3 Essential Things To Start Transforming Your Life

Three Things To Do To Start Transforming Your Life

This week’s radio show is about the three things that you can start doing today to change your life.

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During this radio show we discussed:

Forgive Yourself

    1. Forgive yourself for any mistakes you made in the past
    2. Forgive yourself for not knowing he was a creep, or not doing something about it sooner
    3. Forgive yourself for not knowing who you are earlier in your life
    4. Forgive yourself for being in denial for too long about the reality of how miserable you are in your life
    5. Forgive yourself for not loving harder or not being the woman you know you can be
    6. Forgive yourself for being with someone who didn’t love you the way you deserved
    7. Forgive yourself for staying in a crappy job too long
    8. Forgive yourself for being mean, angry, frustrated, and short tempered
    9. The only way to move forward is to forgive yourself for the past
    10. Forgiveness is one of the most important pieces of self-compassion
    11. I believe in the reverse golden rule – treat yourself as well as you would treat anyone else. If you’d forgive someone else for whatever you’ve done, why not forgive yourself?

Quit All That Negative Thinking

    1. We are our own worst enemies
    2. Although often we adopt other people’s poor opinions, we’re the ones who keep telling it to ourselves over and over and over
    3. Any time you catch yourself saying “I’m so stupid” or “I should have” or “I’m such a loser” or “no one will ever love me” just stop in your tracks and distract yourself with anything possible.
    4. Stopping these thoughts is the first step toward freedom of spirit
    5. Think about how free you’ll feel once you no longer have the noise in your head trying to hold you back, sabotage your success, and diminish your belief in yourself
    6. See, the thing is, you can change as much as you want, but until you tackle these negative internal voices you’ll continue sabotaging those efforts to transform, or you’ll attack yourself the first time you make a mistake a quit
    7. We need to invest in saying amazing, beautiful, positive things to ourselves. Which leads us to our next point.

Start Putting Yourself Out There

    1. Start immediately doing the things you wish you could do
      1. Increase affection
      2. Start going and taking photos of people if you want to be a photographer
    2. Why is embarrassment something we’re afraid of?
    3. You can’t wait for your life to start suddenly, you need to act as if it’s here!
      1. Go out there and do the things you envision the fabulous woman inside of you doing
        1. Where would she go?
        2. What would she do?
        3. How would you dress?
      2. The more you “act the part” the more people treat you like you ARE that women, opportunities begin to be attracted to you, and you start to walk in her shoes. Eventually you ARE that woman
      3. This acts on the principles of the law of attraction – what you think about the most is what manifests in your life
        1. So if you think about loss, sadness, loneliness you’ll be lonely and sad
        2. Although this may sound a bit “woo-woo” it’s really not
        3. The law of attraction is based on sound psychological principles
          1. “act as if”- if you act, live, and behave the part you will become the part
          2. “confirmation bias” – we see what we expect to see (and open ourselves up to opportunities only if we expect there to be some)
          3. Self-esteem principles  – you can’t live a positive life if you’re filled with negative thought

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