Self-FIRST is not Selfish

Living with radical self-love blows through the bullshit story that it’s your job to be small to make others more comfortable

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drop the old toxic patterns that have kept you stuck


Other people being upset with you terrifies you. “What if they don’t like me?”, “What if they disapprove?”. You’ve felt that you have to EARN being good enough by bowing to what other people want you to be.

Putting other people’s needs above your own happiness. Feeling as though it’s your job to keep others happy instead of prioritizing yourself FIRST.

When others approve of you, you feel on top of the world. When they don’t, you feel like a big pile of crap.

You know you have to get off the merry-go-round. But you just don’t know how to anchor in that deep sense self-worth that isn’t reliant on others opinions of you. 


You’ve had a hard time standing up for yourself. Setting boundaries. Claiming what you really want.

So you squish down your dreams. Settle for “good enough”. Even though it’s not what you really want – not even close.

Because it feels selfish, guilty, and shameful to reach for more.

You feel overwhelmed by anxiety, worry, overthinking, and you numb yourself out to forget how unhappy you are with your life the way it is. You figure one day you’ll “be happy” and have the life you really want and yet part of you is starting to realize you’re the only one who can make that happen and you need help to get there.

Playing Small

“Am I allowed to be this awesome? Won’t I make other people feel bad?”

You’ve seen how big and bold and delicious your life could be but you keep reigning yourself in.

You’re plagued by fears of being too much, asking for too much, and being “unrealistic”. So you try to be the “good girl” and tow the line of what you’re supposed to be, and supposed to do, instead of being who you really are. You’ve got an asshole in your head who is constantly poisoning you and feeding you with guilt and shame and keeping you small.

You feel like you’re crammed your sparkly self into an itty bitty box so that other people to accept you. Getting more and more disconnected from who you really are.


You have chronic patterns of holding yourself back. Of stopping yourself before the finish line. Of using a setback as a reason to quit. Of quitting because “if the universe wanted me to have it, I’d never feel afraid, anxious, or avoidant”

Making excuses. Procrastinating. Spinning in the idea that “it has to be perfect” before you can begin. Stopping yourself from asking for help. Feeling like you have to be “more” before you’re allowed everything you desire.

You have deep fears about being worthy and deserving of such an amazing life.  So you constantly find yourself waiting. Waiting for the “right time”. For “when things settle down”. But part of you KNOWS deep down that there is no right time. The ONLY right time is NOW.

You’re SO READY to feel…

Profound Self-Love

Trusting that it’s safe to be who you are and stop settling for less. Truly seeing who you are and accepting ALL OF YOU at the deepest levels. Feeling ALL of your emotions. No longer shrinking in guilt and shame from what you feel is “too much” to ask for or desire.

Finally claiming who you really are.

Not who you think you should be. Not just the perfect parts. Not just the Instagram worthy bits. But ALL of you. A living, breathing, spark of the divine.

Deeply Self-Expressed

Speaking your truth, and making who you are KNOWN. No more hiding. No more shying away from going “full awesome”. Feeling so abundantly FULL of your juicy self that you stop fearing how other people will respond. And you show up as your deepest, most authentic self.  Comfortable in your own skin. Embodying depth, meaning, and significance that you know you’re meant to offer the world.

And let’s be clear. That can be as a kickass mom, a leader in the boardroom, an inspired creative genius, or an entrepreneur. Everyone has something significant to bring to the world!

Inspired Self-Confidence

Trusting that it’s safe to be who you are and stop settling for less. Walking through the world with the swagger of “I know my value, so it doesn’t matter what you think of me”. Being so filled up with your sense that you can have it all – that you do. And knowing your worth and enoughness on such a deep level, that you wouldn’t dream of holding it back for another moment.


To stop hustling, worshiping at the altar of busy, and drop that struggle story once and for all.

Feeling awakened, free, and in a state of flow where creation, connection, and inspiration come easily. No more conditioning that tells you “it’s too hard” or “why is it never my turn?”

Learning how to fully embody surrender, serendipity, receptivity, and the divine spark within you that allows you to become what you’re truly meant to be.

Embrace feeling AMAZING here and now. Connect on a deep level to your divine gifts. Learn how to direct inspiration and drop the guilt that says “it should be hard!” forever! 


Let’s Cut to the Chase

MOST PEOPLE are only partially alive.

They wake up, go through the motions in their lives, and wonder where the time went. Waking up on their death bed saying “where did the time go?”

Or, if they’re really lucky, instead, they’re asking “Is this all there is?” NOW before it’s too late.

You know that you’re destined for more.

A bigger, fuller, more joyfully robust life and business.

  • Full of adventure.
  • Radical self-expression.
  • Deeply profound love.
  • And divine flow.

But you’ve stood in the way your entire life.

Focused on the fears, the anxieties, feeling as though you’re not worthy of living an extraordinary life.

Over-thinking, perfectionism, a lack of self-trust, shrinking down due to fear – all creating patterns of resistance that keep you seperated from your dreams.

I have one question for you:

“Do you want an extraordinary life? Or an ordinary life?”

Your extraordinary life awaits.


  • Drop the guilt for wanting what you want.
  • Stop living to please other people.
  • NEVER settle again.
  • Feel deeply connected and rooted in your spiritual essence.
  • Kick resistance’s ass and let yourself be the brilliant woman who has everything she ever wanted.

It’s all quite simple really.

My Ph.D. in psychology, more than 14 years experience working with clients, training therapists and coaches, and helping transform lives at the deepest levels make me especially suited to help you cut the bullshit, get real with yourself, and step into who you really are.

Being what you truly are is about expanding beyond the barriers that you once thought limited you.

  • All of the toxic overload from your childhood.
  • All of the inner dialogue and self-doubt that makes you feel like you have to be more to have more. 

It means making space for everything you’ve been afraid of.  All of the insecurity, all of the shame, all of the guilt that you’ve ran away from like the plague.

Revolutionary abundance and self-love isn’t about frosting a turd with positive thinking that makes you numb.

It’s about digging through everything that makes you – you.

And loving yourself EXACTLY AS YOU ARE.

Why Did I Create This?

Not everyone can afford private coaching with me, which is currently $333 for a 1-hour session. This is why I’ve created this space for deep support and incredible training to help you achieve what you know you’re meant for. Get direct access to me, learn everything I teach my 1:1 clients (NOTHING is held back or off-limits in this group). And make your personal growth achievable through this profoundly attainable and FUN experience.

This is a space of genuine conversations.

Of deeply held compassionate space where we can explore the edges of what it means to be a flawed human being in the world.

Because only when we drop the mask of having to be perfect, and deeply love ourselves, are we capable of seeing what wonders are in store for each of us.

We may collect, use, and process your data according to the terms of our privacy policy.

Say goodbye to those Old Patterns Forever!

Members of The Abundance Revolution Receive

3+ hours of training per month

Cultivate a confident, joyful, “hell yes” life that’s true to your deepest soul’s desires and to keep you inspired and guided on your way to the biggest love of your life (pssst, it’s you!). Trainings are streamed LIVE in the Facebook group so you can interact and ask questions. You will also be given access to special recorded Guest Trainings with outstanding leaders who can help you take another step of your inner revolution. (value $555).

Upcoming trainings include:

  • How and Why You Settle
  • Am I allowed to be this Awesome? 
  • Divine rage: The usefulness of anger and how to manage it
  • Repressed emotions: How to uncover what your feeling and use this to your advantage
  • Using Fear to Your Advantage
  • How to let your emotions flow through you and not get stuck (or numb out and avoid them)
  • Following the Nudges: How to know that something isn’t for you, or is divinely lead
  • Self-soothing your way through uncomfortable emotions
  • Stop People-Pleasing
  • How to Value Yourself
  • Unconditional Love: Why you need it and How to Give it
  • Let go of Control: How being a control freak is ruining your life
  • Intimate relationships: Loving in a way that everyone feels free
  • Divine Purpose
  • How to deal with confusion and a lack of clarity
  • Building Trust and Belief in your ideal future
  • Resistance: What is it, why you do it, start overcoming it
  • Do I need more healing before I can be who I am?
  • How to Meditate
  • Urge Surfing: Surfing the discomfort of your emotions without losing your mind
  • Tuning In to People: How to tell if People are no bueno
  • Epic Self-Love
  • Surrender to create more ease
  • Cultivating Confidence
  • How authenticity is essential for intimacy
  • Becoming radically Self-Expressed
  • Speak your Mind – cultivating Radical Self-Expression and taking the censors off
  • Empowering the Heart
  • Unbound Love: How to love in a non-codependent way
  • Secret Shame and Shadow
  • Making your Yes a “Hell yes” and your No a “Hell no”
  • Ways of Being vs Ways of Doing (how “being” leads to what you really want)
  • Self-integrity (what it means to make a commitment to yourself)
  • Screw your willpower (the secret shortcut to getting around “you just need more willpower”)
  • Creating momentum when you’re feeling stalled and stuck
  • Turning around your moods
  • Letting Go (Releasing what you thought “should” happen, forgiving the past, and surrendering to the future)
  • Divine Downloads and applying them to your Real Life
  • Getting in “The Zone” (sometimes called “The Vortex”)
  • Money Mindset
  • Making Money Your Best Friend
  • Expecting The Best (even when Reality isn’t bearing that out at the moment)


Twice monthly psychic guidance threads

Get general guidance on next steps in your life, relationships, or business. Or ask a specific question to receive targeted guidance to bring you clarity and direction in these special psychic guidance sessions (Value $98).


Live Hot-Seat Coaching

Not everyone can afford my 1:1 coaching (currently $333 per hour). So I’ve made coaching accessible to everyone! “Hot seat” coaching and opportunities to get your most pressing questions answered and get guidance you know you’ve been looking for. (value $333)


Oracle Cards Each Weekday

To provide you with intuitively guidance every single day. Members of The Abundance Revolution are often shocked at how on POINT these cards are for their daily affairs and how much encouragement they receive from them. (value $33).


Downloadable Meditations and Mantras

Access these meditations and mantras from ANYWHERE. You’ll receive access to ALL of my meditations that I’ve recorded. So you can dive deep into your mindset. Planting subconscious seeds of self-love. And connecting to your deepest dreams and desires. (value $199)


Interactive Facebook Community

Connect with and get support from like-minded sisters who will help raise you to a higher level. Have direct access to me to ask questions inside the interactive group whenever you need support! (value $333)


Access to Past Trainings

Access all of the previous trainings in the group. I’ve been told that the membership library of former trainings feels like a “kid in a candy store” because there’s so much awesomeness for you to access at any time! (value $999)

Former trainings include:

  • Morning Routine
  • 5-Steps to Silence the Inner Asshole
  • Bring on the Pleasure
  • Commitment and Making the Decision
  • 3-part training on Your desires (giving yourself what you really need, determine what you really want, removing limits on your desires)
  • Loving more through good Boundaries
  • How to channel divine guidance
  • Anchoring Your Intuition
  • Activate Your Power
  • How to Receive with more ease
  • What’s your Spirit Animal? 


Library of my content

A special library of my most beloved webinars and previous trainings. (value $250).



Passionate Purpose E-book

Discover your purpose in life. Sift through the past and explore what makes you tick, your varied interests, and explore what living your purpose really looks and feels like. (value $49)



The Subconscious Experience Program

One of my TOP RATED courses. This 14-day course will take you deep into the depths of your subconscious mind to explore messages in visions and dreams that are attempting to show you the way. Learn to ask specific questions of your subconscious mind and do in-depth visioning meditations to explore what has been trying to get your attention. Learn how the subconscious mind runs your life and how it can often run amok if you don’t take the driver’s seat and understand fully what you’re feeding it. (value $99)




Only $99 $22 for the first 14 days & then $77 per month.  This won’t last long!


We may collect, use, and process your data according to the terms of our privacy policy.


It is sometimes difficult for me to find the right words. Ashlee is a phenomenon. Her replies are consistently spot on and she hits it on the nail every time. Her joy and love and exuberance shine out from her face, her words and her actions. She is truthful and genuine. Her guidance for me is like a pinpoint light, laser-focused and bright and true. I personally love this woman. She, for me, is the best. Vivienne Gray

In listening to a podcast where Dr. Ashlee Greer was being interviewed on her perceptions of self, growth, and the development of The Abundance Revolution, I was immediately drawn to her genuine and refreshing candor.

I committed to her new program, The Abundance Revolution. The program has been an opportunity on many levels for self and spiritual growth. In particular, Dr. Greer’s ability to provide guidance though her intuitive psychic ability has been nothing short of “amazing”. Dr. Greer has demonstrated a remarkable attunement to my needs and provide readings that “shocked” me in terms of her accuracy. I would highly recommend participating in Dr. Greer’s psychic readings. It is “psychotherapy/intuition/and universal wisdom” all in one!!!!! Kelly Morgan

I highly recommend “The Ash” for psychic guidance and coaching! She is amazingly Divinely connected and is able to deliver spot on readings, guidance and coaching that will transform your life! She is able to ignite that spark of energy inside you to make real change and live your best most bodacious life ever! Thank you Dr. Ash! ? Amanda Evans Perez

Dr Ashlee Greer’s Abundance Revolution group is a source of amazing live training sessions, knowledge, card messages for the day, great information/coaching, individual psychic reading threads and so much more.

Ashlee’s passion in empowering people to truly live their lives is as infectious as her humour. I highly recommend the Abundance Revolution group as it has helped me so much in my daily life to be me and live my life. Julye-Amber Rzoska

I’m Dr. Ashlee Greer

I help women who put others first to live a “hell yes” life where they leave the shoulds behind. To stop prioritizing other people’s opinions, to give themselves permission to go after their own desires, to be deeply self-expressed, self-confident, vibrant, and to release the limiting beliefs that have made them feel selfish or self-centered for putting themselves first in the past.

My clients learn to live a passion-filled, turned-on, lit-up life where everything is possible and to connect with their own intuitive genius.

I have my Ph.D. in psychology, was the director of two multi-million dollar international coach training schools. I’m powerfully psychic, and have over a decade of experience helping hundreds of people transform to feeling passionate, vibrant, fulfilled, and joyful.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Does The Abundance Revoltion Start?
Right now! It’s already rolling my love. So you’ll be added within 24 hours to the group so you can dive right into the content and start getting the most out of your subscription!
Do I have to stay for a certain period of time? (answer = nope!)

There is NO contract. So you can cancel at ANY time. There’s no minimum period for membership. However, we recommend you stick in the group for at least 3 months as that’s how long it generally takes to see the benefits of the radical growth and bold inner knowing that you’ll develop in this group.

However, many members choose to stay in the group indefinitely since new high value trainings are always being added and to be able to access coaching with me at such an affordable price point.

How do I cancel?

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Video lessons and group calls (when a recording is available) will be uploaded to the private membership area and there are events posted in the Facebook group for all trainings and group calls. Plus receive oracle cards each week day and Psychic Readings twice per month over in the Facebook group.

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Absolutely! Just forward this page to your friend so that they can sign-up as a member of The Abundance Revolution too! Then you can both benefit from the outstanding benefits of being in this group together!

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