Cheap, Easy Personal Growth In Just 5 Minutes Per Day

Cheap, Easy Personal Growth In Just 5 Minutes Per Day

It’s journaling. Journaling every day.

It’s way easier than you think.

Journaling will help increase:


*    Creative thinking

*    Ability to problem solve

*    Emotional stability

*    Increase Goal Focused Behavior

*    Accountability and Inner integrity

*    Understanding of your patterns

*    Confidence in your OWN wisdom

*    Your Gratitude

*    Daily Presence (fewer days slipping away from you)

*    Writing Abilities

*    Generation of New Ideas

*    Accountability

*    Resiliency

*    Connection

*    Clarity

*    Detachment

*    Forgiveness

*    Letting go

*    Manifestations

*    Surrender

*    Confidence

*    Empowerment


How can something as simple as putting your pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard in the case of many of us) create such epic change? Because you’re getting all of that noise out of your head that’s been spinning around in there for far too long. It purges out the old and makes way for the new.

It creates a blank canvas that stimulates ideas.

It allows for mistakes, experimentation, and play in ways you wouldn’t normally do in public or working with others. 

It allows you a place to bounce all your ideas around, to process all of your emotions, to capture your highest highs and embrace your lowest lows.

A journal is like a really amazing girlfriend who listens to you without judgment.


Don’t know where to start or have found journaling to be a pain in the rumpkus in the past?


Start by just writing down what happens each day. Like you would catch up a girlfriend on what’s going on in your life when you first see each other. Eventually, if you carve out even 5 minutes per day to journal, you’ll begin to delve into essential emotional depths that will help you work through long lost blockages and emotional difficulties. You’ll explore new ideas and new horizons. And you’ll be brainstorming up a storm.


5 months ago I made a commitment to write every single day. I still miss a day here and there. But generally I write copious amounts every day and it’s made my creativity pour from me like it never has before. I’m never at a loss for what to think about, what idea to develop, or how I may be lacking clarity. I’m always deeply in touch with my emotional reality so that it’s not sitting like a sneaky sabateur in my subconscious. I receive divine guidance. I catch myself when I’m falling into old outdated thinking patterns like self-blame or complaining. I see how through time my ideas change.


Every day I start a new document on my computer with “Daily Writing” plus the date. I will add a notation in the saved name on my computer if something significant came up that day that I need to refer to later like “Daily Writing: 10/27/2017: Marketing Plan”. Research does show that typing activates different parts of the brain that does hand writing. However, I would never be as prodigious in my writing if I hand write. 


I’ve broken my arms 6 different times (long story short, I was a clutsy tomboy growing up). But the side effect of that is that hand-writing hurts my hand and my wrist after a while. Plus, it’s slow as molassas. I’m a very quick thinker and when I can’t write down my ideas as fast as they’re coming to me it gets frustrating.


That’s how I felt when I was attempting to force myself to hand write in order to journal. Now that I type I do all sorts of stuff in that document each day. I brainstorm, make lists, channel the divine, work through emotional stuff, report on what happened that day, celebrate, set intentions… all kinds of stuff.


I’ll often write 15 + single spaced pages per day using this technique and by NOT differentating what I’m writing into different documents. I even write blog posts in my journal about half the time. Then it’s quick and easy to copy and paste my ideas into a blog post, a Facebook post, a document related to a project, or to my master to-do list.

It’s made my life so much easier.  It’s been the most important thing I’ve done in a long time. Just sitting down and letting it all pour out of me onto the page.

If there’s one thing I can recommend you do, it’s this. Journal every single day and get to know the inner guru inside of you that has the answers you’ve been seeking.




It’s time to finally tune in and listen to that inner guru inside of you. The one that knows the quickest and easiest path o your highest self. No more looking to others for the answers. But knowing that they’re all inside of you. My 1:1 coaching will help you listen to your inner knowing, embrace your untamed and freest self, and acknowledge your greateness. 


I Don’t Have Your Answers…

I Don’t Have Your Answers…

True wisdom is when you acknowledge you don’t really know anything.

It’s hard to acknowledge this sometimes as a teacher. That I do not have your answers. I do not hold onto your truths. That they are not mine to give you. They lie within you.

That the only way through to the other side of your pain, of your discomfort, of not knowing yourself, of not feeling connected, of not feeling confident or worthwhile, of not feeling like you’re enough, of fearing abandonment, of shrinking due to your own (and others) judgments, of all of it is through you. Through the depths of you.

That’s the only way through. Is through you.

No one else holds your answers. No one can hand you the “understand everything and feel better immediately” pill.

The only way out is through.

  • It’s through discovering what lies beneath your pain.
  • It’s through unearthing the deep roots that keep regrowing when you ignore the achy pieces within you.
  • It’s through acknowledging that the answers never ever ever lie “out there”. And always lie “in here”.

There is no guru that will make you feel better.

The only way to feel better is to tune into yourself. To tune into the beat of your own heart that is constantly whispering truths to you.

To pay attention to the rawness of your emotions and honor them as sacred messengers that have something to share with you.

To stand tall in the beauty and divinity of who you are right NOW. Not once the pain is gone. Not once things are figured out. Not once you’re making a certain amount of money.

Now. Loving yourself fiercely and savagely and gently and delicately and gracefully now.

All of you.

YOU are the answer to all of the questions.

Not your ego-bound self that thrives on accomplishment or acknowledgement (this is especially hard for us high-achievers to swallow).

But the you that exists when no one is looking. The you that exists behind the facade of what you think that other people want you to be.

The you that cries her heart out at the pain in the world.

The you that sometimes feels separate or not good enough.

The you that’s considered “too much” by others in one way or another (too fat, too skinny, too smart, too dumb – the “too much” judgment lies at either end of the false dichotomy we’ve constructed to try to understand our world).

So here’s the truth.

My work is purely about helping you see you. It has nothing to do with me.

I help you become your own guru. To find your own answers. To discover your own truths.

Sometimes you just need someone to gently hold the door open while you see what’s inside (of yourself).

There you realize that you’re capable of anything and everything.

And that community, support, and loving connections can absolutely expand that ability to be and do anything and everything.

I don’t have any of the answers for you. I’ve got experiences of my own and my clients. I’ve got my experience with the divine. I have training as a PhD psychologist and more than a decade’s experience helping people transform. I’ve got a hell of a psychic connection with my clients that hones in on exactly the questions they’re refusing to ask themselves.


A few months ago I decided to stop working with 1:1 clients for a while. I’ve come to realize that this is actually something I very deeply enjoy.  So I’ve decided to work with a very limited number of clients at a time. As of right now I have    2 spots (1 spot remaining) for new 1:1 coaching clients before the end of the year (one more * may * be coming up in December).  PLUS – here’s the real kicker – I’m offering it at a greatly reduced price as part of my new manifesto for working with clients – reach more people, lower prices.

If you’d like to work with someone who doesn’t bullshit you and tell you that they know all the answers, but who expertly guides you into finding what’s right for YOU, then I’m your girl. One client said “you’re like a gentle, nurturing kick in the butt”.

I work with women who are high-achieving in some way or another, feel like outsiders, and have come to a place in their lives where they’re questioning who exactly they are and what they’re doing with their time left. We work on exploring your deepest desires. Uncensoring your truest voice. Building confidence and true authenticity, emotional intelligence, and resilience. Unleashing your genius and your own inner guru. And helping you bring that into the world through your business, your relationships, your work, the way you inhabit your body and your life.

(And for my entrepreneur peeps – I do talk business with my clients too. But the things I mentioned above tend to be the real things holding women back in their business. It’s almost never strategy. It’s usually about clarity and all the things I mentioned above).

I do a lot of work with the law of attraction and you’ll receive my 4-week course on LOA as a bonus. There is NO victim blaming in the LOA stuff I teach. Zero.

If you’re ready to dive in click the button below and grab a spot for a free insight sesssion to see if we’re a fit.

How to Shift Doubt into Belief

How to Shift Doubt into Belief


We’re not always filled to the brim with belief. In fact, many times we descend into a big pile of messy doubt.

  • Doubt about whether we’re good enough.
  • Doubt about whether we have what it takes to succeed.
  • Doubt about whether the money will ever start rolling in.
  • Doubt about our right to shine a light on our genius and change the world.
  • Doubt about whether we have something important to say. Whether we even want to DO this.
  • Doubt about whether we even HAVE a big mission.

And doubt starts the rain of crappy thoughts “maybe I should look for a job”, “no one cares about what I have so say”, “I’m never going to be successful”.

Doubt is a sneaky bugger who will take the wind out of your sails and make your boat stop cold in the middle of the lake – and you’re there wondering what the heck to do about it.

Well, good thing I’m here to rescue you from the depths of doubt so that you can get back to rocking and rolling in your business and your life.

What the heck is doubt?

  1. Doubt is just a type of resistance
  2. Doubt is a feeling of deprivation
  3. Doubt is a fear that you’re not enough.
  4. Doubt is a choice.
  5. Doubt is a way we self-sabotage
  6. Doubt is a success killer
  7. Doubt is the gateway drug to avoidance, denial, procrastination, and excuses
  8. Doubt makes you look for problems that aren’t there


Doubt is the expression of your fear that you’re not enough.

I know, you’re sitting there saying “but I’m a really confident person!”

But let’s be real here. You can be a super confident badass and still feel like there’s a dumpster of doubt dumping down on you at every opportunity.

Doubt is a way that we self-sabotage.

And doubt is a choice.

“Say what? Dr. Ash that CANNOT be true!”.

Well, it is.

Imagine that there are two rivers. One is belief. And the other is doubt.

When you’re in the stream of belief you feel powerful, magical, expressive, and grounded. You’re passionate about your mission and are able to take daily massive action toward making that vision a reality.

Doubt, on the other hand, is a stream of crap. When you experience doubt you start self-sabotaging. You stop doing the things you know you need to do in your business. And this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You stop being visible. You stop owning your worth. You stop speaking to the real nuts and bolts of what your clients need to know. And your bank account reflects it. And you take this as evidence that “I can’t do this”.  And you, well, keep sitting there spinning in doubt.

Doubt can even make you quit all together.

Doubt is like a succubus that will entirely take over your life and drive your business into the ground if you let it.

You cannot succeed if you’re mired in doubt. Period.

You’ll find all the seemingly logical reasons why your doubt is right. Why your doubts are representative of a giant problem you have to solve.

But this is the exact WRONG strategy!

How to Shift from Doubt to Belief: 

    1. Own the doubt. Own that being doubtful is a choice and that you can shift out of it any time you want to. This ownership over your doubt might feel scary. Especially if you’re used to blaming everyone and everything else for your doubt. But only when you take deep responsibility for the doubt can you shift it.
    2. Stop feeding doubt. This takes some major mindset and emotional resilience skills. But you must become like a hawk with your thoughts. Whenever you feel yourself slipping into those old doubt thoughts, shift them. Even if you can’t shift them straight to belief, shift them to something neutral or that feels good.
    3. Silence the inner asshole. We all have an inner saboteur that will say the nastiest things to us. When you really get honest with yourself you’ll see that you have said some of the most heinous things to yourself imaginable. Things that you wouldn’t say to your worst enemy, let alone your grandma. You’re not one to stand for bullies. So why are you standing by and letting this inner bully ruin your momentum and suck your passion down the drain?
    4. Stop being a victim to doubt. When you’re in doubt, you’re in victim mode. You’re seeing yourself as someone who is controlled by an external force rather than someone who is in charge of everything that happens within her. When you take complete ownership over the doubt (see point #1) you stop being a victim to doubt. And guess what happens next? You become EMPOWERED to move toward belief.
    5. Fill your cup. Self-care is such an cliché term. But it’s important here. When you feel nurtured you are enacting the exact opposite of the self-deprivation that doubt creates. So when you feel fully supported and nurtured you’ll much more easily come around to belief.
    6. Fuel the rocket of belief. This can look like any number of things. Daily affirmations. Visualizing success. Praying and asking to be filled with belief. Making an evidence list of all the reasons you belief in yourself and your big mission. Get more sleep, eat well, and ask for support. Doubt is more likely to slip in when you feel tired, hungry, or sick.
    7. Stop looking for problems. One of the biggest problems I see with entrepreneurs is that they look for problems when there are none. Constantly looking for problems is a sure way to squash passion and desire in your business. It’s a way that you nit-pick yourself. And it’s a sure symptom of perfectionism.
    8. Ask better questions. The subconscious will always come back with a problem if you ask it “what’s my problem”. So start asking yourself better questions such as “how can I feel filled with belief?” The subconscious mind will then come back with an answer to that question instead!
    9. Get vigilant about who you spend time with. Many times doubt is fueled by other people in our environment who don’t understand our journey. Other people’s fears and doubts can be an insidious poison to our own belief. So silence the peanut gallery. Talk to important others in your life and set boundaries that make it clear that you are not open to hearing their doubts and fears. Leave relationships that fill you with doubt and fear.
    10. Put on blinders. So that coach you love just went out of business and you’re now shaking in your boots with doubts. Another coach is making near to 7-figures and that fills you with the feeling that “I can’t do that”. So what do you do? STOP PAYING ATTENTION. Put your eyes on your own paper, on your own mission, and stop paying attention to what other people are doing.
    11. Align with belief. Work on elevating your vibration however you can. Dance. Sing. Talk to others who believe in you. Meditate. Work on your vibration until you feel that belief is your birthright.
    12. Stop Underestimating Yourself. You can go higher! I know you can. Many people do! So go get a coach or a mastermind group. Have someone in your corner who believes in you and your big vision whole heartedly. Someone who can hold onto belief for you when you lose track of it. Someone who inspires you to aim higher and helps you reach it. Someone who helps you identify the things which get in the way of belief so that you can move through them and re-engage with belief!
    13. Get into your heart. The mind is the servant of the heart. Yet we’ve all been taught that the mind is in charge. The mind is where doubt, fear, and worry come from. Your heart knows that it’s all a LIE and that your truth is that you are divine.
    14. Make space for the wobbles. Everyone gets a little wobbly now and then. The key is to not feel guilt or shame about it. Allow yourself the space to feel all of your feelings and then move through them.
    15. Do the work. Doubt will give you ever reason imaginable to go do something else, anything else. Sitting down and taking action is the most powerful thing you can do to confront and move through doubt. Sit down and do the work. Don’t think about it. Just do it. Even if it’s imperfect. Even if you feel silly. No matter what – sit down every day and DO THE WORK.


    My webinar on Increasing Your Impact, Your Power, and Your Wealth by Moving through Resistance.

  1. Doubt is a type of resistance. And I KNOW that this webinar will be super powerful for you and help you shift back into belief if you’re feeling a bit wobbly.Check it out here for FREE and get INSTANT access: 



The Paradigm Shift – What I learned From A Baby Bunny On My Journey

The Paradigm Shift – What I learned From A Baby Bunny On My Journey

The Paradigm Shift – What I learned From A Baby Bunny On My Journey


file may 23, 2 22 35 pm

The path less traveled is often frightening. It’s one where we don’t always know what to expect or the twists and turns in the road.

But if we’re open to it, we can find incredible guidance on the road less traveled.

I believe that there is a paradigm shift occurring. One in which we learn that we don’t have to always be “doing” and that we can begin to just “be” instead. One where we can lean back into our own intuition and internal guidance. Where we don’t always have to have all of the answers, we don’t always have to have the perfect plan or strategy, where we can open ourselves up to opportunity to really connect with what we desire and follow our heart and soul on the way there.

File May 29, 1 14 43 PM

My trip down to New Mexico really solidified this paradigm shift for me. It’s been something I’ve been thinking about for a while. That our society has structured our existence so that we work and work so that we can finally afford to have a life once we’re at the point where we may not be able to enjoy it. That our society does everything possible to put us into a box. Even when we think that we’re freeing ourselves from the box, like when we jump from the 9-5 into the world of entrepreneurship, we end up stuck in a different box.

There are so many people out there shouting at us about who we should be or how we should show up in the world. Whether it’s our partner, family, peers and the media telling us how we should live our lives. Or coaches selling the perfect solution to how to make a boatload of money, or how to brand yourself for success.

Life is all about connecting with who we truly are. Really plugging into our internal guidance and feeling our way into our next best step.

But when we’re drowning in other people telling us what to do all of the time we can’t usually find the time or space for the internal voices to be heard. For the whispers inside of our soul to speak to us and tell us where out next step should be. What path to take.

See, although intuition sometimes shouts at us. It’s most often experienced as a whisper. It’s a whisper that says “pppssst, over here! I found something magical this way!”.

The difficulty is that we need to tune into that intuition enough to hear it, to hear the whispers, to follow that magical path that’s set forth just for us. To discover that next right step.

And that’s where the paradigm shift lives. In the space between all of the doing. In the silence between everyone else telling us what to do, how we “should” live our life, and who we’re “supposed to” be.

There is no one right path from birth to death. What’s right for you isn’t right for me. And so if anyone has “the answers” for you, they’re full of shit. They just have the answers they found for themselves. No one can give you the answers. They can guide you to delve deeply into the questions, into the depths of your heart and soul, and to help you hear the whispers of your intuition. But they can’t hand you the answers on the silver platter.

Discovery of who we really are and what we’re meant to be doing can be uncomfortable. It can feel as though we’re Indiana Jones walking out onto the invisible bridge. We’re not sure if the path is there. But we have to trust that it’s under our feet if we hear the whispers and calls to go forth.

This is what my journey has been about. This is what I’ve discovered along the way. That my path is unique and is my own. And that no one can tell me how it should go.

In fact, when I follow my unique path I find some of the most astounding sights I’ve ever seen. I discover things I had no idea were there. Whether it’s a mountain vista, or a brilliant idea that’s been tickling at the back of my mind for ages.

File May 29, 1 41 20 PMFile May 29, 1 03 54 PM

I believe that all of this wisdom was brought to the head by a daily visitor at my log cabin.

Every morning this baby bunny comes and hangs out by my porch. He’ll often come up and munch on grass about 3 feet from where I am. Unafraid of me.

I believe that this bunny is part of this message that is being divinely downloaded to me right now. That we need to risk to be vulnerable. We need to risk to put our neck out. To truly be ourselves.

See, rabbits are one of the most vulnerable creatures. They’re food for pretty much every predator. And yet, they come out, in daylight no less, and feed out in the open.

They do not hide. They show up. And they show up as vulnerable as they are.

And this is where this paradigm shift comes full circle for me. That when we tune out all of the noise, when we stop trying to follow scripts and templates, when we open up to the opportunity to tune into our true wisdom, our intuition, soul, and divine guidance – we open ourselves to being truly authentic.

When we’re vulnerable and stop trying to impress others we create the magic that we’ve been looking for so earnestly outside of ourselves.

Because this is the fundamental truth – we are the magic. The magic lies in us. And the doorway is through our vulnerabilities, through our intuition, and through the moments of quiet between the noise.

Will you tune in and listen? Will you make space for the life that only you can live? The message that only you can share? The business only you can create?

Or will you succumb to fear and create what has already been created because being exactly YOU is too vulnerable?

I hope you risk it my love. I hope you stick your neck out. I hope you channel the baby bunny and become brave through the vulnerability and the fear.

Because the world needs you.

If you’re ready to start living the paradigm shift in your life. I invite you to join me in my group for female entrepreneurs called Expansive Intuitive Flow. This group is all about living this paradigm shift in our lives.

expansive intuitive flow

Tap your potential

Tap your potential

We’ve been conditioned in life to settle for less than we’re capable of. To diminish ourselves to make other people comfortable. But you have far more potential than you’re even aware of. In fact, I can guarantee that you’ve barely even scratched the surface of what you’re capable of. Here are 3 clues that YOU have untapped potential that you’re not taking advantage of!!


I’m a really optimistic person. In fact, each day I wake up to myself a little more. My soul awakens more each day to it’s potential. My life becomes brighter, more meaningful, more substantial, and bursting with awesomeness.


When I tell people that I have the philosophy that each day is the best day of my life, many people look at me and laugh. They say “but what about when you’re sick with the flu? Or when you go through a break-up?”. And I smile, knowingly, and respond “it’s still the best day of my life”.


How can that be? How can a horrible day still be the best day of my life? Because each day I wake up more and more to my potential in life. Each day I see that I’ve grown. Each day I gain wisdom and perspective. Each day I gain the ability to harness my happiness and joy to serve my soul’s purpose. And I sink deeper into the knowledge that I’m living my life with meaning.


The number one question I get from coaching clients is “what’s my purpose in life”. But I recently realized that what they’re really asking is “do I have more potential?”. And the thing is – if you’re asking the question – the answer is always a resounding YES!! You absolutely have more potential!!


We’ve been conditioned in life to settle for less, to say “this is good enough” when we’ve reached some degree of stability. I remember several years ago feeling like I should have been happy with my life. I had an awesome job as a psychologist. I was engaged and we owned a home together. But I just woke up each morning dreading the day. I woke up each morning feeling like I was a caged tiger.


Subconsciously, I knew I had more potential than I was using and owning. I knew that I was capable of more. And I knew that if I settled into the life I had that I would die inside more and more with each passing day and each passing year.


So I took a different path. I decided that I was worth more, that my life was going to be extraordinary, and that I was going to stop settling for less than my potential.


And let me tell you – it was scary as hell.


It’s hard to own the idea that we can do more and we need to do more with our lives. It feels like owning every single character flaw simultaneously. And yet, once I did own up to it – I suddenly felt a sense of freedom that I had NEVER experienced before in my life. I began to see the sun each morning and feel as though it was warming my heart and soul and not just getting in my eyes and making me hot. I was grateful for each breath and each moment because it brought me closer to the woman that I KNEW I was meant to be.


I guarantee that you have more potential than you’re aware of. And this is the beauty of each day being the best day of your life. You’re always capable of waking up to more potential inside of you. You’re always capable of tapping into that vast energy that’s simmering under the surface. You’re always capable of doing more. There is ALWAYS more out there for you if you’re ready to reach for it!!



Because I love your face I want to share with you 3 clues that you’re ready to tap into YOUR true potential.


1. You’re feeling bitchy and crabby most of the time.

When you feel this way it’s your mind, body, and soul trying to signal you into the fact that you’re not living up to your potential. That you’ve got SO much more that you can do with your life. This is often the first signal that something is off inside of you. And often, if we’re bitchy and crabby it means that we’re living in denial of some important truth. That we have a yearning inside that’s dying to get out but that we’re not giving voice to. Chances are that you’ve gotten really good at shutting your true desires up and quieting your dissatisfaction with life. But unfortunately, that energy has to go somewhere. So it comes out as anger, as a bitchy attitude, at feeling like everyone is in the way all the time. Emotions don’t just go away when we push them down and ignore them. They come out in different ways to try to get us to stand up and pay attention. So if you’re just not feeling yourself then you’ve probably got untapped potential that you’ve been pushing down and ignoring for too long!


2. Life feels like drudgery and you ask “is this all there is?”

When life feels hard every single day it’s usually because we’re meant for more. Because the honest to goodness truth of the matter is that life IS hard for all of us. BUT – that doesn’t mean it FEELS hard. Because when you’re walking in your purpose, when you wake up every day knowing that you’re fulfilling your potential, and when you can stand up proudly and say “this is who I am and what I’m capable of” – even the hard stuff starts to feel easy. You start to see all the difficulties as challenges to be overcome rather than huge clusterfucks that are meant to ruin your life. When you’re walking through life wearing your potential like a cape you are the superhero of your life. You see a catastrophe in your life as an opportunity to be brave, not as something that will destroy you.


3. You feel like a caged animal

I think this one is pretty clear. When you feel yourself pacing the floors of your life – you’ve got something inside of you that’s waiting to break open and break free. When you feel pent up and like you have all this energy and nowhere to go with it – you’re not utilizing your potential in life. When you feel like you have a monkey on your back who won’t let go it’s your soul trying to say “wake the hell up!! It’s time to DO something!!!”.



So what do you do now that you KNOW that you have untapped potential that you’re not taking advantage of?? Dive deeper into YOUR true potential with my Pure Potential program!!