You Can Have It All

Making BANK doesn’t mean you’re selfish or greedy

No one has to lose for you to win!

There’s no such thing as lack

There’s plenty for everyone! Yet we’ve all been sold the marketing that there’s “not enough”. This drives guilt, shame, competition, greed and all of the negatives you think about in terms of money. But it’s all a lie! NO ONE has to lose for you to have more. Creating wealth can be a win/win situation! Because when you create more wealth, it means you’re actually contributing more value in the world!

Your self-worth is the #1 determination of your wealth

Your self-worth = Your net worth.

To make great money you’ve got to feel GOOD about making great money. You’ve got to feel AMAZING in your own skin. You’ve got to feel good no matter what is going on financially instead of waiting to feel good enough until you make more money! Feeling good NOW will end up creating 10x’s more wealth and abundance in your life!

Money = Freedom

You’re an empathic loving person who has put everyone else’s needs first most of your life. But now it’s YOUR time to create unbridled prosperity. The truth is that money = freedom. The more money you have, the freer you are to do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want! Whether that’s traveling the world, buying your parents a new house, or helping homeless vets. YOU hold the keys when you’re able to create more wealth!

Create wealth the feminine way through connection, love, and experiencing the juiciness of experience

You will fall head over heels in love with money without the fear of being greedy

You will become radically open to receiving it

And you will stop fearing money and pushing it away energetically

It all comes down to your relationship with money

Is that relationship a codependent, needy, energetic mess?

Or is that relationship the most bodacious, juicy, nurturing, flowing, ‘I know it’s got my back’ kind of relationship?

The choice is yours

create more money than you thought possible

You’re so freaking TIRED of feeling…. 

There’s Never Enough 

Money makes you feel stuck. It’s like you’re on a hamster wheel and there’s just never enough. And although you know that money is an unlimited resource, you secretly kind of feel that’s hoooey. Even when you make more money, you tend to lose it just as quickly. And you just can’t seem to get ahead.

Money = Struggle

You work hard for your money… really hard. And when money comes easily you look for the trap door behind that ease. When money comes your way part of you secretly thinks you might get screwed. Fear that you’ll get more users and takers around you, fear that you’ll feel less able to be really creative, fear you won’t be able to keep up, fear that it’s too hard to make good money, or even fear you have to be out of integrity to earn money (total hogwash – making money can be full of integrity, grace, and love).

Money is hard to come by

Making money sometimes feels like looking for rainbows. Sometimes you’re flush with them. Sometimes you haven’t seen any for a long time and you’re starting to get worried. You tend to go through your daily life with the attitude of fear around money. The pendulum swings from feeling full of confidence to being overwhelmed with fear.  Fear that there’s never enough. Fear that you’ll never make enough. Fear that you’ll never be good enough.

Money = Self-Worth

You allow your finances to dictate the way you feel about yourself. When you’re not making the money you feel like crap about yourself. You feel like an imposter. You feel like you’re not worthy of making good money.

And it becomes a vicious cycle.

Not feeling good enough is like kryptonite to money.  Separating your self-worth from your finances is essential so that you are able to persist and maintain alignment and motivation even when you have a dip.

Guilt and Shame Around Money

You’ve never felt comfortable talking about money. People around you tend to demonize the wealthy and you fear of what they’ll think about YOU if you become one of them.

Money brings a great deal of shame and guilt with it and you often find yourself “hiding” from financial stuff because you don’t want to deal with it. Whether not knowing how much debt you have or holding back on talking about money or your prices,  you hide your money stuff from yourself and others.

You’ve been caught in the trap chasing the approval of others instead of going after what you really want. This is because you can feel the discomfort, the fear, the guilt that other people experience when topics like money come up. So rather than risk making other people upset, you just distance yourself from the subject entirely. You figure “better to be liked than to be rich”. But this is a flawed perception based on limiting beliefs around “I can’t be wealthy and be liked/loved” that is especially rampant in women. You can be a compassionate, giving, loving, nurturing wealthy badass. It doesn’t have to be either or.

I’m Dr. Ash!

I teach highly sensitive empathic women to live a “hell yes” life where they leave the shoulds behind. My clients learn to live a passion-filled, turned-on, lit-up life where everything is possible and to connect with their own intuitive genius. To stop prioritizing other people’s opinions, to give themselves permission to go after their own desires, to be deeply self-expressed, self-confident, vibrant, and to release the limiting beliefs that have made them feel selfish or self-centered for putting themselves first in the past. I have my Ph.D. in psychology, am powerfully psychic, and have over a decade of experience helping hundreds of people transform to feeling passionate, fulfilled, and ecstatically joyful.

Limits on your Money Mindset go *Poof*

Love = Money

The amount of love that you are open to receive and create directly relates to your relationship with money. Treat money as your dearest beloved. And live the bodacious juiciness in your life that invites money in easily and fluidly. Open up the channel of love inside of you for not only money but yourself. And live the truth that your self-worth = your net-worth (and not the other way around!)

Everything you want is yours when you can hold money consistently in the vibration of love.

Radical Receiving

Most women don’t know how to fully be open to and receive, let alone large amounts of money. They shrink away from wealth and owning their power with money because it’s so foreign. They feel guilt, shame, and even greedy for desiring money. They may have been taught that receiving money is unspiritual or unevolved which has pushed it away and created internal fears around receiving money. We’ll burst through those barriers and open you up to radically receive abundance and wealth.

Money Beliefs

Let go of all of those deep dark money beliefs which keep you stuck and swirling in a sea of lack. See with crystal clarity how lack has snuck into your life and in your relationship with money in ways you’ve never even realized. Understand each limiting belief that has contributed to your issues around money. Deeply examine your money story. And release these negative beliefs for good so that you can uplevel your relationship with money and take your wealth to a whole new level!

Money Set Point

You’ve been operating from a “money set point” your entire life. A set point that establishes how much money it’s “safe” to earn. Guilt, shame, and the stories from the past will end up keeping you stuck never breaking through your income ceiling. But you can reset it! You’ll release the ego fear mind that keeps you spinning in the same money situation month after month, year after year. And create a whole new story and a whole new income level!

Energy of Money

Money is energy. And energy is always flowing. Understand how to work with the energy of money to allow more of it to enter into your life. Create a divine and sacred relationship with money through the recognition of how your own energy affects your relationship with money. Radically shift your energy to attract loads more of it into your life! And understand how to access your “Inner Money Genius” that will help you create money anytime.

Power and Money

Wealth is part of the new paradigm of the Feminine Rising. Stand fully in your power and use money as a sacred tool to create a shift in consciousness on the planet. Money is one of the most empowering things that a woman can invite into her life. But the patriarchy has distanced us from our ability to create wealth from the divine feminine.  When a woman is in her power with money she no longer feels a slave to it and has the ULTIMATE freedom to do as she pleases.

This has been the most thorough course on money and mindset I have ever taken!  You will discover what is holding you back from the money you deserve.  There’s no hiding in this course!  I really loved it. This program brought to light so many money issues for me.  I now know what to work on.  And isn’t that the biggest issue??  Without knowing WHAT my issues were, I kept trying to improve my mindset but was still on a surface level vs doing the deeper work I needed to do.  This program brought up the deep issues and I am very thankful for that.  Each day, I can work on them and get closer to my income goals! Meshaelle Pate

Confidence Coach,

Wow what a course!  Thank you so much Ashlee for creating this much needed course.  

The epiphanies that came through while doing the course totally changed the way I look at money and my relationship with money. Limiting beliefs were flipped, my perspective transformed from a state of lack to a state of abundance.

The group calls were especially supportive. Even when I didn’t have a question listening to others questions helped bring me such clarity!

This course is life changing and I highly recommend it!! Julye-Amber Rzoska

Intuitive Guide and Channel,

Ashlee has helped me immeasurably. I’ve increased my income by 50% month after month doing work I LOVE that once seemed impossible. She’s changed the way I view not only money but the whole way I manage my life. Fabulous things have happened to me while I’ve been doing her Bodacious Money Mindset course, apart from sudden, unexpected amounts of money. I’ve made fabulous new friends, I’m changing careers, I’ve met a delightful man, but most importantly, I’m in control of my money, instead of my need for money running my life.

I can’t recommend this course enough! Jane New

Author, Comedian,

Completely change your relationship with money forever!

Shift from “oh no” to – “holy crap yassss!!” – eyes rolling back in your head bliss when it comes to you and your finances.

Here’s the deets!

> 7 In-Depth Workbooks 

Delivered to your inbox biweekly – to take you through a personalized journey diving deep into what’s holding you back in your relationship with money (value $700)

> 7 Masterclass Recordings 

Delivered to your inbox biweekly to dive deeper into the content (value $700)

> Transformational Money Mindset Routine 

Transform your money mindset from the first week. Participants have made thousands of dollars and quadrupled their income from this week alone (value $500)

> Ongoing Access 

Ongoing access to the materials and any updates to the course (value = $1500)

You won’t just change your money mindset. You’ll change your life! 

Bonuses You’ll Adore!


> Bonus #1: Energy Clearing Bonus Module

Bonus Module Workbook to help you clear the energy of the old stagnant money story that’s been keeping you from being ready to receive those riches! Prepare you Mind, Body, & Soul for this deeply transformative Money Journey you’re going on by clearing out the old to welcome in the new! (value $99)

> Bonus #2: Rich Diva Money Mantras Audio Recording

Listen to this soothing recording of my best money mantras anywhere. In the car, on a run, wherever you need a little boost to your money mojo! (value $49)

> Bonus #3: “Power Up Your Finances” Money Tracking Spreadsheets

Learn to love tracking your money! Money loves to be tracked. And when you know exactly what’s coming in and going out it’s so much easier to create the wealth you desire! (value $49)

> Bonus #4: The Bodacious Juiciness Activation

This activation will totally transform the energy of your relationship with money. This whole juicy thing is no joke and you just may find yourself feeling turned-on by money! Can I get a “hell yeah”! (value $99)

> Bonus #5: The Diamond Matrix Money Activation

When you activate your Diamond Money Matrix you’ll understand the magnetic attraction of money to the bright vibrance inside of you. The DMM is a layer of reality that is a pure connection between you, the divine, and money. And during this activation, you’ll learn to turn yours on and turn it UP so that you can attract more money than you thought possible. (value $99)

> Bonus #6: The Infinite ATM Activation

This activation will activate a deep knowing that money is abundant and infinite. That lack is a lie. And that you always have enough. Release those fears about scarcity for good! (value $99)

What We Cover in the Course:

Clear out all the junk that’s kept you from receiving that bodacious wealth you’re ready for! You can’t receive when your hands are full. In this module, you’ll begin to clear physical, emotional, and energetic space to welcome in more wealth and prosperity!
Get going right out the gate! In this module, you’ll be setting yourself up a daily practice to invite money in with ease. These practices will create that juiced up alignment with money that will have it flocking to your pockets!
Dive deep into all of the limiting beliefs that have held you back. From “Making money is hard” to “I’m greedy if I make too much money” unearth your limiting beliefs and release them for good!
This module will lay out the core philosophy behind falling in love with money without feeling selfish! When you infuse everything you do with money with LOVE things begin to radically change so much faster than you realize.
So many people attach their self-esteem and self-worth to money. If they have it, they feel on top of the world. If they don’t, they feel like they don’t know who they are anymore. Shift into a more confident and anchored perspective around money that has you feeling epic belief, trust, and creates the kind of persistence that invites wealth in with ease!
Money is just energy. It’s completely neutral. And yet money gets blamed for so much! Understand the consciousness of money, the universal energy that wishes to flow to you at all times by way of wealth, and understand how your blocked chakras and other energetic factors may have contributed to your money issues till now.
In this module, we dive deep into the patriarchal structures around money and the new paradigm of the wealthy divine feminine rising. You’ll understand how the wealthy feminine operates. How using 2 key psychological expert techniques will have you creating wealth with ease! Plus, an in-depth discussion of how righteous work leads to even more abundance. And how to lead with integrity.
In this module, we’ll be going deep into the art of receiving and why it’s so essential to be able to open your arms to receive more money to create wealth! We all think we want money. And yet so many people keep it away with issues receiving. We’ll elevate your money setpoint so that you are ready for that next level prosperity. And you’ll learn how to stop being codependent with other people’s money issues. You’ll also learn how to utilize your inner Divine Money Genius to guide you on what steps to take to bring in more wealth at any time!

I’ve got some A’s for your Q’s ova here!

When do we start?

You’ll get access to the digital course on the next business day following joining. 

You’ll receive a welcome email after joining the group and will get access to the BONUS energy clearing module right away. 

Is this for me if …..?
I’ve never learned anything about money mindset before?

Yes! I love to explain things so that anyone can learn while still taking the work into a much deeper and different place than other courses.

If I’ve taken other money mindset courses?

Definitely! This course is is a complete philosophical shift from the way many people think about money and from the way other people teach it!! It’s focused on a more feminine way of creating wealth through connection to the juiciness of experience – including your connection both to yourself, and with money! Falling head over heels with money and to stop fearing it or pushing it away. And removing any stigmas or internalized judgments about being in love with money (it does NOT make you greedy!).

If you worry that you won’t have anything more to learn or your interest isn’t piqued by exploring the loving nature of money then it may not be the right fit for you. Don’t worry, I still love you 😉

How do I know if you and I should work together?
Girl, you should be feeling a whole body “hell yes! Where do I sign up!” reading this.

If you don’t – then I would love for you to check out more of my stuff on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL or CHECK OUT MY FACEBOOK PAGE.

And if you’re still not feeling like I’m a long lost soul sister here to help you unlock that door inside of you then girlfriend – go find someone who does! I want each and every woman to feel empowered to make decisions based on her own inner guru. And to radically succeed and expand her capacity for wealth, joy, freedom, and ecstasy no matter what!  Working with me should be a “hell yes! This is for me!” and nothing less. Otherwise you’re settling for so much less than you deserve!