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You are a visionary. A Rebel with purpose.

You know you were brought here to change the world.

No longer imprisoned by fear.

You speak with truth and conviction.

You embrace your power.

You make bold decisions which manifest into reality.

You’re one of the wise ones. An unconventional leader.

A true original

You know there’s a better way to do business. To do life…..

To create wealth with purpose.

No marketing double speak.

Just truth

I’m Ashlee, your soul liberator, your guide on the journey back to your divine wildness and your deepest connection with the universe and your highest self. Psychic with a doctorate in psychology, I bring oh so many layers of expertise and experience to my work.

I coach women entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, and creatives so that they can live with the wild freedom that creates true success and outrageous passion.

My mission is to help you stand in your power to change the world.

To never settle again.

Where everything is possible: a succulent life, a successful soul-based business, explosive abundance, and ecstatic joy.

You must fully awaken to your impact.


To stop making excuses for why you’ve had to settle and start owning your worth.

When you’re free of the societal constraints and conditioning that bind so many, you can be courageous, bodacious, and to rebel with purpose.

The world needs YOU.  And your voice.

When you own every piece of you. All the parts that have been labeled as “too much” by those uncomfortable with your ravishing brilliance and who have tried to dumb down your true unique genius. The world becomes a better place.


The cage door is open.

There’s no one holding you back. No one holding the reins. No one, except you.