About Ashlee

So here’s the thing.

I’m going to be 100% straightforward with you and cut to the chase.

You’re here because you’re feeling confused. You’re not sure how to radically expand into your biggest impact and live a life that leaves you feeling orgasmically satisfied.

You don’t know how to step powerfully into your voice, into your purpose yet. Where you know, down to your toes, that you’re enough and you’re here to change the world.

When I say change the world, I mean it. I think every woman who has the guts to look at herself honestly and openly and say “how can I grow into who I truly am” is going to change the world.

Because the truth is, you’re gold.

Like a huge nugget of golden light. You don’t have to change to become the magical being you are.

All you need to do is unbury your true nature from the shit that’s been piled on your potential your entire life. Conditioning, expectations from others, worry, shame, anger – all that stuff that women are taught to swallow down.

I’m the “too much” girl.

I talk too much, laugh too much, sing too much, feel too much and was told for ages that I needed to keep a lid on it and tone it down.

Well, through a series of breakthroughs like

  • leaving my job as a psychologist, my ex-fiance,
  • my ex-job in a multi-million-dollar coaching company
  • Choosing to move to Hawaii, leaving behind my stuff and everyone I knew.
  • Awakening spiritual gifts that still bowl me over with their power
  • Feeling connection to others, and to the divine, deeper than I thought possible.

I’ve stepped through the fear of being “too much” over and over again. Faced the fears. And owned my power.

I’ve taken a stand for living a life of true freedom, ecstatic joy, and purpose.

You know there’s more out there for you.

And yet, you fear your power. You fear being “too much”. Being in the spotlight. Making the massive impact that something deep inside of you is calling you toward.

You are NEVER too much, and always enough.

Perhaps you were taught that it wasn’t safe to shine. That you had to take care of other people’s needs before your own. Or that you were only okay if other people approved of you.

But now you’re over it. And you’re ready to expand into everything you are at your core. All of your potential to be YOU.

Fear of being “too much” is ultimately built on a limiting belief based on lack. When you fear owning all your power, all your magic, all of your intuitive and psychic ability – it’s because you fear that there’s not enough to go around. That you standing in your power, to have the audacity to stand taller than you ever imagined possible, means that some other area of your life has to falter or fail. That something else has to pay the price.

I just don’t believe in win/lose situations. I used to when I was a practicing psychologist because I was so unhappy. I thought “this is good enough” and thought it was greedy or too bold to want better. To dream bigger. To say “I’m going to change the world”. To live the type of life other people only dream of.


It can take some radical expansion to get to the point where you can own all of your magic, your power, your enoughness and not feel selfish.

It’s not ego. It’s not bragging or boasting. It’s real confidence.


Reveal your brilliance, your freedom to do it your way, and connect to source.

My work is powerful. I work with you on every aspect of your life and business. Everything is on the table. Because real transformation is holistic and happens on every level.


I help you with my mega cool bag of tricks (and skill, and knowledge, and what-have-ya)

> Doctorate in psychology to help you confront the psychological basis of what’s going on

> More than 10 years experience helping clients transform their lives

> Reiki master with that energetic kung fu

> Psychic full body experiences that help me provide guidance from a whole other level of experience

> Neuropsychology, quantum physics, anatomy, and statistic methods educated (I love it when woo is backed by research!)

> More than 20 years of personal development work, spiritual expansion, and deep dives inside of myself to become all I’m meant to be.

To uplevel your life and business you must navigate your expansion successfully.