If This Describes You – It’s Time We Had A Chat

?You feel that:


1. You are a Highly Sensitive Empath

You feel things deeply.

You may sometimes feel overwhelmed by your emotions. They can feel like a tidal wave. Pulling you down into them. So you either shy away from having emotions, or you wonder if you “feel too much”.

You often get so immersed in other people’s emotional worlds that you prioritize taking care of other people’s feelings and put yourself last.


2. You have a past that was dysfunctional or toxic in some way

You had a parent, sibling, and/or partner who was narcissistic, alcoholic, neglectful, highly critical or controlling, emotionally, psychologically, or physically abusive.

*Although sometimes my clients don’t even realize the extent of the dysfunction because they’ve been trained their whole life to keep the family secrets, even from themselves.

?The most common problems you face are:


1. You internalize the external criticism and turn it on yourself. Torturing yourself from the inside.

You guilt and shame yourself for pretty much everything in your life. For having feelings. For being yourself. For wanting what you want. For failures. Successes.

Most importantly – you feel bad for putting yourself first. 

It all makes you feel paralyzed. You say things like “what’s wrong with me” frequently instead of “what’s wrong with this situation”.

Whether it’s feeling a lot or feeling totally shut down you look at yourself critically and throw insults around your inner temple like “I guess this just wasn’t meant to be” or “I can’t do anything right” or “what’s wrong with me!?”

Not realizing that you’re replaying the script from when they were young.

2. You end up having messed up relationships. Whether business or personal, you often end up seeking approval from others because this was how love was doled out growing up.

You look externally to validate your self-worth and self-esteem. Because if others didn’t approve of you when you were a child, shit could hit the fan.

You may have rebelled but simultaneously feared to get in trouble and have a constant sense of walking on eggshells with all of your decisions.

You’re tailoring your desires based on what won’t rock the boat too much.

You simultaneously have a hard time setting boundaries and being totally open and honest with others.

You often don’t know how to fully trust another because you don’t fully trust yourself because you were taught growing up that you were untrustworthy.