You want to believe that absolutely everything is possible in life. But more often than not you find yourself on a yo-yo of other stress and anxiety.

? What should my next step be?

? What’s the right thing to do here?

? Am I on the right path?

The questions plague you and disconnect you from your innate abundance. From the inner knowing that lies within you where YOU have all the answers.

.   .   .

You are an abundant creature. Free at your core. A true expression of the divine.

EVERYTHING is possible. Absolutely everything in your life. Once you connect with divine guidance, knowing that on the deepest levels becomes easy! 

.   .   .

Abundance Alchemy is all about connecting to your inner guru. Connecting with the divine answers which are available to you at any moment.

I’ll be teaching you how to connect with your own inner compass so that you always know what your next best step is. You’ll receive support and guidance each month on what steps to take next, and learn how to dive deeper into your connection with the divine.

?   Some of my clients are very gifted psychics themselves and find incredible value in the guidance they receive in this group as they expand even further into their gifts.

?  Other clients have little to no experience expanding into their spiritual gifts and are just now beginning to grasp the power that lies within them.

Whichever one is true for you this membership program will help you gain further clarity on your path.

.   .   .

Here’s what you get by joining the Abundance Alchemy Membership Group:


⚡ Oracle or tarot cards for the entire group every weekday. 

⚡ Psychic Guidance Readings 3x’s a month (*worth the price of the membership alone!)

⚡ Once per month Workshops (see upcoming workshops below)

Exclusive Access to me in a private Facebook Community for coaching and support

⚡ Library of my content (meditations, webinars, and special trainings)

⚡ Special bonuses and special program prices ONLY for this community


? Intuition Anchoring
? Channeling
? Intuition verses Fear
? Spiritual Gifts – which do you have?
? Tarot and Oracle Cards
? Visioning – using visions to connect with your future
? Spirit Guides – who and/or what are yours?
? Surrender to the divine
? How to ask specific questions verses getting general guidance
? Energy Clearing – Protecting your precious heart and your vibrant energy
? The Oracle Effect – sometimes hearing what you need to hear verses what’s accurate. How to deal with it, what to do about it.
? Receiving guidance you don’t like
? Trusting Your Guidance
? Getting Guidance When Out of Alignment
? Guidance verses Wishful thinking
? Following the signs (signs and synchronicities)