This week’s radio show is about going after your dreams – finding your flow vs. force. You can listen to it HERE.

During this radio show we discussed:

How we all tend to FORCE our path in life. We tend to push, push, push. It’s the overuse of masculine energy (we ALL have both masculine AND feminine within us) and it’s hurting our ability to find our right path and to really follow our dreams.

       —- The masculine operates in the way of forcing, logic, and pushing until a task is complete.

       —–The feminine, on the other hand, tends to follow intuition and flow toward the right result. 

Now, we need both the masculine and the feminine ideally. When we are in alignment we create inspiration through the feminine and implementation through our masculine.

But we’ve all become far too used to the masculine energy of “just go DO it”.

Well that just doesn’t really work when it comes to discovering your desires, finding your life’s purpose, emerging into who you really are at your core, and following your dreams. These take a different type of energy.  And forcing can actually be counterproductive. 

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