Wild Freedom Assessment

Gain Insight Into living your life untamed

Your true nature is free, joyful, and abundant

  • You, at your core, are free, untamed, and joyful.

  • You are a force to be reckoned with when you stand in your power.

  • But you find yourself spinning your wheels and stuck in fear, worry, and with a lack of clarity on what you most deeply want.

  • You’ve judged yourself and tried to critize your way to being who you know you are your core. And it just hasn’t worked. You want a new solution. To engage your brave and stop fearing the marvel that lives and breathes in your skin. 

  • You’re ready to break through into the full vibrancy of who you are. Your artistry. Your truth.

  • To feel compassionately and deeply met by another loving wild soul who can truly see you as you ARE rather than who you’ve been told you’re supposed to be.

Explore how to create a juicy “hell yes!” life in this free 30 minute chat

  • I’ll provide you with insight into the patterns I see playing out in your life, where you’ve stopped yourself from stepping fully into your power and purpose.

  • I’ll give you clear steps to take to begin changing the trajectory of your life and business.

  • If you’re the perfect fit for my coaching I’ll invite you to join me in one of my spaces.

  • No sales. Just empowered discussion and two souls connecting.

  • I empower my clients to connect with their intuition – with what feels right down to their toes. INCLUDING whether coaching with me is a fit!

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What an amazing day!  In one 30-minute Insight Session with Dr. Ashlee Greer I made more progress than I have in years of therapy.  Within fifteen minutes of our conversation, Ashlee zoomed-in on my core issue.  She explained how that issue is impacting my life and manifesting itself in my work and career.  She then explained how to attack it. I felt like my brain exploded and it was a beautiful feeling. I finally “got it.”  While twenty years of therapy have helped me, it has been something of a maintenance medication.  This Insight Session with Ashlee, however, was like laser surgery–clean, concise, direct, and extremely effective.  I still have work to do on myself and on that core issue, but for the first time in a long time I believe that I can experience real, lasting change.  For the first time in a long time I believe, truly believe, that I will know happiness again, I will find fulfillment, and I will break free of depression, anxiety, and panic.  What a feeling!  What a gift!


Karen Wibrew