True wisdom is when you acknowledge you don’t really know anything.

It’s hard to acknowledge this sometimes as a teacher. That I do not have your answers. I do not hold onto your truths. That they are not mine to give you. They lie within you.

That the only way through to the other side of your pain, of your discomfort, of not knowing yourself, of not feeling connected, of not feeling confident or worthwhile, of not feeling like you’re enough, of fearing abandonment, of shrinking due to your own (and others) judgments, of all of it is through you. Through the depths of you.

That’s the only way through. Is through you.

No one else holds your answers. No one can hand you the “understand everything and feel better immediately” pill.

The only way out is through.

  • It’s through discovering what lies beneath your pain.
  • It’s through unearthing the deep roots that keep regrowing when you ignore the achy pieces within you.
  • It’s through acknowledging that the answers never ever ever lie “out there”. And always lie “in here”.

There is no guru that will make you feel better.

The only way to feel better is to tune into yourself. To tune into the beat of your own heart that is constantly whispering truths to you.

To pay attention to the rawness of your emotions and honor them as sacred messengers that have something to share with you.

To stand tall in the beauty and divinity of who you are right NOW. Not once the pain is gone. Not once things are figured out. Not once you’re making a certain amount of money.

Now. Loving yourself fiercely and savagely and gently and delicately and gracefully now.

All of you.

YOU are the answer to all of the questions.

Not your ego-bound self that thrives on accomplishment or acknowledgement (this is especially hard for us high-achievers to swallow).

But the you that exists when no one is looking. The you that exists behind the facade of what you think that other people want you to be.

The you that cries her heart out at the pain in the world.

The you that sometimes feels separate or not good enough.

The you that’s considered “too much” by others in one way or another (too fat, too skinny, too smart, too dumb – the “too much” judgment lies at either end of the false dichotomy we’ve constructed to try to understand our world).

So here’s the truth.

My work is purely about helping you see you. It has nothing to do with me.

I help you become your own guru. To find your own answers. To discover your own truths.

Sometimes you just need someone to gently hold the door open while you see what’s inside (of yourself).

There you realize that you’re capable of anything and everything.

And that community, support, and loving connections can absolutely expand that ability to be and do anything and everything.

I don’t have any of the answers for you. I’ve got experiences of my own and my clients. I’ve got my experience with the divine. I have training as a PhD psychologist and more than a decade’s experience helping people transform. I’ve got a hell of a psychic connection with my clients that hones in on exactly the questions they’re refusing to ask themselves.


A few months ago I decided to stop working with 1:1 clients for a while. I’ve come to realize that this is actually something I very deeply enjoy.  So I’ve decided to work with a very limited number of clients at a time. As of right now I have    2 spots (1 spot remaining) for new 1:1 coaching clients before the end of the year (one more * may * be coming up in December).  PLUS – here’s the real kicker – I’m offering it at a greatly reduced price as part of my new manifesto for working with clients – reach more people, lower prices.

If you’d like to work with someone who doesn’t bullshit you and tell you that they know all the answers, but who expertly guides you into finding what’s right for YOU, then I’m your girl. One client said “you’re like a gentle, nurturing kick in the butt”.

I work with women who are high-achieving in some way or another, feel like outsiders, and have come to a place in their lives where they’re questioning who exactly they are and what they’re doing with their time left. We work on exploring your deepest desires. Uncensoring your truest voice. Building confidence and true authenticity, emotional intelligence, and resilience. Unleashing your genius and your own inner guru. And helping you bring that into the world through your business, your relationships, your work, the way you inhabit your body and your life.

(And for my entrepreneur peeps – I do talk business with my clients too. But the things I mentioned above tend to be the real things holding women back in their business. It’s almost never strategy. It’s usually about clarity and all the things I mentioned above).

I do a lot of work with the law of attraction and you’ll receive my 4-week course on LOA as a bonus. There is NO victim blaming in the LOA stuff I teach. Zero.

If you’re ready to dive in click the button below and grab a spot for a free insight sesssion to see if we’re a fit.