Do Unto Yourself As You Would Do To Others

The Reverse Golden Rule for Living a "Hell Yes Life" for Highly Sensitive Empaths


You are Highly Sensitive. Empathic

You know you were brought here to change the world.

But you’ve been imprisoned by other’s opinions, keeping them happy at the cost of yourself for far too long.

You want freedom.

To be able to embrace your power.

Without guilt or feeling selfish.

You manifest your dreams into reality.

Your gifts are a superpower. You’ve just never been taught to use them.

Until now…

You’re here to create a life that is a “hell yes” down to your toes.

A life that lights you up with purpose, meaning, joy, and pleasure.

And to drop everything that gets in the way.

Live Your Truth

I help Highly Sensitive Empathic women, like you, to finally reveal the essence of who they really are. Stop fearing what other people think. Stop feeling pulled by the need to make other people happy and learn that by putting themselves first they create ripples of compassionate impact throughout their lives (and businesses).

My clients gain clarity on who they are, what they want, and stop settling for less.

I’m Ashlee, Psychic with a doctorate in psychology and more than a decade of experience helping people throw off the shackles of their fears to live a “hell yes life”.

My mission is to help you never settle again.

And to know that everything is possible: a succulent life, a successful soul-based business, explosive abundance, and ecstatic joy.

When you’re free of the societal constraints and conditioning that bind you. You can be courageous, bodacious, and fully own your self-worth.

The world needs YOU.  And your voice.

When you own every piece of you. All the parts that have been labeled as “too much” by those uncomfortable with your ravishing brilliance and who have tried to dumb down your true unique genius. The world becomes a better place.

The cage door is open.

It’s time to own your superpowers.

To stop dimming your light to keep other people comfortable.