Do Sales Feel Icky To You

Many people feel really bad about sales.

They feel guilty, icky, or inauthentic when it comes to asking for a sale, putting out offers, or even marketing their business in general.

Feeling uncomfortable with sales is really really common.

Most people experience it at one point or another.

Yet, you can’t be successful in your business without making sales.

You can’t make money without putting out offers.

You can’t be of service without marketing yourself and putting yourself out there.

This is why it’s so important to address any discomfort you have with sales (or marketing for that matter).

Guilt About Sales And Scarcity Around Money
Guilt About Sales And Scarcity Around Money

Guilt About Sales And Scarcity Around Money

Feeling guilty about sales can sometimes be related to a feeling of scarcity around money.

When you feel like money is scarce rather than an infinite resource, then you can sometimes feel that you’re “taking” from other people when asking for a sale rather than being of service.

Think about it. If you think there’s only so much to go around, and asking for a sale means someone else has less, of course, you’re going to feel guilty!

That’s why it’s so important to shift your money mindset so that you understand that money is an infinite resource.

It’s not a win-lose situation.

No one else has to lose in order for you to win.

We can all win together!

So if you’re feeling like money is scarce, it’s important to address your beliefs about abundance and money being an infinite resource so that you can shift your relationship with sales.

Going Above And Beyond

I find another way to move around this feeling that sales are icky is to make what I’m putting out into the world so dang good that it’s a no-brainer.

When you go above and beyond and provide so much service, love, and impact in everything you do there’s no doubt that:

  1. It’s worth the price you’re charging for it.
  2. That you’re being of service to others by selling it.
  3. How much you’re depriving people by hiding it away.

When I create my programs and my offers I always think “how can I be of service to the point that my clients will be thrilled with what I’m selling them?”

So look at your offer and be honest with yourself.

Does your offer make you say “hell yeah, I’d be THRILLED to be throwing money at myself for this! This is so high value!”.

Because when you feel this way about your offers and services this is when things shift.

You begin to feel as though sales is a service! (which it is).

People Pleasing and Sales
People Pleasing and Sales

People Pleasing and Sales

I find a lot of my clients have that issue of inauthenticity come up around sales (and marketing in general).

They feel that asking for a sale, putting out offers, or even marketing is inauthentic and totally yuck-o.

I get it. I’ve been there too!

This feeling often comes from a background where you needed to keep other people happy to get your needs met (link to the trauma success article here).

This can lead to people pleasing and wanting to do whatever you can to make sure other people aren’t upset with you.

You can end up having a deeply held belief that it’s your job to contort yourself to manage other people’s moods and opinions all the time.

Growing up in a home, or having an experience (like a marriage) where you’re walking on eggshells to make sure other people are okay can create deep subconscious beliefs and money blocks around not asking other people for things.

Then this translates to your business.

You end up developing a core foundational belief that somehow what you’re doing is “wrong” by asking for the sale (or making offers or marketing your offers)… instead of in service to those who need what you have to offer.

This can come up in a few ways. Here are a couple:

1. Guilt around asking for money.

Beliefs that sales are sleazy or taking advantage of others.

In this case, your beliefs about sales need to be addressed.

2. Feeling The Need To Conform

Feeling that to have your needs met you have to conform and contort yourself into what other people want you to be instead of just being yourself.

In this case, beliefs about the self, worthiness, and your value will need to be addressed.

3. Feeling Afraid Of Rejection

Feeling that being seen, being out there, or being visible is dangerous.

It might be strange to think that being visible can be threatening or unsafe.

Yet, when you put yourself out there it could mean rejection.

And this can bring up old wounds related to abandonment and rejection.

When we ask for a sale, talk about money, put up offers, or even run our own business – we’re vulnerable AF!

We are being seen by others and can possibly be rejected.

When you come from a background where rejection was dangerous this can cause your subconscious to pull back to try to protect you and keep yourself safe.

So you shrink back from anything that makes you feel unsafe – like sales, making more money, or being more successful.

Luckily, you can break through all of these beliefs.

You can shift your feelings about sales.

You can feel like your business, your prices, and making money is of service to the world.

And you can feel really good, in alignment with your values, and in integrity with all of it.

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