Who The Heck is Ashlee Greer?

Hey there lovebug! I’m Dr. Ash

But seriously, just call me Ash.

Here’s the full skinny on who I am, where I’ve been, and what I stand for. 

So bear with me, we’re going for a wild ride! 

My life has been full of ups and downs like a mo-fo. 

No straight lines here. It’s been all about the “long way around”. 

My Story

I have almost 2 decades of experience working with clients.

For many years I tried to earn worthiness through achievement. I received my Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from a Big 12 Research institution. I published peer-reviewed academic research. I’ve presented at psychological conferences in my old life as a psychologist.

As a psychologist I was the head of sexual assault and trauma for a 50,000 student university. I ran large outreach and educational events and was a head of outreach for the counseling center at the large university at which I worked. I also ran the campus Mind-Body lab. I even worked as a forensic psychologist in one of 2 psychiatric prisons in all of Texas and did in-depth integrative assessment with inmates to assess their mental health. I also taught college classes for many years including teaching undergraduates psychological writing. 

I left my job as a psychologist because I would feel sick to my stomach every morning. I loved helping people but I hated having 35 client contact hours per week. I hated working within systems that labeled people unnecessarily. And my heart broke at seeing the ways in which the system was broken (whether we’re talking about he educational system, the prison system, or the health care system – don’t get me started!). 

I left my job and began doing some freelance writing online and discovered the world of coaching. What began as writing educational content for 2 multi-million dollar coach training schools resulted in me being promoted to the director of two separate schools. and was the head of two multimillion-dollar coach training schools. During this time I saw the incredible reach of these coaches and the impact they were making. I saw the flexibility and freedom that being a coach brought to the lives of the coaches themselves and their clients. So I took the leap and built my own online coaching and consulting business more than 6 years ago and leveraged the knowledge I had gained in training therapists and helping to run large online businesses and applied it to my own and my client’s business.

Now I specialize in working with therapists and psychologists in building their businesses. I particularly work with those who have had difficult experiences in their background that have kept them stuck in self-doubt. 

I found that what I really yearned for was to impact people in a more authentic way. 

Each and every role I played became a “mask” that I had to wear.  A role I had to play. A set of expectations I had to live up to. 

So I chucked it all and decided to do things my own way. I broke free of the constraints that I had been taught as a high-achiever and in graduate school. 

So I started AshleeGreer.com and began to shed the layers of “not me” to become who I am today. 

    • I left behind the label of “psychologist”. 
    • I quit the high powered jobs. 
    • I broke up with my ex-fiance and moved out of the house we owned and the town we lived in. 
    • I left behind almost all of my possessions and became a minimalist. 
    • I began to travel the world. 
    • I lived off-grid on an organic farm in Hawaii. 
    • I moved to Bali for more than 2 years. 
    • I spent an extended time in Thailand. 
    • And am now in Australia with my partner and soul mate. 

Along the way, I’ve found that the only place happiness can ever be found is within. 

When we shed all of the layers of what we try to be and finally have the courage to be ourselves. 

That’s when our lives and our businesses really soar. 

This is my goal for you. To find happiness, success, freedom, and worthiness from the only real source. Yourself. 


Spiritual Orientation

Although raised Christian I identify as spiritual but not religious. I support all religious and spiritual identifications in my work. I believe what’s most important is your authentic connection with your spiritual beliefs, whatever that means to you. 


Clinical Experience

As a former psychologist, I have clinical expertise and specialized training in sexual and emotional trauma, narcissism, codependency, mindfulness, LGBTQ issues, eating disorders, and intimate relationships.

I’ve helped thousands of people live a life truer to themselves both as a former psychologist and a coach.

I have extensive training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Humanistic Therapy, Existential Therapy, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Buddhism.

My approach is to help you be fully self-expressed in your business and your life.

To stop trying so hard to make it work and instead to realize that success doesn’t have to entail suffering and sacrifice.

It can be fun and feel natural. 



Let’s chat and see if working together is a good fit for you!