The Business Mastermind that Makes YOU the Expert

That empowers you to follow your intuition,

Recognize that you have deep value to offer

Own your value,

And finally be as successful as you know you can be. 

All through the power of harnessing flow…


You Find Yourself Working All The Time

You get annoyed when you’re pulled away from your work. You feel that if you could just focus a while longer you’ll “finally break the code” and have that big breakthrough.  Deep down you believe that if you could just get more hours in the day, or if there were two of you, that you’d finally have the success you want. And yet part of you knows that you can’t have a life you love if you’re working all the time! You feel stuck and don’t fully believe that you can rely on intuition or that your business can feel fun, pleasurable and creative and can come from a place of ease. So you try to push and hustle your way to success. But it’s just not working.  

Making Money Feels Like an Uphill Battle

You always feel one step away from a financial breakthrough, but it’s always just out of reach. You know you have something amazing to offer, but it’s just not working financially! You keep trying everything you can think of, but feel stuck and unable to rely on  your intuition to make money. You feel stuck at the same income level and don’t know how to expand your business. Making money feels hard and like constant work. You figure if you can just fit more hours in the day finally something will click. You’re at your wits end wondering “why isn’t this working for me?” when you see others around you bringing in financial prosperity so easily. 

You Don’t Feel Safe Showing Up

You’re holding yourself back. tell yourself “my website needs to get finished first” or “once I get new photos I’ll finally show up” and yet you know deep down that part of you is hiding. You know that if you can develop that rock solid confidence in yourself as an entrepreneur you’ll shine like a diamond. But that fire, passion, and absolute clarity seem so illusive! You’ve got a big heart and love to be of service so much that you constantly wonder “why aren’t people engaging with what I’m offering?” not realizing that it’s you who is holding you back.  

You Find Yourself Doing Nothing

You know you need to do something different, but you don’t know what.  You’re not clear on what your priorities are. You feel like you should start a podcast, a Facebook group, blog every day, and do videos but you have no idea how anyone has the time to do any of this stuff. So you freeze and do nothing. You find yourself procrastinating because your ideas of what you “should” do are so massive and so overwhelming that your’e paralyzed. Or you get stuck by the desire to “get it perfect” before you can get started. 

You’re SO READY to feel…

Be Seen As The Expert You Are! 

Have your work stand on it’s own merit with people screaming “I HAVE to talk to her!”

Make Real Money

Without all of the struggle, strife, and pushing harder toward success. 

Feel Confident As An Entrepreneur

Own your Expertise, Your Value, and Charge What You’re Worth! 

Feel Like A Successful Business Woman

Feel the JOY and FREEDOM to live your life in a way that works for you! 

Make Your Business Work For You

Without feeling that it will suck you in,  that you’ll lose control of your life, or like you must “work harder” so you can finally enjoy your life! 


I have one question for you:

“Do you want a business that makes life worth living?

Or a business that makes you feel overwhelmed and out of balance?”


Stop Feeling Like You Have To: 

Listen To That Next Thing That Will Make It All Make Sense

Whether it’s the next new social media strategy, that big “business bootcamp”, or feeling like you need to hire a VA so that you can finally bring in the success you most deeply desire.  You don’t trust yourself and your own intuitive led ideas so you’re constantly seeking out new information to “finally make things fall into place”.

Start Experiencing: 

Ease and Flow

Believe that success can be easy! Stop struggling, hustling, and worshiping at the altar of “busy”.  Feel awakened, free, and in a state of flow where creation, connection, and inspiration come easily.

No more conditioning that tells you “it’s too hard” or “why is it never my turn?”

Learn how to fully embody surrender, serendipity, receptivity, and the divine spark within you that allows you to have a business that lights you up without having to work so damn hard.  Learn how to direct inspiration and drop the guilt that says “it should be hard!” forever! 


Pleasure Sourced Success

Create your business on YOUR terms. In a way that is unique to you. Drop the formulas, the notion that other people have the answers, the idea that you just have to “work harder” and learn to create from a deep sense of awareness, divine connection, and pleasure. 

Become deeply self-expressed and speak your truth, and making who you are KNOWN.  No more hiding. No more censoring yourself out of fear. Feeling so abundantly FULL of who you are that you stop fearing how other people will respond.

You show up as your deepest, most authentic self.  Comfortable in your own skin.  Embodying presence, willingness to be vulnerable, and creating meaning and significance in every relationship. 

Empowering the true artist within.


Inspired Self-Trust

Trusting that it’s safe to trust your intuition, your gut, and to follow your own unique path. To stop saying “yes” to others because you figure they know more than you do.

Stop making decisions out of fear.  Drop the guilt and shame that keep you spinning in the feeling that you’re not doing enough to be successful. 

Recognize your own unique brilliance and OWN IT.  Stop feeling that you need more expertise, more trainings, more certifications, more support before you can finally be successful.


Know Your Worth

Knowing you’re worthy of success and that you don’t have to “be more” in order to “have more”.  Walking through the world with the swagger of “I know my value, so it doesn’t matter what you think of me”. Being so filled up with your sense that you can have it all – that you do! Knowing your worth and enoughness on such a deep level, that you wouldn’t dream of holding it back for another moment.

Stop the cycle that has you overworked, overstressed, overwhelmed, and paralyzed in your business

Your Heart-Based Intuitively-Inspired Business Awaits 

Members of The FLOW Business Mastermind Receive:


 6-Months + Mindset and Success Training


 In depth training on how to cultivate a mindset of that attracts success. 

Drop the “I have to work harder” mantra and understand how to harness your intuition. 

Learn to show up and stop hiding for fear of what people will think.

Find your true authentic voice and your uniqueness so that you stand out in the marketplace. 

Stop making decisions based on security-based fear. 

Drop the fear of success AND the fear of failure. 

(value $999)


6-Months + Efficiency, Flow, and Ease Strategies


Learn how to make more money doing LESS. And the tools my clients and I use to get more done in less time. How to harness divine connection so that you don’t have to work so hard. 

Learn to trust yourself, trust the universe, and trust the intuitive inspirations you receive. 

Learn short cuts to bring your business to the next level. How to make it easy and stop working so damn hard. 

Most important: Believe that you can have what you want without having to break your back “working harder”

(value $999)


6-Months + Live Hot-Seat Coaching


Receive 3 monthly group coaching calls & training sessions.

On each of these calls you’ll have an opportunity to get individual coaching for your business.

Learn from the questions and coaching that others receive (they often ask questions you never even thought of!).

Get your most pressing questions answered and get guidance you know you’ve been looking for.

(value $999)


6-Months + Copy Review Each Month

Before I started my own business I was a copywriter for some of the biggest multimillion dollar coaches in the industry.

I’ve ghost written content you have no idea about! And you get to access that expertise in the group.

Each month receive one review on one piece of content (a webpage, facebook post, or blog) and I will give you feedback on how to improve it and ask you questions to take you deeper into clarity to reach your ideal clients directly. 

This is a service I charge hundreds of dollars for individually and it’s part of this group. 

Also, receive additionally exclusive opportunities to access my in depth copy guidance where I will walk with you hand in hand through each step of your program creation, website copy creation, and gain extreme clarity so you can communicate like a laser with your target audience through additional add-ons to group members and private 1:1 clients only.  

*Note: I do not write copy for you. That would be taking away YOUR expertise, uniqueness, and genius. I help you cultivate your own unique voice and express yourself in ways that your clients will resonate with deeply. 

(Value $1200)


6-Months Intuitive Goal Setting & Accountability


Intuitive goal setting and focus on what you most want to accomplish in your business.

Weekly accountability to keep you on track to achieving your biggest goals in your business. 

Help setting specific goals and focus in your business so that you always know what you’re working toward. 

Prioritizing “to do”s so that you’re focused on specific actions that will help you create what you most want

Feeling that you’re on track and focused = priceless!

(value $999)


Special Clarity Workshop


Special workshop at the beginning of the offical 6-months in the group to work on clarity in your business. 

Clarity on what you want to accomoplish. 

Clarity on who you’re here to serve. 

Clarity on your services and how to best provide them to your clients. 

(value $399)



6-Months + Business Psychic Guidance


Twice monthly business focused psychic guidance readings in the group each month. 

Find out divine guidance to take your programs, prosperity, and abundance to the next level. 

Get divine feedback about whether you’re on track or if you have a blindspot you’re not seeing. 

(value $299)

 6-Months + Access to Past Trainings

Access all of the previous trainings in the group. Access trainings immediately on harnessing your flow state, on owning your uniqueness, and more!

(value $999).


6-Months + Interactive Supportive Facebook Community

Connect with and get support from like-minded sisters who will help raise you to a higher level. Have direct access to me to ask questions inside the interactive group whenever you need support!

(value $333)




We may collect, use, and process your data according to the terms of our privacy policy.

New Member Bonuses


6-months membership in The Abundance Revolution Membership

Get additional access to me via my paid membership group The Abundance Revolution.

Get twice monthly psychic guidance threads, exclusive trainings, coaching calls and more. 


(value normally $666)


BONUS time In The Mastermind FREE

Your membership officially starts on July 15th, 2019.

But you will be added to the group immediately.

So you will enjoy a BONUS time  in the group absolutely FREE!!

(value $222)

Let’s Cut to the Chase

This group is NOT for you if:

 You’re aiming to make 7 figures in the next year or be an overnight success

  You feel that work is more important than a high value “hell yes” life

  You want to follow the crowd

  You prefer to rely on the expertise on others rather than developing deep levels of self-trust

  You want someone else to tell you what to do rather than follow your own unique path

  You’re not yet ready to drop the “hard work” mentality and embrace that business can come from a heart-based place of ease and flow.


What I enjoyed most and learned from Flow Business Mastermind by Dr Ashlee Greer is to trust what feels right for me and not try to be someone else.

Instead of ‘hustle’, ‘do it this way’ or ‘do it that way’ etc I was able to adjust my mindset, developed my self belief of what I can do and offer to clients and how to connect with them.

Julye-Amber Rzoska

I’m Dr. Ashlee Greer

I help you live a heart-based life of deep truth where you know down to your bones that “everything is possible”.

To stop prioritizing other people’s opinions, to give yourself permission to go after your own desires, to be deeply self-expressed, self-confident, authentic, and to release the limiting beliefs that have made them feel selfish or self-centered for putting themselves first in the past.

My clients learn to live a passion-filled, turned-on, lit-up life led by intuition, heart, and truth.

I have my Ph.D. in psychology, was the director of two multi-million dollar international coach training schools. I’m powerfully psychic, and have over a decade of experience helping hundreds of people transform to feeling passionate, vibrant, fulfilled, and joyful.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Are The Calls?

The Calls are currently at 7:30pm Eastern time Monday evenings. However, this may change in the future as I am a traveler and may be transitioning to live in a new country before the end of the year. 


Why Is Membership In 6-Month Intervals?

A mastermind is  a safe space to share your heart with others. It’s important to feel contained and safe within this group so that you feel that you have a place to grow and expand. Jumping in one month and then leaving the next would be against your highest and best good. So I created the group this way to 1. create a sense of community and 2. ensure that you get the most out of it 3. learn the lessons we’re discussing in the group deeply so that you stop pushing and controlling so much and learn to surrender to your new level of success! 

Success takes time. It’s not overnight. I never ever promise that. And that’s why 6-months is the golden time commitment in this group. 

What do I need to access the group?

Just your computer, cellphone, or tablet! Everything is available on the internet so that you can access the materials from anywhere in the world. Plus you can even download much of the content to access when you don’t have connectivity.

Video lessons and group calls (when a recording is available) will be uploaded to the private membership area and there are events posted in the Facebook group for all trainings and group calls. Plus receive oracle cards each week day and Psychic Readings twice per month over in the Facebook group.