Let Go of Others' Opinions

This week’s radio show is about how to let go of others’ opinions. You can listen to it HERE.
During this radio show we discussed:

  • my own experience with living a life not authentic to me
  • the problem with giving too much importance of other people’s opinions
  • how you should be the one who has control over how you feel about yourself
  • how you end up being a slave to other people’s desires
  • how you stop showing up when you worry about what other people think about you
  • how prioritizing other people’s opinions makes you question your own judgement
  • how your instinct will look/feel like craziness
  • how when you show up to please others, you are missing out on your life
  • how you cheat people out of knowing the real you and cheat yourself out of having the right people in your life
  • how nothing in your life will be what you want or need
  • how you can be truly alive and be passionate about your life
  • how it effects your business
  • how it effects your relationships
  • how you can never have what you want if you don’t shut other people’s opinions out

If you’re ready to chat about how my coaching can help you let go of others’ opinions, then schedule a free 30 minute insight session with me!

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