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With everything going on right now you may be wondering how to deal and turn chaos into courage. This can be a great opportunity for you to take a stand in your business and own your role as the leader.

Here are some tips on how to turn chaos into courage.

1. Get comfortable with uncertainty

Entrepreneurship isn’t built on certainty. So you might as well use this as practice in letting go of your need for control and certainty and see it as an opportunity to grow and shift in the direction of being the total badass you are!

2. See the opportunities

Yes, there are opportunities in the chaos! There are opportunities in the fear!

Everyone’s business model in some way will be affected by the fears and calamity going on. And you will have opportunities to capitalize on how your unique business fits in with the chaos.

How you can be of service to your community and help them during this time?

3. Target your messaging

Make sure to speak to what your clients are feeling NOW. Dig in and empathize and use your sensitivity to tune into what they need to hear. Really feel them.

4. Show up in service

Show up in service first and foremost. This is how you really stand out at a time like this.

Contribute to the community. Be someone who shows up and stands for integrity and service. Be the helping hands that other people need.

Show up and see how you can help!

5. Show up as a leader

Are You The Bottleneck In Your Business Growth

Be the person that other people can look up to. And the person that they think of as the “go-to” in these times of stress.

When they look at you and see how you’re coping, and how you’re stepping up to LEAD in these times they’ll be inspired to not just follow you but to be the leader in their own lives!

6. Engage your future vision

Don’t get stuck in the chaos that’s going on around you. Look forward to what’s going to happen when all of this settles down and begin to plant roots for that time NOW.

Don’t wait till things settle down to take action – it will be too late!

7. Use this time wisely

Understand that if you’re quarantining this is an opportunity for you to buckle down and do the work!

Write, express yourself, record videos, do those programs that have been on the shelf! Don’t let it be another excuse to sit and zone out to Netflix.

Learn to stay focused and motivated, even when you’re working at home on your own.

8. Adapt

Don’t think you can go ahead and do business as usual. You can’t. Things have shifted. And so must you.

But that’s okay!

That might mean that you need to rewrite and tweak your social media posting plans, your program you’re about to launch, or even your email automations.

9. Be sensitive but courageous in your communications

Everyone is freaking out right now, so make sure that you don’t have any automations, bots, or social media posts scheduled which may come across as insensitive.

However, sensitivity does not mean be a doormat or be bland AF.

Stand up and be courageous in your communication. Say what’s in your heart and stand for something. This isn’t the time to get political. It’s a time to take a stand for EVERYONE.

Because the only way we’re getting through this is TOGETHER.

10. Accept the anxiety and fear

Let’s be honest. You can’t fight it. Fearlessness is impossible. The trick is to feel the fear and DO IT ANYWAY (more on this in a future post). To turn chaos into courage you’ve got to FACE your fear. Not ignore it.

11. Be easy with yourself

With this time of uncertainty, people will all be scared, anxious, and full of fear – INCLUDING YOU – and that’s okay!

Don’t go into shame or blame or guilt about it! Let yourself feel it, acknowledge it’s there, and then move on with the day!

12. Take action

Nothing builds momentum like taking action! Do one thing that makes you feel like a total badass today.

What one thing could you do to make you feel like you’re an expert? Go do it!

When you take a single step, you show up for yourself and your family. Or as the Brits said in the war “Keep Calm and Carry On”…

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