About Dr Ash

You’re here because you’re feeling confused. 

You feel like you’ve sacrificed your own happiness to make everyone else around you happy pretty much your entire life.

But you’ve hit your limit. You know something needs to change. 

Because you’re terrified of being all of you. Of bringing ALL of you to the table. 

You’re a Highly Sensitive Empath.

You know what other people need before they do. It makes you an incredible helper. Someone people are naturally drawn to for support. 

But it also has a dark side. (click for a blog to find out more) 

Sacrificing your self-worth on the altar of other people’s happiness. Feeling like it’s your job to make sure everyone is “alright” and then getting overwhelmed by being focused outside of yourself for so long. 

You’ve lost connection with what you really want and how to make yourself happy. 

Becuase you were never taught how to use your superpowers. 

So they overwhelmed you. They kept you locked tight in a prison of other people’s opinions, other people’s feelings, all the while feeling pulled under and overwhelmed.

Not knowing how to change you figured that things would eventually turn around. 

But now you realize that the hero you’ve been waiting for is you. 

You are the one who will break yourself free. 

To live powerfully in joy and ecstacy. And impact the world through your presence (rather than your need to take responsibility for how everyone else feels). 

To live your purpose. Know who you are on the deepest levels. And change the world each time you say “no” when you mean it so that your yes can really be a “hell yes”.

Being happy and satisfied in who you are is one of the most profound ways to change the world. When you do, everything changes. 

Deeper intimacy in relationships

More success in your business or job

More authentic connection with yourself and others

All because you finally had the courage to treat yourself with the same divine grace you normally reserve for others.

It takes courage to stop settling for what makes other happy and to finally put yourself first. 

To stop fearing the light inside of you. To allow yourself to go “full awesome” (instead of dimming down to make other people more comfortable). 

To learn to manage the superpower of your heightened sensitivity and ability to read others, instead of being imprisoned by it. 

To combine all of your gifts and finally do what you were brought here to do. 

Change the world by being deeply and authentically  you. 

I’m the “too much” girl.

I talk too much, laugh too much, sing too much, feel too much and was told for ages that I needed to keep a lid on it and tone it down.

Through a series of breakthroughs like

  • Leaving khaki life that looked great on paper (my job as a psychologist, my ex-fiance, our nice home)
  • Leaving jobs as the directors of two seperate in a multi-million-dollar coaching training companies becasue I couldn’t for another moment spend my life building someone else’s dream, when I had my own to build.
  • Letting go of all of my “stuff” and becoming minimalist so that I could focus on a life of experience and adventure.
  • Spending time living in a log cabin in the Rocky Mountains, living off-grid on an organic farm in Hawaii, learning to surf on my 40th birthday, and now living as an expat in Bali and traveling the world. 
  • Awakening spiritual gifts that still bowl me over with their power and teaching others to do the same.

I’ve stepped through the fear of being “too much” over and over again. 

I’ve taken a stand for living a life of true freedom, ecstatic joy, and purpose.

But I had to learn to manage my superpowers. 

I too am a Highly Sensitive Empath.

I have had to learn to manage the emotional sensitivity that made me “too much” for others, or made me shut out the world to protect myself. I’ve learned to quiet the inner critic to make way for my divine connection to speak clearly through every aspect of my life.

I’ve overcome a dysfunctional childhood with narcissism and alcoholism in the home. And found a system to help women leave behind the fears that keep them captive in their own lives. 

You know there’s more out there for you.

And yet, you fear your power. You fear being “too much”. You fear what they’ll think, the judgments of others (and of yourself). You fear being in the spotlight.

So you’ve held yourself back from the massive joy and pleasure that you could experience in your life. From the massive impact that something deep inside of you is calling you toward.

You are NEVER too much, and always enough.

Perhaps you were taught that it wasn’t safe to shine. That you had to take care of other people’s needs before your own. Or that you were only okay if other people approved of you.

It’s time to drop all of those beliefs that limit you.

You know you’re ready to expand into everything you are at your core. All of your potential to be YOU.

Fear of being “too much” is ultimately built on a limiting belief based on lack. When you fear owning all your power, all your magic, all of your spiritual gifts – it’s because you fear that there’s not enough to go around. That you standing in your power, to have the audacity to stand taller than you ever imagined possible, means that some other area of your life has to falter or fail. Or that someone will come along and try to cut you down. Or that someone else has to lose in order for you to win.

You believe that ultimately, something else has to pay the price.

I don’t believe in win/lose situations. I used to when I was a practicing psychologist because I was so unhappy. I thought “this is good enough” and thought it was greedy or too bold to want better. To dream bigger. To say “I’m going to see the world”. To live the type of life other people only dream of.

It can take some radical transformation to get to the point where you can own all of your magic, your power, your enoughness and not feel selfish.

It’s not ego. It’s not bragging or boasting. It’s real confidence.

 When you have real confidence you inspire others just by being yourself. And you inspire them to take deeper care of themselves too. 

When you’re bold enough to reveal your brilliance, your freedom to do it your way, and connect to God (or the universe) – suddenly the world starts reacting to you a whole lot differently!

?The two most frequent things that my clients share are:

1. They are Highly Sensitive Empaths

2. They have a past that was dysfunctional in some way (parent, sibling, and/or partner who was narcissistic, alcoholic, neglectful, highly critical or controlling, emotionally, psychologically, or physically abusive).

*although sometimes my clients don’t even realize the extent of the dysfunction because they’ve been trained their whole life to keep the family secrets, even from themselves.

?The most common problems these women face are that:

1. You internalize the external criticism and turn it on yourself. Torturing yourself from the inside. You guilt and shame yourself for pretty much everything in your life. Saying “what’s wrong with me” frequently instead of “what’s wrong with this situation”. Whether it’s feeling a lot or feeling totally shut down you look at yourself critically and throw insults around your inner temple like “god you’re stupid” “can’t you do anything right” “what’s wrong with you!?” Not realizing that you’re replaying the script from when they were young.

2. You end up having messed up relationships. Whether business or personal, you often end up seeking approval from others because this was how love was doled out growing up. You look externally to validate your self-worth and self-esteem. Because if others didn’t approve of you when you were a child, shit could hit the fan. You may have rebelled but simultaneously feared to get in trouble and have a constant sense of walking on eggshells with all of your decisions. You’re tailoring your desires based on what won’t rock the boat too much. You simultaneously have a hard time setting boundaries and being totally open and honest with others. You often don’t know how to fully trust another because you don’t fully trust yourself because you were taught growing up that you were untrustworthy. 

Everything Is Possible

My experience, skills, and knowledge:

❤️  Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology to help you confront the psychological basis of what’s going on

❤️  More than 13 years experience helping clients transform their lives

❤️  8 years of graduate training as a graduate of Masters and Doctoral programs approved by the American Psychological Association

❤️  Specialized training and experience in LGBTQ issues, sexual assault and abuse, mindfulness and meditation, eating disorders, borderline personality disorder and narcissism, couples and relationship counseling, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, personality development (i.e.: “who am I”?), emotional intelligence and emotional regulation. 

❤️  Specialized experience and expertise in spiritual mentorship, intuitive and psychic development, metaphysics, Law of Attraction, and making the impossible your new reality. 

❤️  Reiki master with that energetic kung fu

❤️  I’m psychic and a channel of the divine. These help me provide guidance from a whole other level of experience for my clients and help me provide first-hand experiential learning for clients who wish to expand these abilities. 

❤️  Neuropsychology, quantum physics, anatomy, and statistic methods educated (I love it when woo is backed by research!)

❤️  Former director of two different multi-million dollar international coach training schools. Experience training hundreds of coaches, psychologists, and therapists and supporting them in their work with clients. 

❤️  More than 25 years of personal and spiritual development work. Working through my own issues with being a Highly Sensitive Empath raised in a family rife with narcissism, alcoholism, and psychological and emotional abuse. I’ve moved through all of it and am often told by my clients “you are your best testimonial”.