Client Love

What my clients are saying

I discovered Ashlee almost a year ago. Right away I knew she had something that I wanted. I signed up for a discovery call and was completely blown away with the insights obtained in just ONE hour. I immediately signed up for a one-on-one coaching package. I was literally squealing with delight after that first call!

Little did I know how radically my life would transform in such amazing ways. We worked through some deep muck that I had no idea even existed, and slowly, like a lotus flower, I began to push up through the mud and grow stronger and stronger. EVERY SINGLE session was P.O.W.E.R.F.U.L. and deep! Soulfully deep! I KNOW that Ash was divinely sent to me to be an influential guide in my life. She ALWAYS knows exactly what I need.

Before working with Ash, I was confused about “who” I wanted to be in this world. The greatest gift I have received from our work together is the freedom to be ME! I discovered that all I ever needed was to uncover my true self from all the crud I had been buried under with false beliefs and societal programming. Ash has helped me to do just that and MORE! I have stepped into my power and know why I am here and what my divine purpose is and I am ready to share it with the world! All I ever needed was right there all along but I needed an angelic guide to show me the way.

Ash is lovingly honest, fiercely compassionate, and crazy psychic and intuitive…and she will call you on your bullshit when necessary!! I love you Ash <3

Cindy Mytty

Goddess of Awakening,

I’ve been in a few if Ashlee’s Facebook groups, I forget how I discovered her, but I was instantly hooked! I adore her practical approach, kick arse attitude and vulnerability. No bull, just real life problems and practical solutions without the hard sell (like so many others), or telling you what you want to hear (also like many others).

Ash invited me to have a discovery call with a view to a coaching package and I was just about to give it the ‘can’t afford it’ bull – which, let’s face it, we all know is bull and something shouted at me! Why the not! Sure the business is doing ok, but who can you really talk to about it? Sure you’re manifesting well but really, don’t you want more? Who better than Dr Ash to be your guide and accountability partner, there’s already such an affinity. So I declined the discovery call –  and signed up for a coaching package! No messing around!

Every single call blows me away!

Some weeks we talk practicalities of the business. She holds me accountable, guides me through sticking points and opens my mind to new possibilities – and then encourages rest and me time when she can see I’m pushing too hard.

We talk about fears and limitations, my relationship issues, and she can always see when I’m beating myself up, need reassurance or need challenging.

We talk about spirituality and development of skills, practical exercises and visualisations.

Some weeks I have an agenda, a stalling point I need guidance to help with, or so much has happened since our last call (with Ash’s steer) that I almost can’t talk fast enough.

Other weeks I have no idea what we’re going to cover – we just catch up – and every, single, time – Ash hits on something key that unlocks a part of me I’d often not realised was locked!

I leave every call with Ash fired up, either with renewed belief in myself, a clear strategy, or acceptance of a situation that was weighing me down.

She’s like my best friend, my mentor, my guide – she is amazing! I cannot praise the electric approach that you’ll connect with Ash enough, there are almost no words.

My business and spirituality are growing more than I could ever have imagined, and I feel supported and loved on the journey, while knowing I’m pushing to be the best, do the best, and be the happiest and most connected me I can be.

I adore the time I spend with Ash and wholeheartedly suggest a discovery call to see for yourselves – or you could just throw caution to the wind and dive straight in as I did! You won’t be disappointed!

Tamsin Henman

Pathogenics Energy Healing,

I don’t recall how I first came to know of Dr. Ashlee Greer, but I will be forever grateful that I did. This work has been invaluable in overhauling my mindset to one that sees “everything is possible.”


Not to sound like a fitness commercial, but if I can do this, ANYONE can do this. You just need a good coach to encourage, support, and guide you.
I am truly profoundly grateful for Dr. Greer and the tremendous, ongoing change in my life that she has facilitated.

Karen Wibrew

I was PULLED to book one on one session with Ashlee, just felt like I needed to, and I’m so glad I listened to my heart. Not only the whole hour was so empowering, validating, and comfortable, but two insights she gave me about my two major projects alone were amazingly helpful. Since then I have started working with Ashlee one on one, and I now believe she is one of my divine guides to help me reach my true purpose. I hope I give my clients the kind of clarity and support she gives me! Plus, I always know she will see through me and call me out on all my bullshit, so I have to be accountable! Just enough of sugar and spice, just tiny bit more spice, which is how I like it. If you have a chance to work with Ashlee in ANY capacity, do it. You will thank me later!

Seo Kelleher

I’d shopped many coaches when I came across Ashlee’s video. I clicked out of curiosity and immediately felt a connection to her energy! Ashlee is everything you think she is and more. I was looking for a coach who could meet me where I was and help me sort out the blocks in my life.

In 8 weeks time, we’ve knocked through the majority of them. I’ve quickly and easily made life-changing decisions, and had the tough conversations that needed to be had. I’ve locked my mind into the rock solid knowing that I am moving forward in the right direction. Ashlee brings just the right amount of clarity and push to allow me work through the thought processes and clearly see the best answer for me. If you are questioning the next right move in your life, have a deep seeded desire to live life on your terms and just aren’t sure how to get from where you are to you to where you dream of being, Ashlee is your gal!

I recommend her highly and am certain we will work together for a very long time.

If you aren’t certain yet that Ashlee can pull off what she says she can…… I’m here to tell you in no uncertain terms… she can do all of that and then some. Gift yourself the gift!

Traci Johnson

I’m not great writing about how I think and feel but I’m going to try and do this justice. I had a 45 min session with Dr Ash the other day. It’s difficult to explain so I strongly suggest you book some one on one time with her yourself. 

FUCKING AMAZING. In those few minutes she cut through what I was saying, she listened, she cried with me totally spontaneusly and I know for sure she felt me and what I was telling her.  How beautiful and special is that?

I was given her time, her fully focused attention and I know I was heard. Unconditionally undertood. Dr Ash recognised and alerted me to see a few things from a different perspective and she was so spot on. I have not stopped thinking about our chat and what she said and what she advised. Clear, concise and accurate whilst being accepting and loving all at the same time. 


For those who don’t know, it costs us a LOT to pay US dollars when you convert it back to SA rands but she’s totally worth it and MORE. Give yourself a gist. Book time with her now.

My post comes from love and a very grateful loving heart. Thank you Ashlee Greer. Thank you and bless you.

Vivienne Gray

Ashlee is a brilliant coach, and I don’t give praise easily.  It’s difficult to even label Ashlee, as she wears a seemingly infinite number of hats (cheerleader, accountability coach, business ally, mindset mentor, just to name a few).

Ashlee has supported me in more ways than I can count in my journey from corporate attorney to entrepreneur.  Moving from fear to anticipation; from doubt to certainty. Most importantly, I have gained a sense of crystal clarity that has been invaluable in both my business and personal life. Goals that seemed years away have been accomplished in a few short months!


Through it all, Ashlee has cheered, encouraged, challenged, questioned and applauded each step.  With Ashlee in your corner, success is a guarantee and there are few guarantees in life!

Hilory Wallk

Recently I had a severe attack of writer’s block. I’d sit down in front of the laptop, and maybe 200 words would trickle out, when my normal daily output is around 2,000 words. I’d tried all my usual methods – long walks, meditation, you name it – but nothing would shift it. I wasn’t coping well. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I was weeping with frustration.

Half an hour on Skype to Dr. Ashlee blew the block out of the water! She homed in on my problem faster than a Kardashian spotting a self promotion opportunity.

It all came back to the way I use my brain. Editing and writing are very different functions. Now I’ve devised a method for editing which is working well, and I’ve just had my 8th story accepted, by Cobblestone Press.

Can’t thank her enough, and recommend her highly!

Jane New


Coaching with Dr. Ash was the best thing I have done for myself– I was so anxious to let someone into my fears and tears. I was worried that she would affirm I was crazy. (her background of being a psychologist and her story resonated something in me that I could trust her).  I set up the appointment, fraught with nerves, and let her in on my world and struggles. She was so comforting and helpful even in the first session – I felt like a weight had lifted and I had someone else to help sort through the crap in my head. I questioned if phone sessions would be that good, but she was able to sense me even if I wasn’t sitting right with her. I had confirmation that I was worth the money and time and by the 3rd session realized my dedication along with her help really was making some amazing shifts in my life – IN TWO WEEKS!

She is straightforward but gentle and I totally trust has only my highest good in mind. I feel she has become a guiding light and I have a deeper connection to myself and everything around me. I am finding my joy, my forgiveness, and a deeper connection with my spirit. I have cried, I have broken down, and have gone through guilt and despair, but at the end of each day is the beautiful sunset that reminds me that I am me – free and authentic.

Kim M

I have worked with life coaches before, and though helpful and practical there was always something missing. Well, working with Ashlee is a whole other cup of tea!! Yes there is the groundwork level, the gentle push, enquiries and suggestions for walking your path, but there is an added ingredient here which I find makes Ashlee’s work highly brilliant. She is so connected with her intuition and instinct that each time I have a session we seem to go so deep and unravel so much that I feel like we cover many hours worth of exploration in one session!

I thoroughly resonate and enjoy Ashlee’s humour and authenticity, bringing herself into the work, and the very visual way that the sessions seem to roll. Whatever is going on for me, whatever i bring to each session, this is met deeply and with respect, and I find huge shifts occur straight away. Quite frankly this work is magic and I feel so blessed to have found such a unique and powerful coach in Ashlee. Don’t hesitate if you are thinking of booking sessions, go for it, you will not look back guaranteed! :-)’

Heidi Hinda Chadwick

Speaking to Dr. Ashlee for thirty minutes changed my life!! Yes, she is that good. Quirky but methodical, spiritual but results oriented, funny, yet will tell you what you need to hear; you just don’t get so many of those qualities in coaches nowadays. She is the perfect blend of everything you would want or need in a coach. If you’re looking for more confidence in decision making, letting go of deep rooted fears, and someone who will compassionately listen and give you actionable solutions, this is your woman! I’m so happy I met Dr. Ashlee and will be forever grateful, for her coming into my life when I was feeling anxious. Get ready to change and grow in ways you’ve never imagined! Now, what are you waiting for? Set up that call!

Sarah Ledo