting and giving you guidance on your journey! ($500 value!)


  • 2 1-on-1 coaching sessions with me to integrate everything you’re learning! ($600 value!)

  • How To Make Money With Your Passion Training ($200 value)

    We’ll explore ways for you to earn money with your passion. It’s all about thinking outside of the box. Leveraging relationships. Networking. Connecting with likeminded people who can support your dreams (like in THIS group!!), wisely using the internet, and marketing.

  • So You Want To Be A Coach Bootcamp ($2000 value)

    I’m going to be showing you all the basics you need to get an online business up and running like I did. From building a website, Facebook community, Facebook ads, how to leverage Facebook groups, target market, branding, etc. Check out the full program here!


Discover your Passionate Purpose, break through the fears, and unlock your potential!

Electronic Program Only-14





Who is the Passionate Purpose Program for?

  • The high-achieving, highly-driven woman who has everything going for her but still feel like something is missing in her life.

  • The woman who wants to truly explore who she is and unleash her greatness.

  • The woman who wants to put together the significant pieces of her life to point her toward her purpose and her passions.

  • The woman who wants to learn to harness her intuition, dreams, and experiences to live the life of her dreamsThe woman who is ready to shed the guilt, shame, judgement, “shoulds”, self-criticism, and all the bullcrap that’s gotten in the way of her exploring the song of her soul.

  • The woman who is all about the journey to find HER, is ready to stand strongly in curiosity and not knowing so that she can fully explore the depths of her soul.

  • The woman who is ready to transform the way she feels about herself, her potential, and work in general (pssst – it doesn’t have to be suffering, work can be JOY!).

  • The woman who knows she wants to go into business for herself but doesn’t know how to start, exactly what she wants to do, or has so many ideas that she feels like she’s throwing spaghetti at the wall.



  • Determine how everything in your life has been pointing you toward your Passionate Purpose.

  • Increased confidence and ability to stand up for your true desires.

  • Feeling secure and “enough” in your skills and abilities.

  • Remove fears, criticisms, self-judgments, and “shoulds”.

  • Stop playing small and not feeling like you’re “enough” in life.

  • Feel free to pursue what fits YOU and your life best.

  • Get rid of the rules that have made you feel like you have to live your life a certain way.


Who Am I:

cropped-IMG_0486-11.jpg Hey there! I’m Dr. Ashlee Greer! It’s fucking awesome to meet you and be your guide in learning about YOU and your passions! I LOVE love love this work!  I have my Ph.D. in counseling psychology. I went through this journey myself! I used to be a practicing psychologist and left my career to pursue my passions! I started writing and started coaching women on how to live the life of their dreams! I let go of my fear and said “fuck it” to what other people thought and pursued the path that was true to ME.


I have over 10 years experience working with people to live their best lives, unleash their dreams, and stop letting fear, self-criticism, and judgment get in their way! PLUS, I have extensive graduate training on career counseling and how to help YOU find the career that will light you up! 

What Past Participants Have to Say:

“SINGLE B.E.S.T. thing you will do for YOU in 2016…..just DO it!! LIFE changing.”

– Debbie G.

 Blacked out DG testimonial for PP

“So many ideas are flowing through me right now that I can easily implement with the skills and the knowledge that I have right now. As we were discussing my interests, tears were flowing as I was explaining what I could talk about for hours. I can get a sense that there is passion there and I can use that in the future. I can now see a plan and purpose, but what was very beneficial is what I could do practically now for my immediate needs. This has been so useful! Thank you and I am looking forward to your group coaching.”

– Errolynn Zetar

“You have too much to offer to keep quiet, I have to say with just your intentional listening and asking a few hard questions has help me more than therapy and a long time of reeling in the same spot.”

– Blanca J.

Blacked out BJ testimonial for PP


“Your work is working for me…blessed to be a part of your offerings. Ashlee was such a positive step towards shifting the ‘stuck’ place i have been wallowing in for a while now. Almost immediately i felt she had tuned in to my wavelength and was speaking my language. Ashlee guided me to touch places and memories that i had not given much thought to and had never considered to be a pivotal part in the creating of my life so far. I found her visual imagery incredibly inspiring and very helpful, being an artist myself, and i truly felt ‘met’ and ‘heard’. There is something about Ashlee and how she holds the space that made me trust her instantly and so was able to delve deeper into unfolding than i thought was possible. I highly recommend working with this amazing woman. You won’t regret it!”

– Heidi Hinda Chadwick


Electronic Program Only-14




Commonly Asked Questions: 

What’s the benefit of a group coaching program?

The Passionate Purpose Group Coaching Program has biweekly meetings that meet as a group. The benefit of this is that you’ll learn directly through other women’s experience in discovering their own passionate purpose. Group members from past cohorts have specifically mentioned how much they LOVE the group format because it give them an opportunity to learn not only by working on their own stuff, but also by listening to other people’s journeys to discovering their true selves and living their purpose!  Women tend to learn best through community, connection, and stories. And when you learn in a group format you learn not only through what’s going on with you, you make connections based on what other people talk about and explore in the calls.


What happens on the group coaching calls?

Each group coaching call is 2 hours long. I’ll do laser coaching with each woman about what’s come up for her since our last meeting and in her work with the workbooks. These calls are open forum so participants are encouraged to give one another feedback and support as well. And you can connect with one another on a deeper more regular level in the private Facebook community JUST for this cohort of the Passionate Purpose Program.


Are the workbooks due like homework? 

We’re all adults and I’m not a teacher. So no, I will not be asking you to turn in your work! This work is for you to explore what really matters to YOU. So if you matter, you’ll do the work! You’ll also have access to the workbooks to work through them later if you don’t get in depth with them enough the first time around.


Wouldn’t it be better if I coached with you directly? 

You are more than welcome to apply for one of my insight sessions to work with me one on one in a longer term coaching relationship. My 3 month one-on-one coaching package is currently $3000. So the choice is yours of whether the Passionate Purpose Group Coaching Program or an individual coaching package with me would be a better fit for your needs!


Are there refunds for your program? 

No. I do not offer any refunds for any of my programs. I know from my own experience that when I invest in myself and I have NO escape hatch – I make that shit work. I make the program work. I put in the effort to do everything that the program asks of me. The only way to truly succeed is to fully commit. And I want YOU to make that kind of commitment to yourself. Check out this video all about why you should never give yourself an escape hatch!




Can you guarantee that I’ll find my passionate purpose by the time the program is over?

There are no guarantees in life. You get what you put into it. If you do all the work in this program you’ll have a super excellent grasp on what you want to do with your life. What you do with that information is up to you. But you MUST do all of the workbooks in order to achieve that result. You’ll also have the opportunity to upgrade to the PLUS version during the first month of the program. The PLUS version of this program will give you much more revolutionary results than the electronic program alone.


What kind of passionate purposes have your clients discovered? 

Here are a few examples of what people have discovered through this program. But I believe that there are NO RULES as to what you can do with your life. For some women, they’ll want a high powered career. Others might be attracted to the laptop lifestyle of an entrepreneur, while others may find that their true joy comes from staying at home and raising their children. There are ZERO judgments in this program about the path you choose to pursue. YOU get to choose. YOU get to determine what you really want to do. Whether YOU are happy is the only thing that’s important.

  • Photography businesses
  • Running worldwide women’s retreats
  • Transformational workshop leader
  • Coaching practice with the divine feminine
  • Soul journeying
  • Photo framing and design
  • Music teaching for young children

But the most important thing these women have gained is confidence to be themselves without apology. To stop caring about what they think they “should” do or are “supposed” to do with their lives. And to really connect with their values and desire on such a deep and profound level!


I have more questions. How do I contact you? 

Snag a spot on my calendar and let’s chat! Grab your spot HERE!

Electronic Program Only-14