Lack of progress and clarity is usually due to resistance.

Like a bungee cord around your waist, that resistance isn’t going to let you get anywhere. It keeps pulling you back and you end up asking yourself “what’s going on? Why is this so hard!?”

The real bummer is that most people use the fact that it’s hard as a reason to quit. They figure “if it’s this hard, I must not be meant to do it.

And boy is that dead wrong.

You see, resistance arises when you get out of your comfort zone. When you do things you’ve never done before. When you break through subconscious limits you’ve had around what you’ve felt is possible for you.

And here’s the real kicker…

Resistance is usually about you avoiding your shadow.

Your shadow is that part of you that you fear could come out and take over if you’re not careful.

When you fear that your shadow may take over, you’re going to do anything possible to avoid it. And that means that you’re going to subconsciously self-sabotage yourself. Putting up hurdles to your success. And making it hard on yourself. 


What You Fear About Your Shadow

You may fear:

  • “Being the know it all”
  • “Being the center of attention”
  • “Being the bitch”
  • “Being abrasive”
  • “Being selfish”

You fear being her so much that you avoid doing anything which could bring her out. So you use subconscious techniques to keep you in the same place.

And so, you stay in “This is Hard”

  • So you stay stuck.
  • You procrastinate.
  • You lack clarity about what you really want.
  • You stay paralyzed.
  • You feel everything must be perfect
  • You give up when things aren’t “easy”
  • You feel intense resistance to becoming the truest version of you.
  • You make excuses
  • You give up, just as things are about to get reeeaaaaalllly gooood!! 

All of this to protect your delicate inner shadow from seeing the light of day.

So What Do You Do About it? 

Instead of running away, building these defenses, you must invite your shadow self out to play.

  • Get to know her.
  • Talk to her. 
  • See what she’s really like.
  • See what you’re really afraid of. 

The things you’re hiding from yourself are the things which are keeping you stuck.

Your fears are made up of those things you keep pushing down into the darkness. Hoping they’ll go away. Yet terrified that they’ll come up to bite you.

You’re keeping success, love, and abundance at arm’s length by pushing it down.

This is why loving ALL of you is so important.

Bringing all of you to the table.

So that these secret pieces of you stop running the show.

And you’re finally truly FREE.

“Freedom exists through loving all of you.” – Click to Tweet

What it Feels Like When You’re Free

  • Free to enjoy each moment.
  • Free to go after what you really want.
  • Free of those feelings of paralysis and self-doubt.
  • Free to feel energetic, passionate, and fully involved in what you’re doing

Freedom exists through loving all of you.

When you’re stuck in resistance to doing what you love – this is very often your fears of your shadow.

Fear of what would happen if you embraced even the parts of you that aren’t “glossy, perfect, or instagram worthy”.

Because here’s the truth, you’re just human! And your human-being-ness is an essential part of your genius. It’s what makes you so special!

What shadow pieces have you been avoiding?

I coach my clients to embrace all aspects of themselves. To stop hiding in shame from the things they fear others would reject. And to give themselves fierce self-love so that they can finally be free to create the life (and business) they most deeply desire. If you’re ready for this kind of light-speed change – click the button below in the pink box.

I promise you won’t regret it!

Hi! I’m Dr. Ash

I help women who come from challenging backgrounds that have conditioned them to put others first to live a “hell yes” life where they leave the shoulds behind. My clients learn to live a passion-filled, turned-on, lit-up life where everything is possible and to connect with their own intuitive genius.

To stop prioritizing other people’s opinions, to give themselves permission to go after their own desires, to be deeply self-expressed, self-confident, vibrant, and to release the limiting beliefs that have made them feel selfish or self-centered for putting themselves first in the past.

I have my Ph.D. in psychology, was the director of two multi-million dollar international coach training schools. I’m powerfully psychic and have over a decade of experience helping hundreds of people transform to feeling passionate, vibrant, fulfilled, and joyful.