Neediness Is Blocking Your Desires

Neediness Is Blocking Your Desires



Shed the Neediness

One of the most common things I hear from my clients is “I don’t even know what I want. I’m not even sure I know what I like!”. But I’m going to share a secret with you. You’ll never be able to connect with what you really most deeply desire until you first shed the neediness that’s blocking it from entering your life.

Life is a lot like a buffet. When you go to the buffet and you’re starving you’re going to stuff yourself with the first thing you see. You’re not going to be able to wait to get to the really good stuff because you’re too hungry.

Neediness is like an emotional state of starvation. You end up grabbing whatever you can just to fill the hole. Whether that’s a subpar relationship, job, or friendships – you end up settling for far less than what would really delight.

Check out the video for more on how not having your needs met is actually blocking you from getting what you most desire.


Holidays can be a particularly difficult time when it comes to coping with family. Especially if there is a narcissist involved in the equation. But here’s the truth – no one’s opinion of you and your life choices matters except your own.

I know it can seem threatening and confusing when you fear that someone might use your boundaries and distance against you, using it as fuel to a fire that you are not a good daughter. But sit down and ask yourself for a moment – why does it matter? Why does their opinion of you matter?

It matters because the toxicity & trauma from when you were growing up has conditioned you to believe that other people’s opinions of you are not only very important, but a valid reflection of your goodness, your worthiness, and your value in this world.

So sit back for a moment and ask yourself – “What’s the worst that would happen if they say ‘look, everyone, I told you she was a bad daughter’. What would happen? What would the worst case scenario be?”. Perhaps you may have a few family members or people in your parent’s community think ill of you. What else? What other fears are lurking there? Do they offer financial support that they might withdraw? Or emotional support?

Chances are that the biggest thing that would happen is that you’d feel guilty and filled with shame for putting yourself first. For asserting that you deserve to have a happy and satisfied life and doing what you need to do to make that happy.

It’s not what they think of you that’s really bothering you. It’s the internalized fears about what you’ll think of yourself.

You see, no one can really make us feel anything. Think about it. If you were on a crowded subway and bumped into someone and they had the opinion of “look, everyone, I told you she was a bad person!” you’d probably brush it right off and go on with your day because you’ve decided that that person’s opinion isn’t valid. But since you decided, probably when you were young, that your parents’ opinions were valid you feel as though when you go against those opinions you’re doing something wrong.

You’re essentially activating the “bad girl” inside of you that fears being punished. The archetypal inner child that fears that if she breaks the rules she’ll be abandoned and never loved by anyone.

Of course, your adult self knows better than this. And lucky for you she can learn new ways of coping and can decondition all of that old toxicity & trauma that’s kept you locked into the cycle of guilt and shame that has kept you replaying the same patterns over and over.

Plus, as yourself this – if you had to choose either them being disappointed with you and feeling guilty about it OR you getting to be happy, relaxed and relieved which is more important? Which is more valuable?

The answer is pretty obvious to me 😉

This month in The Abundance Revolution, we’ll be talking specifically about surviving the holidays with toxic family.

There’s a lot of other aspects to coping with toxic family during the holidays that I’m super excited to teach. Such as how to shape behavior, how to give yourself an escape hatch, how to deal with grief, anxiety, and depression during the holidays, and how to keep your sanity during a season we’ve all been conditioned to put everyone else first.

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Hi! I’m Dr. Ash

I help women who come from challenging backgrounds that have conditioned them to put others first to live a “hell yes” life where they leave the shoulds behind. My clients learn to live a passion-filled, turned-on, lit-up life where everything is possible and to connect with their own intuitive genius.

To stop prioritizing other people’s opinions, to give themselves permission to go after their own desires, to be deeply self-expressed, self-confident, vibrant, and to release the limiting beliefs that have made them feel selfish or self-centered for putting themselves first in the past.

I have my Ph.D. in psychology, was the director of two multi-million dollar international coach training schools. She’s powerfully psychic and has over a decade of experience helping hundreds of people transform to feeling passionate, vibrant, fulfilled, and joyful.

The SINGLE thing to do to know what you really want

The SINGLE thing to do to know what you really want

One of the most frequent issues I see in my clients is that they don’t know what they really want. 

They know they want something but they just can’t seem to put their finger on exactly what that something is

This inevitably causes them to not make any moves toward achieving what they want because, let’s face it, you can’t really reach a destination if you don’t know where the heck that destination is.

Yes, of course you could still be in for one heck of an adventure if you set out on some glorious Sunday morning just wanting to go for a drive. 

But it’s not like you’re going to surprise yourself and end up in New York. Or Bali, for that matter (um, you can’t get there by car. lol). 

What’s the single most effective way to know what it is you really want? 

It’s going to sound kind of crazy. And it takes a lot of guts to look at. 

But it’s something I do myself regularly. 

It’s your inevitable death. 


I recently ran across one of the most profound quotes I’d ever read. It knocked my socks completely off (okay, I wasn’t wearing socks).


“Definition Of Hell: On your last day on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become.”

– Unknown


I actually did my dissertation on the fear of death.


I looked at whether fear of death was related to how optimistic someone was (it is). Basically, the more optimistic you are, the less you fear death.


But what’s really interesting is something called self-discrepancy theory.


Self-discrepancy theory states that we have an actual self (the self we are right now) and an ideal self (the self we really want to be).


And the amount of terror that the thought of dying brings up in us is directly related to the difference between the two.


If there’s a huge difference between who you are today and who you want to become, you’re going to be terrified of dying. Why? Because dying is the ultimate period at the end of the sentence. It ends the story. So, there’s no more opportunity for you to work toward being that ideal self.


The difference between your ideal self and your actual self = how much you fear death. 


One of the great regrets of the dying is:

They wished they had lived a life that was more true to themselves rather than the life that someone expected of them. 


When you life a life that’s motivated by your deepest desires, rather than what you feel you should be doing, you move very rapidly toward your ideal self.


Because instead of filling your life with other people’s opinions on what you should do, you start to fill your life with what actually makes you happy.

I consider should to be a dirty word by the way because it almost always reveals what we’ve been told to do rather than what we really want to do. Start paying attention to this word, even for a few days, and you’ll begin to see what I mean.


Some really cool things about your desires and your ideal self: 


1. Your ideal self and my ideal self are not the same.

Who you want to be is not who I want to be. Neither of our ideals are the same. Perhaps on the surface many of these ideals may look the same. We all want love, more money, success, freedom. But what exactly do we want those things for? Perhaps you have the dream of buying a villa in Greece and I have the dream of being one of the first people on Mars. Neither one of those things are better than the other. They just are.


2. There’s no competition for becoming our unique self

If we’re all aiming for different end games, that means that there’s really no competition. You can’t take away my dream of being an opera singer by becoming the best permaculture gardener this side of the Rockies. We’re all free to pursue our own ideal selves, our own deepest desires, and we don’t have to fear that there’s not enough to go around because we’re all uniquely different. 

A belief that becoming your ideal self somehow takes away from the opportunity for other people to become their unique self is a lack mindset. A lack mindset is the idea that everything in life is a win/lose situation. You win, I lose. And vice versa. But that’s a complete lie. When you understand that there’s no competition to be your ideal self you see that there’s always enough for everyone to win. Everyone can be their ideal selves. There’s enough for everyone!!


3. Your ideal self is made up of the deepest desires and is completely unique to you.

Your ideal self is basically a list of all of the beautiful, wondrous, and magical things that you wish to accomplish and experience in this lifetime. Perhaps it’s meditating in a cave for a year. Or sailing around the world. Or meeting Barak Obama. Or speaking 15 languages. Or learning how to hold your breath for a really long time. Or swimming with sharks. Or marrying a man who writes poetry. Or writing a best seller. Or singing on stage. Or learning to tap dance. Or laughing so hard you pee your pants as often as possible.

The possibilities are endless. And they’re 100% unique to you. Because you’re a special snowflake darling. And no one can keep you from these marvelous experiences once you identify them.

Seriously, I have a list that’s about 15 years old now where I have listed multiple things I’ve experienced in the last few years. Including living in a log cabin in the Rockies, moving to Hawaii, learning to surf, and traveling in SE Asia. I would never have been able to accomplish all of these things if I hadn’t had the guts at one point to sit down and say “hmm, what would I want to accomplish before I die?”


What Do You Want To Do Before You Die

Now let’s dig into that single thing that will reveal what your deepest desires are:

If you were to find out you’re going to die in a year, what would be on your “must-do” list.


I know, it can be terrifying to confront the thought of dying. But let’s be honest here – it happens to every single person. No matter what we all die. So the question becomes:

 “Doesn’t everything die at last, and too soon? Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

– Mary Oliver


Sit down with a great big piece of paper and let your mind go wild. If you were to die in a year, what would be your “must have” experiences? What would you be pouring your love and attention toward?

Now, after you’ve completed that exercise, back off from this drama of “oh shit, I’m going to die soon!” because most of us aren’t knocking on deaths door quite so fast. And contemplate, based on that list, what’s really important to you and what your “must haves” are in this lifetime.

What do you have to do before you die?


List out every single thing that you’re longing to be, do, try, learn, or experience no matter how silly (and in fact, the sillier the better. When I wrote my first list I thought living in Hawaii was like make-believe and impossible. And wowzers was I wrong!).


And there you have your deepest desires, in one giant list.


Neat, huh?


And now, for take a moment and reflect on – are your current priorities reflecting these “must haves”?


Are your choices reflecting those desires?


If not now, when?


(pssst – the answer is always now. Time to start doing something new honey buns!)


.   .   .   . 


Most people deeply desire to make more money. That’s just a reality. Because with more money comes more freedom, more ability to travel, more ability to make radical shifts in your work situation, and your living situation. Basically, more money = ability to knock things off the list above.


So here’s my gift to you. A free Money Mantra Meditation recording. No strings attached. Start seeding your subconscious mind immediately with the knowledge that YOU CAN BE WEALTHY (and trust me – that does NOT make you greedy. More about that in next week’s blog which you’ll receive if you sign up for the Money Mantras Meditation Here).


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Cheap, Easy Personal Growth In Just 5 Minutes Per Day

Cheap, Easy Personal Growth In Just 5 Minutes Per Day

It’s journaling. Journaling every day.

It’s way easier than you think.

Journaling will help increase:


*    Creative thinking

*    Ability to problem solve

*    Emotional stability

*    Increase Goal Focused Behavior

*    Accountability and Inner integrity

*    Understanding of your patterns

*    Confidence in your OWN wisdom

*    Your Gratitude

*    Daily Presence (fewer days slipping away from you)

*    Writing Abilities

*    Generation of New Ideas

*    Accountability

*    Resiliency

*    Connection

*    Clarity

*    Detachment

*    Forgiveness

*    Letting go

*    Manifestations

*    Surrender

*    Confidence

*    Empowerment


How can something as simple as putting your pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard in the case of many of us) create such epic change? Because you’re getting all of that noise out of your head that’s been spinning around in there for far too long. It purges out the old and makes way for the new.

It creates a blank canvas that stimulates ideas.

It allows for mistakes, experimentation, and play in ways you wouldn’t normally do in public or working with others. 

It allows you a place to bounce all your ideas around, to process all of your emotions, to capture your highest highs and embrace your lowest lows.

A journal is like a really amazing girlfriend who listens to you without judgment.


Don’t know where to start or have found journaling to be a pain in the rumpkus in the past?


Start by just writing down what happens each day. Like you would catch up a girlfriend on what’s going on in your life when you first see each other. Eventually, if you carve out even 5 minutes per day to journal, you’ll begin to delve into essential emotional depths that will help you work through long lost blockages and emotional difficulties. You’ll explore new ideas and new horizons. And you’ll be brainstorming up a storm.


5 months ago I made a commitment to write every single day. I still miss a day here and there. But generally I write copious amounts every day and it’s made my creativity pour from me like it never has before. I’m never at a loss for what to think about, what idea to develop, or how I may be lacking clarity. I’m always deeply in touch with my emotional reality so that it’s not sitting like a sneaky sabateur in my subconscious. I receive divine guidance. I catch myself when I’m falling into old outdated thinking patterns like self-blame or complaining. I see how through time my ideas change.


Every day I start a new document on my computer with “Daily Writing” plus the date. I will add a notation in the saved name on my computer if something significant came up that day that I need to refer to later like “Daily Writing: 10/27/2017: Marketing Plan”. Research does show that typing activates different parts of the brain that does hand writing. However, I would never be as prodigious in my writing if I hand write. 


I’ve broken my arms 6 different times (long story short, I was a clutsy tomboy growing up). But the side effect of that is that hand-writing hurts my hand and my wrist after a while. Plus, it’s slow as molassas. I’m a very quick thinker and when I can’t write down my ideas as fast as they’re coming to me it gets frustrating.


That’s how I felt when I was attempting to force myself to hand write in order to journal. Now that I type I do all sorts of stuff in that document each day. I brainstorm, make lists, channel the divine, work through emotional stuff, report on what happened that day, celebrate, set intentions… all kinds of stuff.


I’ll often write 15 + single spaced pages per day using this technique and by NOT differentating what I’m writing into different documents. I even write blog posts in my journal about half the time. Then it’s quick and easy to copy and paste my ideas into a blog post, a Facebook post, a document related to a project, or to my master to-do list.

It’s made my life so much easier.  It’s been the most important thing I’ve done in a long time. Just sitting down and letting it all pour out of me onto the page.

If there’s one thing I can recommend you do, it’s this. Journal every single day and get to know the inner guru inside of you that has the answers you’ve been seeking.




It’s time to finally tune in and listen to that inner guru inside of you. The one that knows the quickest and easiest path o your highest self. No more looking to others for the answers. But knowing that they’re all inside of you. My 1:1 coaching will help you listen to your inner knowing, embrace your untamed and freest self, and acknowledge your greateness. 


Surrender Feels Like a Free Fall

Surrender Feels Like a Free Fall

It can be scary to surrender. Let’s just be real. You open your arms up, jump out into the unknown, and you trust that you will be caught.

That might sound weird, that the thing you seek – greater alignment with your highest self – is terrifying. It takes that all out – pee your pants – oh my god – kind of surrender to get into full embodied alignment.

Alignment is when you surrender to the divine, to the universe, and to the full out knowing that what you desire also desires you. When you stop feeling that you must control everything and you start trusting that it’s already yours.

Surrender is the ultimate trust-fall.

Those oft-used trust building exercises from oh so many church summer camps and after school programs. Even the movie “Mean Girls” has a scene where everyone does a trust-fall.

Open up your arms, turn your back, and just fall backward trusting people will catch you.

I remember being terrified of trust-falls as a kid. I was also terrified of roller coasters. Roller coasters are a great example of letting go and surrendering that makes your stomach go pa-poweeeee! Just like the thought of tipping over backward into a room full of strangers hoping one of them will catch you.

For someone who has issues with trust. Surrender can feel like killer clowns popping out of their birthday cake. Scary, unnecessary, and the stuff of nightmares.

I used to be one of those people.

But I’m not anymore.

Now that I’ve worked through my issues with trust I can surrender into  full bodied alignment.

To get into full bodied alignment I had to learn to


– Trust of myself

– Trust of others

– Trust of the universe / spirit/ the divine/ God

Trust can be one of the hardest things to achieve in a world that engenders a lack of trust.

–  The media tells us the world is violent. Don’t trust your neighbor let alone that nice person holding the door for you.

–  So many of us were raised with emotional, verbal, physical, or sexual abuses that made trusting others seem like an uber risk.

–  Lies told by the government and constant bickering in politics make us question who we can trust, look up to, and feel has our security and best interests at hand.

Most things in our society point us toward feeling less trust. 

So we all go it alone. And many people don’t even trust themselves.

Without the trust of self or the trust of others or the trust of something bigger than us – what’s left? A vacuum of trust. A world where trust no longer exists. A scary world where no one feels safe.

<< Shudder >>

Here’s the thing, you must give and receive trust for it to flourish in your life. You have to allow it to flow. Trust begets trust. The more we trust the more we’re able to trust. When you can’t trust yourself, you can’t trust anything – even God. Because you have to trust your own judgment in order to trust God.

Suddenly you’re left feeling empty and like the world doesn’t make sense. All for a lack of trust.

And yet trust is the very thing you need in order to be able to manifest like the bold brilliant bedazzled being you are.

In order to leap fully, you must trust that you’ll be caught. 

You’ve got to trust the divine and that:

– Goodness is on its way to you

– You are nurtured and taken care of

– Everything is possible

You have to trust yourself:

– To not freak out

– To pick up the pieces if things don’t go exactly according to your expectations

– To wake up to self-sabotage and resistance as quickly as possible

To pivot and course correct when needed, to follow divine nudges, to do the work.

Getting into alignment is the ultimate trust fall.

It will feel like you’re going to die at first as you completely surrender your ideas about “control” and “pushing” things to be a certain way.

Your life will hinge on moment to moment awareness and the ability to make incremental course corrections constantly that will keep you on the path to your highest self (and highest good).

You will not always know what’s happening.

And that feeling of not knowing will make you feel afraid. Very afraid. Until you allow yourself to relax into the not knowing. Relax into not having control. Relax into the idea that you are so taken care of. And just focus on what’s in front of you at any one moment. Focus on what your current thoughts are. Focus on how you’re feeling now.

That’s when you’re in the alignment gold zone.

1. When you surrender to the chaos of now

2. When you stop feeling as though you must control everything for your life to be amazing

3. When you realize that you have to leap in order to fly

4. And when you ultimately allow the free-fall feeling to become fun instead of scary *

Because everyone is afraid before they take the jump out of the airplane. Everyone is shitting their pants to a certain extent. But in order to risk the rewards of having your deepest desires, you have to be willing to take leaps that you never used to think were possible for you. 


*I always imagine that people feel exhiliarated and the falling becomes fun when they’re sky diving. I’ve never sky dived myself. And perhaps I should to test this concept in real life, lol. But the same idea is true of roller coasters. The more you clench and hold onto your idea that you can control it, the worse it feels. It’s only when you let go and allow yourself to be taken by the flow of the roller coaster does it become a whole lotta fun.



Have you felt the free fall? Have you experienced that sense of “aaah! Holy crap!” and then the true alignment that happens when you relax into it?



Making true alignment your every day reality takes practice. It takes repeated experience so that it becomes your second nature – your go to. That’s exactly what we’ll be doing in Manifesting Mastery. Creating a whole new habitual way of being.


We start November 1st, 2017. Don’t miss out!



 Transform your life from an “I guess” to a “Hell Yes!” with this free ebook

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Stay On The Rudder To Stay In Alignment

Stay On The Rudder To Stay In Alignment

Your life is just like the the disney movie Moana and I bet ya didn’t even realize it, did ya!

Did you see the movie Moana? In it the main character Moana has to learn how to become a way-finder on her epic quest. A way-finder is a sailor who can find her way across the vast Pacific ocean to far off places using only the stars. The one hitch is that way-finders can “never sleep” according to Maui, who trains her. Because they navigate by the stars. So, they must always keep their eyes open and their rudder pointing toward a specific constellation of stars to ensure that they reach their destination. Should they fall asleep, they can go radically off course and ends up in “who knows where-ville”.

On your own journey of staying aligned with your highest self, you’re navigating by your own inner star-scape called your desires. The inner twinklings and sparklings of your soul that whispers “there’s more”. The trick is that you must stay awake to those distant twinkles no matter what and not fall asleep at the wheel so that you don’t drift out of alignment with your desires.

In order to not fall asleep at the wheel you need to stay alert to how you feel.

Your feelings are the rudder in your alignment with your highest self.

When you feel: 

–  A lack of clarity

–  Frustration and Irritation

–   Pent in and trapped

–  Like you’re stuck

–  Like you’re backed into a corner

–  Like you’re unsure of what to do next

It’s because you’ve fallen asleep at the wheel. 


But not to worry, you can wake up at any time and redirect the ship toward the horizon.



How to redirect the ship when you find yourself slipping out of alignment: 




You’ve got to keep checking in and making sure you’re awake.

You’ve got to keep waking up to your truest desires. To do so you must be aware of your deepest feelings.

You won’t know if you’re off track unless you know how you feel.

So you must feel it all. Even the uncomfortable emotions come with a message about what’s not working and when it’s time for you to redirect the ship.

Think of it this way. Moana couldn’t have redirected the ship unless she looked up at the stars and recognized she was off course. She would never close her eyes to the stars and just hope for the best by ignoring the information in front of her. She knows that in the vastness of the Pacific she could easily get off course.

The same holds true of all of the potentialities of your life. There are so many options, so many pathways you could go down, you’ve got to stay on top of directing yourself toward what you really desire. Toward your highest self. Toward the you that has what you want.

But you can’t do that if you numb yourself when you’re feeling icky about your life, your job, your spouse, your friends.

You have to be honest with how you feel about the job, spouse, friends, and your life in general in order to know if those things have a place in the life you’re trying to build for yourself. If it’s in alignment with your highest self.

Without staying awake to your emotions you’ll never stay aligned with the highest self.

You know if you’re aligned with your highest self if you feel good, if things feel free and flowing and inspired and creative and energetic and passionate and juicy. If things feel radically different than that, you’re “out of alignment” with your highest self and it’s time to re-evaluate.




Once you’re aware of how you feel, really pay attention to what parts of your life make you feel that way, and then choose differently.

Is it hanging around those bummer friends? If so, time to get some space from that ish. Do you end up feeling like crap about everything in your life when you go to bed too late? Then buck up and tuck in early and you’ll feel loads better. Sometimes it’s obvious what’s making you feel a certain uncomfortable emotion. Other times it’s not so obvious and you need the help of someone else (which is what coaching is all about).


In two easy steps you’ve just discovered the rudder of your own ship. The ship that will take you to your highest self. It’s super simple (although it’s not easy!).

1. Be aware of how you feel.

2. Recognize what’s making you feel that way and do something that makes you feel different if you’re out of alignment

There are a lot of other skills that will help you manage those thoughts that whirl through your brain creating all of those uncomfortable emotions, essentially lying to you. But that’s a subject for another post.


Sometimes it’s easy to feel in that aligned juicy place. Other times it’s like “how the heck do I get my butt over there from here? Looks like a loooooong way!”. No problemo dude, I’ve got you covered. We’re rocking with the 21-day Manifesting Mastery experience starting November 1st. Snag your spot to learn to get into and stay in alignment in as little as 10-20 minutes a day so that life can feel juicy and overflowing and your desires can easily manifest into reality (not for you if you’re brand new to the Law of Attraction and aren’t familiar with alignment, vibration, or how to manifest your desires).


Want all the details about the law of attraction, manifestation, vibration, and alignment? Including the psychology, neuroscience, and quantuum physics that backs up the theory and practical real world ways to begin manifesting your desires today? (Great for both beginners and those familiar with LOA but who never dug deep into the art of alignment, allowing, surrender, and receiving).


How You Drift Out Of Alignment

How You Drift Out Of Alignment

Getting out of alignment isn’t a black and white thing. Normally there’s a drift to it. A drifting away from alignment.


It’s like injuring your pinky toe as a runner.


Rather than stop and rest and recalibrate you might push your way through. “It’s only a pinky toe!”


But that pinky toe affects the way you stand and your foot placement. You start preferring the inside of your foot instead of the normal way you run.


And that foot placement then affects your stride, you tilt your knees outward a bit in an unnatural position to compensate. But you barely even realize that yourhas become awkward rather than your normal aligned stride because you’re obsessed with “pushing through and getting in my miles”.


The push through with the slightly awkward stride then starts to cause an achy knee. And the longer you keep up the awkward stride the more likely your hips and IT band and all get involved.


And you ultimately end up injured way worse than that little pinky toe issue when your knees, back, and hips begin to feel strained by the awkward stride you developed to compensate for your toe being out out alignment.


All from a pinky toe that you didn’t give the attention it deserves.


That’s what happens with getting out of alignment. You feel a slight nudge out of alignment that doesn’t seem like any big deal. So you push through and figure “I just need to get this stuff done”.


You keep going, keep pushing. And before you realize it you’re totally out of alignment and things start to feel way messed up.


And you wonder how you got there.


The key is to hone in on these small indications of drifting out of alignment. To notice when you drift off course before you get so far down the path that you don’t even know where you are anymore.


Another example is it’s like getting lost in the woods.


You take a few steps off the path and figure that you’re not that far off, the path is right there, so you keep going.


Before you know it, you’re a mile off the path and you’re lost in the woods wondering how you got there.


Seriously, this is how people get into danger when they’re hiking. They underestimate how these small little things can balloon outward when they don’t attend to them immediately.


So what are your signs of drifting out of alignment?


For me, it’s feeling dissatisfied even though I don’t think I have any reason to feel that way really (when in actuality I do – because I’m out of alignment). It’s feeling a ground swell of irritability and angst that I can’t quite place.


Whenever I start to feel that way I perk up and notice the areas where I’m feeling like poop on a stick. Where things just don’t quite feel right.


It’s like those little nudges are an alarm bell ringing. But it’s MY responsibility to awaken when the alarm goes off. The alarm is there for a reason (and this is one of the reasons experiencing ALL of your emotions is so important).


So what are your nudges that you’re out of alignment? What are the little alarm bells that are pointing out that you left the path and are getting lost?


That’s like a breadcrumb trail there sister. That light in your heart. And if you follow it you’re sure to find your way. 




In November I’m doing an advanced manifesting course called Manifesting Mastery. It’s all about getting into and staying in alignment for 21 days straight because it takes 21 days to begin to establish a new routine (in under 20 minutes per day). The whole point of the course is to help you understand the ways you step out of alignment, how to recognize it, and how to pivot immediately so that you don’t end up lost in the forrest without any food and no clue where the heck you are or laid up with a bum hip when you could have just rested that dang pinky toe for a few days.

It’s time to stop pushing and to listen to what you’re being shown about how to stay in alignment.

This course is for advanced manifestors only. Those who fully understand the law of attraction, how to manifest, have a manifestation practice, and understand the epic importance of alignment.

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