They Lied About Anxiety

Many people with anxiety believe, falsely, that those who aren’t crippled with anxiety cruise through life without this storm thrashing and smashing against the sides of their ribs. And that’s the myth that keeps them stuck in a spiral of guilt and shame about feeling anxious. About feeling afraid. About being worried.

They feel that “something must be wrong with me” if I’m spinning in these feelings. Because look around me, no one else is obsessing about whether I won’t be able to work next year. Or whether that guy I’m interested in will ever call.

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Give It Your All (Or Face Living With Regrets)

FOLLOW ME SHARE Facebook Youtube Twitter Instagram Swing for a Home Run Every Time In a session recently, I was talking to one of my favorite clients about holding back. She had been holding herself back from posting on Facebook about her business because she didn't...

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How Your Shadow Keeps Saying “This is Too Hard”

Lack of progress and clarity is usually due to resistance. Like a bungee cord around your waist, that resistance isn’t going to let you get anywhere. It keeps pulling you back and you end up asking yourself "what's going on? Why is this so hard!?".  The real bummer is...

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This Daily Affirmation will Change Your Life

The Words that Follow "I am" Follow You: Watch what you say to yourself daily. The things you say to yourself habitually end up forming your identity. When we say "I am X" our subconscious mind takes that statement as literal.  So if you drop the milk and say "I am a...

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This is the Opposite of Self-Protection

I deeply understand what it’s like to be so afraid of being yourself that you tuck yourself away into self-protection. Where you refuse to show everyone all of you for fear that they won’t get it. I understand it because I’ve lived it.   When It Feels Like A Threat to...

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