Bodacious Money Mindset

Completely transform your relationship with money!  Fall in love with money without the fear of being greedy. Understand how love helps you create wealth from a place of deep purpose and passion. And how love of self and of your life leads to wealth beyond your wildnest dreams and the deep inner know that everything is possible.  Move through limiting beliefs and understand exactly how to align with the prosperity you desire. 

(Enrollment is currently closed but will reopen January 2018)

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Abundance Alchemy Monthly Membership

Expand into the abundance that is your birthright! My clients LOVE this membership group as it helps them connect to divine guidance and their own spiritual gifts. Monthly workshop on topics important to your spiritual expansion. Psychic Guidance threads 3x’s per month. A library of content to help you spread your wings and fly!  And oracle/tarot cards every weekday to get some clarity on how to step forth from your place of power.

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Vibrational Alignment – Manifesting Magic

Dig deep and achieve crystal clarity about your desires, become fully aligned with what you want to create, and see it walk right into your life. Learn about the Law of Attraction and Manifestation.  Understand the science that backs up these ancient laws.  And learn to harness your own inner creative fire to sculpt the life of your dreams! 

(Enrollment is currently closed)

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Manifesting Mastery

Advanced Alignment for full life manifestation. No more setbacks from stress and bad days. Be a living breathing manifesting machine by mastering your emotional world, respecting the depths of those emotions, and aligning with your highest self. Understand that you are divine and live each day in the juicy sense that everything is possible. And learn all of the ancient laws of the universe that will help you understand that you, at your core, are abundant and worthy of your deepest desires! 

(Enrollment is currently Closed)

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Emergent Life Academy

Ready to ditch the limiting beliefs, thoughts, behaviors that have kept you stuck to become the woman you are at your core. Life coach in a box program to take your life to the next level. Learn emotional intelligence. Confidence. Authenticity. Basic manifesting skills. And move through the limits of what you thought was possible for you in your life. This is a “life coach in a box” program to help you build a life that you’ll really love. Are you ready to dive into the real you and come out the other end as the woman you always desired to be? 

(Enrollment is Currently Closed)