apply to work one-on-one with Dr. Ash

I specialize in helping business owners expand their business online with:

    • Business and ideal client clarity (knowing specifically who you are, what you do, how you help, and who you help will revolutionize your business)
    • Step-by-step guidance on developing online courses
    • Streamlined client acquisition strategy
    • Keyed-in kickass marketing strategy that makes signing up for your services a no brainer
    • Global business strategy to take your business to the next level

Dr. Ash’s 1:1 work specializes in the effect of trauma on leadership, success, creativity, and happiness. She helps entrepreneurs overcome what’s holding them back from their most authentic and courageous life and business.

Dr. Ashlee Greer is periodically available to work with highly qualified clients for private coaching sessions on zoom audio.

If there are appointment times available below, then she is currently taking 1:1 clients for coaching. 

Dr. Ash only works with applicants who are ready to create a meaningful difference in the world by taking and expanding their business online through authentic presence. Most applicants have some past trauma that has interfered with achieving the success they desire. This may be childhood trauma, toxicity, or emotional neglect. It may also be a toxic relationship as an adult that has caused a loss of confidence and self-trust. 

During this 30-minute consultation session, you’ll discuss what’s been holding you back and see if you qualify for one of the rare coaching spots that Dr. Ash has available.

Please note: Dr. Ash is currently in Australia. The scheduler below is in your time zone so please be aware that there may be times available in the middle of the night US time. 

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